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Էջ 71 - On purpose he planted yon trees. That birds in the covert might dwell ; He cultur'd his thyme for the bees, But never would rifle their cell. Ye lambkins that play'd at his feet, Go bleat — and your master bemoan ; His music was artless and sweet, His manners as mild as your own.
Էջ 31 - ... Kate of Aberdeen. Strike up the tabor's boldest notes, We'll rouse the nodding grove ; The nested birds shall raise their throats, And hail the maid I love: And see — the matin lark mistakes, He quits the tufted green : Fond bird ! 'tis not the morning breaks, 'Tis Kate of Aberdeen.
Էջ 83 - But take me, fond shepherd - I'm thine.' Her air was so modest, her aspect so meek! So simple, yet sweet, were her charms! I kiss'd the ripe roses that glow'd on her cheek, And lock'd the dear maid in my arms.
Էջ 181 - Hither we're sent, by their supreme direction, To court your favour, and to claim protection. Our hopes are flatter'd with the Fair's compliance ; Beauty and Wit were always in alliance! Their mutual sway reforms the rude creation, And Taste's determined by their approbation.
Էջ 30 - Till Morn unbar her golden gate, And give the promis'd May. Methinks I hear the maids declare, The promis'd May, when seen, Not half so fragrant, half so fair, As Kate of Aberdeen. Strike up the tabor's boldest notes...
Էջ 24 - Stop, friend," says the Butterfly — "don't be surprised, I once was the reptile you spurn'd and despis'd; Hut now I can mount, in the sunbeams I play, While you must for ever drudge on in your way.
Էջ 151 - To guide the gay feast, And freely declar'd there was choice of good cheer ; Yet vow'd to his thinking, For exquisite drinking, Their Nectar was nothing to Newcastle Beer. The great God of war, to encourage the fun And humour the taste of his whimsical guest, Sent a message that moment to Moor's...
Էջ 158 - O, may her rich, her ripening fruits of gold, Britannia ! bloom perpetually for thee ! May you ne'er want a Dragon, as...
Էջ 23 - ... wherever you go ; I hope your great mightiness wo'n't take it ill, I pay my respects with a hearty good-will." With a look of contempt, and impertinent pride,
Էջ 84 - To pomp or proud titles (he did afpire, The damfel's of humble defcent ; The cottager Peace is well known for her fire, And fhepherds have nam'd her Content.

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