An Introduction to English Grammar

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1822 edition. Excerpt: ... troyed;" "the king, with the lords and commons, constitute the legislature of the British empire." 2. When the singular nouns, or pronouns, connected by conjunctions copulative, are of different persons, in making the plural verb agree with them in person, it must agree with the first person, rather than with the second; and with the second person rather than with the third; agreeably to the rule of Latin Syntax, the first person is more worthy than the second; and the second person is more worthy than the third; as, " Thou, he, and I, are the first in the place;" "thou and he are worthy rivals in feme;" that is, "thou, he, and I, we are the first in the place;" "thou and he, you are worthy rivals in feme." Rule 3. Nouns singular connected by a disjunctive conjunction, require verbs singular: as, "Neither the pen, nor the ink, nor the paper, i upon the table;" "bread, or flesh, or fruit, was allotted to them for food;" "the king, or his general, or his minister was to blame;" "in the conduct of too many, neither honour nor honesty appears." 1.. Nouns connected by the disjunctives either, or, neither and nor, require the verb to agree with the one placed nearest to it: as, "Neither he nor I am admitted to her confidence;" "either he or they have committed the crime;" "neither I, nor you, nor he is in fault." 2. When a disjunctive conjunction comes between a singular noun or pronoun, and a plural one, the verb must agree with the plural noun or pronoun: as, "Neither house nor lands were left him;" "neither he, nor his relations were injured by it;" "neither I, nor they are chargeable with the debt." But this case supposes the verb to stand next to the plural noun, or pronoun. Rule 4. Nouns of the singular number in form, but...

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