History of Modern Italian Art

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 238 - Goldoni, — good, gay, sunniest of souls, — Glassing half Venice in that verse of thine. — , What though it just reflect the shade and shine Of common life, nor render, as it rolls, Grandeur and gloom ? Sufficient for thy shoals Was Carnival : Parini's depths enshrine Secrets unsuited to that opaline Surface of things which laughs along thy scrolls. There throng the People: how they come and go, Lisp the soft language, flaunt the bright garb, — see, — On Piazza, Calle, under Portico And...
Էջ 291 - As to the name Pre-Raphaelite, when they began talking about the early Italian masters, I naturally told them of the German PR's, and either it pleased them or not, I don't know, but they took it.
Էջ 84 - He gives splendid balls and parties three times a week; which — after being once presented — you attend when you please, without further invitation. A few evenings since I was presented there by the consul, in company with one or two other American gentlemen. Passing through the ante-chambers, we found the company assembled in the theatre. The Count has a private company of French comedians attached to his suite, to lend a hand in clearing away the rubbish of his million a year.
Էջ 152 - ... immortal, their government knows not how to get rid of them, and remains a great sea power in spite of itself. I ventured to suggest mustering out, but neither the King nor any Minister of State was able to form a conception of any method of reduction and retrenchment but that of the public headsman. It is said — I do not know with how much truth — that the defeat of Wug was made easy by a certain malicious prevision of the Wuggards themselves: something of the nature of heroic self-sacrifice,...
Էջ 659 - ... Mead & White, Architects. cult to name a building the demolition of which, in accordance with the demands of "progress,'' inflicted more sentimental distress upon sentimentally sensitive New Yorkers. Quite true, they have their compensations in the buildings of "University Heights," buildings which are by no means so well known as they deserve to be, and which remain comparatively unknown by very dint of the altitude and the detachment which make the site so highly eligible for an institution...
Էջ 84 - Who the deuce is Demidoff?' said I. 'Ah, don't you know him? Haven't been presented? Sorry for you.' At length I got at the truth of the matter. Demidoff is a Russian count of immense wealth, living on an income of a million dollars a year — about two a minute. He is now on the down hill of life, but fond of the pleasures of society. He gives splendid balls and parties three times a week which, after being once presented, you attend when you please without further invitation. A few evenings since...
Էջ 291 - Full of action and strange character, it was everything the reverse of that dreadful commonplace into which art on the Continent seems to be hurrying back. But Cornelius was no commonplace being ; with his small fiery eyes and his lump on his cheek, like David's, he was the man of genius, the man of the unexpected emphatically.
Էջ 439 - Quid, quod adventu tuo ista subsellia vacuefacta sunt, quod omnes consulares . . . simul atque assedisti partem istam subselliorum nudam atque inanem reliquerunt, uttered by Cicero in the first oration.
Էջ 293 - J had beyond a doubt served in some respects to mould the ideas and beacon the practice of the PRB's.
Էջ 665 - Man aim, given away for four francs, went up in two years to ten thousand francs ! This fantastic artist used to work in a singular way with his canvas on the floor, and looking-glasses all round his...

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