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of Secret Committees. Severities exercised in Ireland. Efforts made by the

Whigs to conciliate the hostile Parties. Miserable State of Ireland at this

Crisis. Troops embarked on board the Dutch Fleet for the Invasion of Ire-

land. Wretched Policy of the French. Disturbances in Ireland. Town of

Cahir ransacked the Insurgents. Proclamation. New Attempt to con-

ciliate made by the Whig-Party---Ill-received by the United Irishmen.

Mr. Arthur O'Connor. Trial of O'Connor, Binns, &c. Execution of

O'Coighly. Destruction of" The Press." Discovery of the grand Conspi-

racy. Leinster Delegates, and some of the Directory, apprehended. Death

of Lord Edward Fitzgerald. Plot for a general Insurrection--Discovered

and defeated. The rebellion breaks out in various Places---Rebels repulsed

at Naas---Take the Town of Prosperous---Defeated at Kilcullen--At Rath-

farnham---At Tallagh-hill---At Carlow---At Kildare. Progress of the Re-

bellion in the South. Cork Militia defeated. Battle of Enniscorthy. Rebels

advance and take Wexford. Mr. B. B. Harvey appointed Commander in

Chief of the Wexford Rebels. Battle of Ross. Horrid Massac es by the

Rebels. Rebels repulsed at Gorey and Newtown Barry. Col Walpole de-

feated and killed by the Rebels. Rebels repulsed at Arklow. Battle of Vine-

gur-hill. Wexford retaken. Execution of Rebels there. Ill conduct and

Cruelty of Rebels. Rebellion in the North. Antrim taken by Rebels, and

retaken by General Nugent. Battle of Ballinahinch. Lord Cornwallis ap-

pointed Lord Lieutenant. Conciliatory Measures. General Amnesty. Trial

of I. and H. Sheares, and other Conspirators. Submission and voluntary

Confession of Arthur O'Connor, and other State Prisoners, Justice and

Equity of Lord Cornwallis's Administration. Bill of Attainder. Final

Dispersion of the Rebels. Invasion of Ireland by General Humbert. Ge-

neral Lake defeated. Lord Cornwallis advances to attack the French---

And defeats them at Ballinnamuck. Napper Tandy lands in Ireland---

Returns. Defeat of the Grand Expedition for the Invasion by Sir J. B.

Warren. Capture, Trial, and Death, of Mr. Theobald Wolfe Tone. En-

tire Suppression of the Irish Rebellion. Reflections.



. Political State of the Northern Powers with respect to France. Of Russia,

Prussia. Of the neutral Powers in Italy, Naples, Tuscany, Genoa, Venice.

The Inefficacy of the Allies of the French Republic. Of Spain, of Holland.

Domestic Troubles. Refractory Clergy. Disaffected Magistracy. Seve-

rity of the Laws, and the Cause of their Inexecution. Amendments proposed

by the Directory. Supineness of the Legislature. Hostile Spirit of the

Journalists to the Republic. New Laws to punish Libels. Their Ineffi-

cacy. New Election of Part of the Legislative Body. Proclamatior

of the Directory. Proposal by the Directory of an Oath of Fidelity.

to be taken by the Electors---rejected by the Councils. Anti-directorial

Party in the Council strengthened by the Election of the new Third.

Motion of Inquiry into the Conduct of the Directory respecting the

Transport of the Galley-Slaves to the English Coast. Cause of this

Expedition. Preparations by the Austrians and French for the Con-

tinuance of the War. Hopes of the Court of Vienna in the Exertions

of Prince Charles. Positions of the two Armies. March of Prince

Charles to the Piara. Advance of the French from the Brenta. Re-,

treat of Prince Charles behind the strong Entrenchments of the Taglia-

mento. Difficulties of the Passage. Passage affected by the French.

Defeat and Flight of the Army under Prince Charles. The whole of

the Venetian Territory in Possession of the French. Attack and De-

feat of the Austrians in the Tyrol under Laudohn by General Joubert.

Retreat of Laudohn to Inspruck. Cupture of the Austrian Artillery

and Magazines, by. Joubert, at Brixen. Attack and Defeat of the

Centre of the Austrian Army by Massena, and their Retreat to the

Mountains. Siege and Surrender of the Fortress of Gradisca. Posses-

sion of the Province of Goritia by the French. Proclamation of Buo-

naparte. Retreat of Prince Charles to Clagenfurt. Defeat of the centre

Army of the Austrians on the Snows of Tarvis by Massena. Defeat of

the Austrians, by Guieux, at Chinze. Capture of their Artillery and

Baggage by Massena. The Province of Carniola in Possession of the

French. March of Joubert across the Tyrolian Alps. Junction of the

Republican Armies at Clagenfurt. Further Retreat of Prince Charles.

Commencement of Hostilities on the Rhine. Positions of the French and Aus-

trian Armies. Retreat of the Austrians behind the Lahn, and Passage of

the French across the Rhine. Proposals of the Austrian General for an

Armistice rejected. Defeat of the Austrians on the Lahn. Further Defeats

of the Austrians, and Retreat to Frankfort. Position of the Army of the

Rhine and Moselle under general Moreau. Passage of the Rhine in Face

of the Austrians at Kehl. Dangerous Positions of the French. Defeat of

the Austrians, and Capture of the Fort of Kehl, the most brilliant Action of

the German War. Preparations for the Invasion of Germany. Arrival of

the News of the Preliminaries of Peace to the Armies on the Rhine. Senti-

ments of the differrent Parties at Paris respecting the Peace. Causes of the

Signature of the Preliminaries by Buonaparte. Government of Venice.

Sketch of the different Situations of Venice with respect to Austria, and the

French Republic. Accusations of the French against the Venetian Govern-

ment. Insurrection against the French. Massacre of the French at Verona.

Letter of Buonaparte to the Senate. Answer and Proclamation of the Senate.

Retaking of Verona by Augereau. Laudohn's March from the Tyrol.

Danger of the French in the Venetian States. News of Peace. Murch of

the French to Venice. Declaration of War. Annihilation of the Govern-

ment of Venice, and Escape of the Patricians. Provisionary Government.

The Arsenal, the Fleet, and Stores. Venetian Islands in the Adriatic and

Archipelago made French Departments. Reflections on the Fate of the

Venetian Government. Formation of the Cisalpine Republic. Government

of Genoa. Enmity between the popular and patrician Parties. Causes of

its apparent Neutrality with respect to the Coalition and France. Secret

Assistance said to be given to the Emperor by the Genoese Government. In-

treasing Discontents of the popular Party. General Insurrection of the

Genoese against the Government. Desertion of the Military Forces to the

People. Dissolution of the Patrician Government of Genoa. Provisional

Government formed. State of Genoa changed into that of the Ligurian


Laws. Discussion on the Colonies. Denunciation against the Commissa

ries. Inculpations of the Directory and Ministers by the Anti-Directorial

Party in the Councils. Decrees against the Public Delapidators. Re-

flections on the Situation of the Directory, and the Conduct of its Opponents.

Report of the Commission of Finance to diminish the Expences of Govern

ment. Report of the Commission on the internal State of the Republic. Pro-

posal for the Recall of the refractory Clergy, and the Abolition of the re-

straining Laws. Of the Emigrants from the Departments of the Rhine and

Toulon. Formation of the Constitutional Circle in Support of the Direc-

tory. Suppressed by Vote of the Councils. Licentiousness of the Journalists.

New Denunciations against the Ministers of Finance and Marine. Charges

on the Ministry. Renewed Denunciations against the Directory. March

of Troops towards Paris within the Distance permitted by the Law. Ex-

planation of the Directory. Application of the Directory for Supplies---

rejected. Decree of the Councils for restraining the Power of the Directory,

and for the Increase of their Body-Guard. Suspended State of the Nego-

tiations for Peace between the Republic and the Emperor. Increase of

Disaffection between the Legislative and Executive Authorities. Addresses

from the Army, promising Support to the Directory. Denunciation of the

Army-Addresses in the Councils. Report on the Subject of the Dissensions.

Speech of the President of the Directory. Addresses of Departmental

Administrations to the Councils. Preparations for Hostilities between the

Executive Government and the Councils. Decrees of the Councils for arm-

ing the Citizens of Paris. Emigrants and Royalists at Paris prepared to

take Advantage of the Dissensions. State of the Public Mind at Paris. Se-

cret Plan of the proposed Attack on the Government known to the Direc-

tory. Events of the Revolution of the 18th of Fructidor. Assembly of the

Councils near the Directorial Palace. Proclamations of the Directory to

make known the Conspiracy. Pretended Correspondence of Pichegru with

the Prince of Condé. Report of the Committee on the Conspiracy. Resolu-

tions of the Councils. Reflections on the indiscriminate Sentence of Exile,

passed against divers Members of the Government and others.

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