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Mr. Robson was born at Margate, in the year 1821, and was apprenticed to a copper-plate engraver in the neighbourhood of Covent Garden. His first histrionic effort was made at a very early age, at the once famous Amateur Theatre in Catherine-street, where he appeared as Simon Mealby, in the Adelphi drama of “Grace Huntley." His first appear. ance at a regular theatre was at Uxbridge, and after a brief trial of the provinces, he made his metropolitan debut at the Grecian Saloon, in 1844. Here he remained five years. He then appeared in a leading position at the Queen's Theatre, Dublin, where he became a very great favourite. He remained here three years, dividing his time between the two principal theatres. On Mr. Compton's secession from the Olympic he was engaged by Mr. W. Farren, then manager, to supply his place; and when he came out here in the Easter week of 1853, he fairly took by storm that unprecedented position he has since occupied. After Mr. Wigan surrendered his management of the Olympic, in 1857, Mr. Robson became joint lessee of that theatre, with Mr. W. S. Emden, and here his wonderful powers have been displayed in every variety of impersonation.



This eminently gifted vocal artiste was born about the year 1834, and family traditions allege that at the early age of five, she exhibited an astonishing prococity in music. Before her tenth year had been completed, she made her debut as a singer at the Hanover Square Rooms, and was eminently successful. In 1847, she appeared at Paris; and in August 1849, tried for the first time, the public performance of opera at Boulogne, chosing for her debut, Amina in “La Sonnambula.” Her performance was greatly admired; a brilliant series of engagements at the Princess's, Haymarket, and Drury Lane followed, and in 1841, she sang at the Royal Italian Opera, with undeniable advantage to her reputation. Proceeding to America in 1854, her reception was of the most flattering description; and throughout the whole of the union, she produced the greatest enthusiasm. After an absence of three years from England, she appeared once more at the Lyceum; assuming with Mr. Harrison, the direction of the Pyne and Harrison English Opera Company. From that period, her professional career is only to be counted by successive triumphs, and only to be connected with the constant and most flattering homage of her admirers.

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