The Edinburgh Gazetteer, Or Geographical Dictionary ...: Accompanied by an Atlas, Հատոր 6

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A. Constable and Company, 1822

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Էջ 477 - The admirable order with which different tribes of vegetables rise above one another, by strata, as it were, is no where more perceptible, than in ascending from the port of Vera Cruz, to the table-land of Perote. We see there the physiognomy of the country, the aspect of the sky, the form of plants, the figures of animals, the manners of the inhabitants, and the kind of cultivation followed by them, assume a different appearance at every step of our progress.
Էջ 392 - TYRONE, a county of Ireland, in the province of Ulster, bounded on the northeast by Londonderry, on the east by Lough Neagh, on the south-east by Armagh, on the south by Monaghan, on the south-west by Fermanagh, and on the west by Donegal.
Էջ 30 - Dr. Solander, who had more than once crossed the mountains which divide Sweden from Norway, well knew that extreme cold, especially when joined with fatigue, produces a torpor and sleepiness...
Էջ 235 - The colour, at the base, is white, in the middle black, and brown at the points. The musk is a secretion formed in a little bag or tumour, resembling a wen, situated at the navel; and is found only in the male.
Էջ 207 - But the object which most attracts attention consists in the sculptures which cover the east wing of the northern front. They contain, on a great scale, a representation of a victory, gained by one of the ancient kings of Egypt over their Asiatic enemies. The number of human figures introduced amounts to 1500, 500 on foot and 1000 in chariots.
Էջ 361 - Africa, forming one of the most powerful of the Barbary states. It consists chiefly of a large peninsula, stretching into the Mediterranean in a north-easterly direction, and coming within less than a hundred miles of the coast of Sicily.
Էջ 440 - It has threo colleges with thirty-five professors, also a library, a botanical .garden, a cabinet of natural history, and an observatory. The expenses are wholly defrayed by government, but the number of students never exceeds 500.
Էջ 30 - Banks had recourse again to entreaty and expostulation, but they produced no effect: When Richmond was told, that if he did not go on he would in a short time be frozen to death, he answered, that he desired nothing but to lie down and die : The doctor did not so explicitly renounce his life; he said he was willing to go on, but that he must first take some sleep, though he had before told the company that to sleep was to perish.
Էջ 472 - Caraccas, bounded on the north by the Caribbean sea, on the west by Maracaibo and Varinas, and south by the great plains of Varinas and the Orinoco.
Էջ 338 - ... in their season. Down the side of the opposite mountain, after a shower of rain, flow a hundred white streams, which rush with incredible velocity and noise into the lake, and spread their froth upon its surface. On one side the water-eagle sits in majesty undisturbed on his...

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