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Must be companion of his nuptial bed.
And therefore, lords, fince he affects her most,
It moft of all these reasons bindeth us,
In our opinions she should be preferrd;
For what is wedlock forced, but a hell,
An age of discord and continual itrife?
Whereas the contrary bringeth forth Bliss,
And is a pattern of celestial Peace.
Whom should we match with Henry, being a King,
But Marg'ret, that is daughter to a King ?
Her peerless feature, joined with her birth,
Approves her fit for none, but for a King:
Her valiant courage, and undaunted fpirit,
(More than in woman commonly is seen,)
Answer our hope in Issue of a King:
For Henry, son unto a Conqueror,
Is likely to beget more Conquerors;
If with a lady of so high resolve,
As is fair Marg’ret, he be link'd in love.
'T'hen yield, my lords, and here conclude with me,
That Margʻret shall be Queen, and none but the.

K. Henry. Whether it be through force of your report,
My noble lord of Suffolk; or for that
My tender youth was never yet attaint
With any passion of inflaming love,
I cannot tell ; but this I am assurd,
I feel such sharp dissention in my breast,
Such fierce alarums both of hope and fear,
As I am fick with working of my thoughts.
Take therefore shipping ; poft, my lord, to France ;
Agree to any Covenants ; and

That lady Margʻret do vouchsafe to come
To cross the seas to England; and be crown'd
King Henry's faithful and anointed Queen.
For your expences and sufficient charge,
Among the people gather up a tenth.
Be gone, I say, for 'till you do return,
I am perplexed with a thousand cares.
And you, good Uncle, banish all offence :

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If you do censure me, by what you were,
Not what you are, I know, it will excuse
This sudden execution of my will.
And so conduct me, where from company
I may revolve and ruminate my grief.

[Exit. Glou. Ay; grief, I fear me, both at first and laft.

[Exit Gloucester.
Suf. Thus Suffolk hath prevail'd, and thus he goes,
As did the youthful Paris once to Greece,
We hope to find the like event in love;
But prosper better than the Trojan did :
Marg'ret shall now be Queen, and rule the King :
But I will rule both her, the King, and realm. (Exit.

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The End of the Fourth Volume:


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