The Biographical Review of Prominent Men & Women of the Day: With Biographical Sketches & Reminiscences. Live & Services of All the Presidential Candidates for 1888: with Platform & History of Each Party

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Էջ 72 - Let the individuals who now hold it still retain, if they want to, possession of what they are pleased to call their land. Let them continue to call it their land. Let them buy and sell, and bequeath and devise it. We may safely leave them the shell, if we take the kernel. It is not necessary to confiscate land; it is only necessary to confiscate rent.
Էջ 574 - And shall have exclusive cognizance of all crimes and offences cognizable under the authority of the United States...
Էջ 161 - Which I wish to remark, And my language is plain, That for ways that are dark And for tricks that are vain, The heathen Chinee is peculiar, Which the same I would rise to explain.
Էջ 573 - States are plaintiffs, or petitioners; or an alien is a party, or the suit is between a citizen of the state where the suit is brought, and a citizen of another state.
Էջ 575 - That the electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed in each State on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November of the year in which they are to be appointed.
Էջ 548 - We are uncompromisingly in favor of the American system of protection ; we protest against its destruction as proposed by the President and his party. They serve the interests of Europe ; we will support the interests of America. We accept the issue, and confidently appeal to the people for their judgment.
Էջ 536 - The Democratic party of the United States, in National Convention assembled, renews the pledge of its fidelity to Democratic faith, and reaffirms the platform adopted by its representatives in the Convention of 1884...
Էջ 444 - Of all my books, I like this the best. It will be easily believed that I am a fond parent to every child of my fancy, and that no one can ever love that family as dearly as I love them. But, like many fond parents, I have in my heart of hearts a favorite child. And his name is DAVID COPPERFIELD.
Էջ 550 - The government by Congress of the Territories is based upon necessity only to the end that they may become States in the Union ; therefore, whenever the conditions of population, material resources, public intelligence and morality are such as to insure a stable local government therein the people of such Territories should be permitted, as a right inherent in them, the right to form for themselves Constitutions and State Governments and be admitted into the Union.
Էջ 550 - The republican party is in favor of the use of both gold and silver as money, and denounces the policy of the democratic administration in its efforts to demonetize silver.

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