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As if the warlike dwarfs, relax'd from toils,
In knightly glories rich, and feather'd spoils,
Had quench'd in gentle ease, and soothing strains,
The airy terrors of the hostile cranes.

So when the stars their middle station keep,
The sportive Faries o'er the greensward sweep;
In merry round they print the narrow ring, ,
And wave the yielding grass with nimble spring,
Whence kindly juices the glad soil bedew,
And the rich circle shoots with darker hue.

But sudden clouds the happy scene o'ercast,
Wars, horrid wars resound their dreadful blast,


Nam, quoties festam celebrat sub imagine lucem,
Ordine composito Nympharum incedit honestum
Agmen, et exigui proceres, parvique Quirites.
Pygmæos credas positis mitescere bellis,
Jamque infensa Gruum temnentes prælia, tutos
Indulgere jocis, tenerisque vacare choreïs.

Tales, cum medio labuntur sidera cælo,
Parvi subsiliunt Lemures, populusque pusillus
Festivos, rediens sua per vestigia, gyros
Ducit, et angustum crebro pede pulsitat orbem.
Mane patent gressus; hine succos terra feraces
Concipit, in multam pubentia gramina surgunt
Luxuriem, tenerisque virescit circulus herbis,

Their hasty arms the wooden warriors seize,
And desp'rate combat interrupts their ease.
So short our pleasures; thus our bliss withstood! -
So dash'd with care is ev'ry mortal good!

Now front to front the dazzling lines appear,
Raise the thin sword, or point the taper spear;
With martial port they meditate the blow,
And levell'd-muskets threat' the daring foe.
Hark! the smart crackers spit their fiery breath,
Hiss, bounce, and thunder in the field of death,
Thro' ev'ry arch the mingled bursts resound;
Thick-falling warriors strew th' unhappy ground,

Sometimes the sad detail of civil rage Lifts to sublimer aim the pygmy-stage, From Bunker's Hill now flaming rosin darts, Now dreadful Howe appals tbe Yankey-hearts; Here Burgoyne, forc'd to yield, forbid to fly, A well-dișsembled Puppet! seems to sigh,

At non tranquillas nulla abdunt nubila luces, Sæpe gravi surgunt bella, horrida bella tumultu. Arma ciet truculenta cohors, placidamque quie.

tem Dirumpunt pugnæ; usque adeo insincera voluptas Omnibus, et mistæ castigant gaudia curæ. Jam gladii, tubulique ingesto sulphure fæti,

A little Calpe shoots resistless fires,
On Barnwell's gibbet Andrè's form expires:
Or Rodney's thunder sends the Gallic foe
Thro' canvas billows, to the depths below.

Inventive Foote produc'd, his wit to skreen,
Socratic puppets, and th' ambiguous scene;.
Hence chasten'd love and humble faith inspire
The patten'd beauty, and the gen'rous 'Squire,
Great lord of irony! he sway'd the age,
The peerless Plato of the puppet-stage.

Next, meagre France, who could afford no more Substantial forms to grace a rival shore, Sarcastic, taught in airy space to flit Her Eastern shades, with empty sounds of wit. Lo! half-conceal'd the dextrous puppet plays, Beneath the artful veil's indulgent blaze; In flippant French the restless figures jar, And foreign sounds perplex the list'ning tar; But soon th' imperfect forms disgust the eye,

Protensæque hastæ, fulgentiaque arma, minæque Telorum ingentes subeunt; dant claustra fragorem Horrendum, ruptæ stridente bitumine chartæ Confusos reddunt crepitus, et sibila miscent. Sternitur omne solum pereuntibus ; undique cæsæ Apparent turmæ, civilis crimina belli.

Darkling they come, and unregretted fly:
So when the wand’ring chief the ghosts survey'd,
That “ squeak and gibber" in th' infernal shade,
His wonder past, he view'd with careless ease
Forms impotent alike to hurt or please.
Then high the gen'rous emulation ran,
Th' ennobled puppet tow'ring into man.
Fair in the Strand the pleasing stage was found,
With lovely art, and happy graces crown'd.
There Shakespeare's wit in wooden gesture shone,
There J-p-n's, blest, to please the eye alone!

With rapid step a nobler band succeeds,
The FANTOCCINI, known by deathless deeds;
Scarce man himself their promptness can surpass
To trim the taper, or present the glass.

Behold Noverre the mimic art restore ! Medea raves and Phædra weeps no more. Here sense and shew decide their long dispute, For man turns puppet, and the stage is mute. Ungraceful Hamlets, aukward Romeos fly! Let Mother Goose* more worthy themes sup:



* This passage might very well have been written at the time when the poem is dated; for the entertainment of Selima and Azor was taken from the story of Beauty and the Beast, in Mother Goose's Tales. The stage is now farther indebt: ed to that learned author.

On the vast stage, o'er many an acre spread,
Be lowing herds and num'rous squadrons led ;
While Blue Beard fierce the fatal key demands,
Or Puss in Boots acquires the Ogre's lands;
Or fair Red RIPING-Hood, in luckless hour,
A helpless victim falls to fraud and pow's,

Proceed, great days! till poetry expire,
Till Congreve pall us, and till Shakespeare tire;
Till ev'ry tongue its useless art let fall,
And moping Silence roost in Rufus' hall;
Till nimble preachers foot the moral dance,
Till cap'ring envoys check the pow'r of France,
And full St. Stephen's see, with mute surprise,
The Opposition sink, and Premier rise.

But oh! what God inspires my boding mind To paint the glimm’ring prospect yet behind ! I see in gesture ev'ry wish exprest, Each art, each science quit the lighten'd breast; No wand'ring eyes the distant heav'ns explore, On two legs tott'ring, man descends to four. Then, great Monboddo, proves thy system true ; Again in caves shall herd the naked crew; Again the happy savages shall trail (A long-lost gift!) the graceful length of tail: In that blest moment, by indulgent heav'n, Thy wish, Rousseau, and Swift's revenge are

given. Now,whence the puppet's various functions came The muse shall teach, and make instruction fame,

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