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The workmen first the lumb'ring logs inform,
And chip, and torture into human form;
Next string the limbs, and clasp the joints with

Add piece to piece, and answ'ring part to part;
Then wheeling pullies join, and flowing cords,
Whose secret influence guides the wooden lords.
And now the nice machine completed stands,
And bears the skilful print of master hands;
Seems in its new creation to rejoice,
Th'imparted motions and the grafted yoice;
As justly turning to the ruling springs
As votes to ministers, or hearts to kings.

Nunc tamen unde genus ducat, quæ dextra lą.

tentes Suppeditet vires, quem poscat turba moventem, Expediam. Truncos opifex et inutile lignum Cogit in humanas species, et robore natam Progeniem telo efformat, nexuque tenaci Crura ligat pedibus, humerisque accommodat ar,

mos, Et membris membra aptat, et artubus insuit artus. Tunc habiles addit trochleas, quibus arte pusillum Versat onus, molique manu famulatus inerti Sufficit occultos motus, vocemque ministrat,

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Hence, learn's Casaux,* thy earnest thoughts

To trace the jointed frame of polish'd man.
In some low booth, that on the rampart lies,
To catch in heedless throngs Parisian flies,
Where the wise Hebrew shone in tinsel-light,
Or Europe's princes charm'd thy tender sight,
Thy soul divin'd, for such the will of fate,
The shifting puppet-shew of pow'r and state.

Poets themselves in puppet-motions sport,
And steal sweet voices from th' Aonian court;
Transporting sounds! that pass, with struggling

Our narrow organs in a ruder strain.
See, classic Addison with ease combines
Virgilian accents in his sportive lines :
But mine, weak offspring of a languid age,
Love the low roof, and haunt the humble stage
Congenial themes the mimic muse requires,
And on mean altars lights her scanty fires.

His structa auxiliis jam machina tota peritos
Ostendit sulcos, duri et vestigia ferri:
Hinc salit, atque agili se sublevat incita motu,
Vocesque emittit tenues, et non sua verba.

* Author of the Mechanism of Society.


OF GENIUS. From haunted spring and dale,

Edg’d with poplar pale,
The parting Genius is with sighing sent.


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