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AFTER this curious meeting, Val have done. He informed him that paid several visits to the little corner if he knew Dick he never would house; so many, indeed, that his speak of him in such terms; and if tutor interfered, as he had a perfect he did not know him, he had no right to do, and reproached him right to speak at all, not being in warmly for his love of low society, the least aware of the injustice he and for choosing companions who was doing. There was a pretty busimust inevitably do him harm. Mr ness altogether between the highGrinder was quite right in this, spirited impetuous boy and the and I hope the tutors of all our young man who had been too boys would do exactly the same in lately a boy himself to have much such a case; but Val, I am afraid, patience with the other. Mr Grinder did not behave so respectfully as he all but “complained of” Val—an ought, and indeed was insubordinate awful proceeding, terminating in the and scarcely gentlemanly, Mr Grin- block, and sudden execution in order complained. The young tutor, dinary cases—a small matter enough who had been an Eton boy himself with most boys, but sufficiently not so very long before, had inad- appalling to those who had attained vertently spoken of poor Dick as a such a position as Valls, high up in “Brocas cad.” Now I am not suffi- school; and intolerable to his impetciently instructed to know what spe- uous temperament. This terrible cial ignominy, if any, is conveyed step was averted by the interposiby this designation; but Val flamed tion of mediators, by the soft words up, as he did on rare occasions, his of old Mr Grinder, who was Val's fury and indignation being all the “dame," and other friends. But greater that he usually managed to Mr Grinder wrote a letter to Rossrestrain himself. He spoke to Mr craig on the subject, which gave Grinder as a pupil ought not to Lady Eskside more distress and


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