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Էջ 108 - from day to day, and may compel the attendance of absent members in such manner and under such penalties as the board of trustees by ordinance may have previously prescribed. SEC. 45. The board of trustees shall keep a journal
Էջ 64 - In construing the provisions of this act, words used in the masculine gender include the feminine, and neuter, the singular number includes the plural and the plural the singular; the word "person" includes a corporation as well as a natural person: and the word "writing
Էջ 159 - to be paid as the salary and fees of other state officers are paid. He shall hold his office for the term of two years and until his successor is appointed and qualified, unless sooner removed by the Governor. Before entering upon the discharge of his duties as such officer
Էջ 214 - study for the period required, or that such child or children are taught in a private school or at home, in such branches as are usually taught in a primary school, or have already acquired the ordinary branches of learning taught in the public schools. Provided, In case a public school shall not be taught for
Էջ 69 - Every person who. while lawfully in possession of an article of personal property, renders any service to the owner thereof, by labor, or skill, employed for the protection, improvement, safekeeping, or carriage thereof, has a special lien thereon, dependent on possession, for the compensation if any which is due him from the owner, for such service,
Էջ 56 - Any number of persons claiming liens against the same property may join in the same action, and when separate actions are commenced, the court may consolidate them. The court shall also allow as part of the costs the moneys paid for filing and recording .the claim, and reasonable attorney's fees.
Էջ 132 - falls due, and also to constitute a sinking fund for the payment of the principal thereof, within twenty years from the time of contracting the same: and
Էջ 196 - payable to the state of Idaho with sureties to be approved by the Governor, conditioned upon the faithful performance of his official duties, and the delivery to his successor of all books, papers, documents and other property belonging to the office. Said bond and oath shall be deposited with the Secretary of State.
Էջ 200 - writing, grammar, arithmetic, geography, history of the United States, civil government, physiology, and hygiene, with particular reference to the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon the human system, .theory and practice of teaching
Էջ 139 - to perpetuate testimony may. at any time, either before or after the commencement of the action in anticipation of which such deposition may have been taken be published by order of the court in the office of whose clerk the same may be filed, on the motion of any person or party interested in the preservation of the

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