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time, who favoured her in due season with the true spirit of supplication.

In the year 1760, she was married to Anthony Woodward, and removed within the limits of Upper Springfield particular meeting, at that time a branch of Chesterfield monthly meeting; at which she was received by request the 2nd of 5th month, 1771.By the records it appears that the first monthly meeting held at Upper Springfield, was in the 5th month, 1783. Of this she was many years a worthy and useful member, adorning her profession by walking consistent with the principles of Truth. In 1795, she became a widow; and in 1801 removed to Crosswicks, where she continued to reside until her decease.

Many and various were the trials permitted to assail her through the course of her life; by which, as in the furnace of affliction, she was proved, and came forth as gold tried in the fire. She was of an even, cheerful disposition, seldom suffering the things of time to discompose her mind, but in heights as well as in depths, evinced the same meek lamb-like spirit; and having on the breast-plate of righteousness, she journeyed forward in the heavenly path, treading under foot all opposing spirits, until she gained the victory;—the weapons of her warfare not being carnal but spiritual, and mighty through God to the pulling down of the strong holds of sin and iniquity.Thus she was led on from one stage of perfection to another, till she had in an eminent degree attained to that state which thinketh no evil; and being like the passive clay in the hand of the great Potter, she was fashioned and formed into a vessel according to his will.

In her deportment, she was watchful and circumspect; tender and affectionate in her family, to whom she was an example of humility and self-denial. She was a kind neighbour, compassionate to the poor, and ever ready to administer comfort to the sick and afAicted, around whose beds she was often singularly useful. All who knew, loved and respected her, and her virtues are still had in precious remembrance by many of her survivors.

She was a diligent attender of religious meetings, often passing through many outward difficulties to accomplish this duty; and when there, the fervency of her devotion was evident, affording strength to others in believing she had access to the Divine fountain, and partook of that spiritual bread which alone nourishes the soul, and keeps it alive unto God. As an overseer and an elder, she was careful faithfully to discharge her trust in guarding the flock, and in watching over those who were straying from the fold. And it is believed, her instructive counsel and tender admonition distilled like dew upon the tender plant, leaving an impression of sweetness not easily forgotten; and while the visited mind looked up to her with confidence and encouragement, her innocent and pious life was a continual testimony against the disobedient.

When I reflect on her worth, and on her christian fortitude in the midst of many heavy afflictions, her gentle spirit submitting in humble resignation to her heavenly Father's will, and meekly receiving all as intended for her further refinement, my heart is deeply affected. Truly I exclaim, what a blessing is a pious mother! And I consider it not the least among the numberless favours of a kind Providence, that she who was the guardian and prop of our childhood,

should be spared so long to us to be a strength and comfort in maturer age; while our tenderest sympathies were called forth as we marked with deep solicitude her declining years; and our greatest joy now is, that her sun has set in brightness, and a resting place is assigned her, where sorrows are no more, and where all tears are wiped away.

In thus giving a brief sketch of her character, I am aware my pen falls far short of portraying the real excellencies which her long and useful life exhibited. She might indeed be called a star in the firmament of God's power, a pillar in his house, being an elder worthy of double honour, whose end was crowned

with peace.

During the latter part of her last illness, while anxiously watching the progress of her disease, I was not less solicitous that she might be favoured to experience spiritual light and consolation to dispel the gloom which at one season was permitted to intercept and cloud her future prospects. For at one time she remarked, she was almost ready to doubt whether her heavenly Father had not turned away his face from her; yet added, she had at times been favoured to feel a state of rejoicing and praise, and was desirous of having an assurance of Divine acceptance before her final close; which was mercifully granted.

She often expressed a desire to be gone, signifying that death was robbed of its terrors, and that she had long been looking for her change. Her sufferings, she said, were extreme, but their duration would be short; and her mind was deeply exercised that she might be preserved in patience to the end, and in resignation wait until her heavenly Father should see meet to remove her out of mutability; observing to a

friend, she had not expected to have been thus continued from day to day.

On one occasion, after speaking to her family respecting the distribution of some articles of clothing, &c., she sweetly enforced her favourite maxim,“ live in love;" desiring that best Wisdom might be our guide. Her youngest grandson coming in, she advised him to be a good boy, and exhorted him to the due performance of his obligations to an affectionate mother, and also to remember that important scripture injunction, “Love thy Creator in the days of thy youth.” She was particularly led in expression to another of her grandsons, earnestly desiring a blessing might rest upon him, recommending him to be sober-minded, and to shun the society of those whose influence would have a tendency to draw him aside into vice and immorality. Then addressing all present, added, “I want you, dear children, to keep the commandments, for they are a shining light; attend your meetings; be devout when assembled there; and look unto the Lord, who has enjoined that all should worship him."

One day being much worse than usual, and apprehending her close drawing near, she desired to have the family collected; and after a time of solemn silence, expressed that she had long been striving to be prepared for an admittance into the heavenly mansion, although she had often stumbled and fallen short; but observed, “ though the righteous fall seven times, yet they rise again." She then remarked to her children, that a secret engagement and exercise had been the frequent companion of her mind for their advancement and growth in the truth; and called their attention to the necessity of a state of watchfulness, and

to keep the eye single to that principle of life and light in themselves which would be a sure director, and preserve them in all their goings.

In a short, affectionate address to two of her granddaughters, she advised them against the pursuit and love of this world's vanities, which are but fading enjoyments; that so by their example and stability they might prove a help and strength to their parents.

She encouraged a beloved grandson present, steadily to persevere in the path which leads to peace; reminding him, that if concerned to acknowledge the Lord in all his ways, he would know his steps to be ordered aright, and thus experience a journeying on towards the heavenly Canaan; saying, desires had often been raised in her heart that he might come to understand the truth of these things for himself.

Her mind appearing relieved, and being queried with if she felt willing to go and leave us; she replied, “O! yes, entirely willing;-I see nothing in my way; I have long been weary of this world of trouble.'

She quietly departed this life on the 1st of the 6th month, 1822, in the eighty-first year of her age. — Being dead, she yet speaketh in the impressive language of conduct and example to us her survivors; 6 Follow me, as I have endeavoured to follow Christ.” She was truly a cord to her children, labouring by the strength of her affection and the aspirations of her spirit, to gather them to that city whose walls are salvation, and into which doubtless her immortal soul hath centred.

S. M.

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