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Walter Allen's, and on the 1st of 2nd mo., attended Uxbridge monthly meeting, to a good degree of satisfaction and peace of mind. 3rd, and first of the week, was at Smithfield meeting; silence was my lot except a few words at the close. Went to Providence; was at select meeting,—an instructive time. Dined with William Almy, and lodged at Moses Brown's. Next day attended Rhode Island Quarterly meeting held at Providence, which was opened with supplication and prayer. This was a time not easily to be forgotten, and I took a hearty farewell of them in the flowings of gospel love. Dined at Obadiah Brown's, where came a number of Friends, amongst whom were several young people, for whom I felt much love: after a sitting with them, we set off for Hartford in Connecticut, and arrived there the 11th. On the 13th we came to James Mott's at Mamaroneck. Then rode to New York and crossed the ferry. The 15th we got to John Brown's; and 16th were at Byberry meeting on first-day. Lodged at John James's in Philadelphia; and 13th, reached home and found my family well, to our mutual joy; having been from home five months.

May I never forget thy loving kindness, O thou great Shepherd of Israel, whose never failing hand of help has been extended in every needful time.When my faith was deeply tried under discouragement, thy sustaining power was near. May my soul ever bow before thee, O Lord, in reverence and fear, for thou alone art worthy of praise and adoration.

Some account of my travail and exercise of mind after I returned from New England for not fulfilling my prospect in visiting some meetings in Purchase


Quarterly meeting, the meetings of Westbury Quarter-also some meetings in New Jersey. I returned home the 18th of 2d month, 1811, with my mind pretty well released as I then thought, concluding the way did not open with that clearness that would warrant my visiting those meetings above mentioned; so passed by them and came home. But through the summer, the prospect would sometimes revive, but I did not see the time to proceed, and hoped I, might be excused, until my mind became bewildered; and for some weeks, if not months, I seemed to have lost almost all sense of good. To go to meet- | ing was a great trial at times; for when there I was exceedingly tried with drowsiness, and at seasons was ready to conclude, I will speak no more in thy

But at times a little gleam of hope would arise that I was not altogether forsaken: then my secret petition would be to the Shepherd of Israel, that I might be preserved in his fear, and that I was willing to stand resigned to his holy requirings, if it should be to the further corner of the continent. My conflict was great at this time, between flesh and spirit; but when I was favoured to resign all into his holy care--wife and children, house and land,-Oh! the unspeakable consolation that flowed in my heart: the language then was, Send me, Lord, when and where thou pleasest, only let thy spirit go with me, and restore unto me the joy of thy salvation. Then the prospect afresh revived with weight, that it would be right for me to visit those meetings. In the 10th month, I informed Friends of our monthly meeting how it was with me, and they gave me a few lines of concurrence, which I laid before our Quarterly meeting for endorsement. My beloved friend John

1811-limo 29 - Learn' home a

Pennock expressing a willingness to accompany me, received a minute of concurrence also.

29th of 11th mo. Took a tender farewell of my family, and rode to Jonás Eyre’s--next day attended two meetings in Philadelphia, both favoured. Rode to Joshua Newbold's at Trenton and lodged. Then went to Chesterfield monthly meeting; thence to Benjamin Clarke's at Stony Brook-had an instructive time at their meeting. Went to Jedidiah Shotwell's at Plainfield—the meeting here was large, and it was a favoured time. Next day was at Randolph meeting;—thence to Elizabethtown Point; and went from there by water to New York: was at meeting there and then went on Long Island.

13th of 12th mo. At meeting at Flushing; next day at Cowneck; then at Matinicock on first-daynot much to offer there; then rode to Fry Willis's. 17th. Had an appointed meeting at Bethpage: here met with Daniel Quinby on a religious visit. In the evening went to Jerusalem to a meeting appointed for Daniel Quinby: the labour fell on myself and a woman Friend from Peru. Next day at Westbury monthly meeting; it was large and favoured. Dined at Gideon Seaman's;—then went home with Fry Willis and wife. 19th. At Jericho monthly meeting; dined at Elias Hicks's, and went home with Gideon Seaman. The next day rode to Flushing, crossed Whitestone ferry and went to Benjamin Haviland's. Had an instructive time at Westchester meeting, and a favoured time at Mamaroneck. Then rode to Middlesex in Connecticut, where notice was given for a meeting to be held; but the wind and snow were so violent, it was not safe to be out of the house, and the meeting was not held; lodged two

1812 - Inro. 144

nights here with Samuel Bishop, and notice being again given, the meeting was held: here are a small number of Friends, Next, had a favoured time at Purchase, where I again met with Daniel Quinby. 28th. Was at a meeting on York island, or Manhattanville, then went to New York: attended meetings at Liberty street and Pearl street, and left them with

1 peace of mind. From New York I went to Rahway; was at meeting there, and rode to Brunswick where we lodged at Richard Birdsall's.

1st mo. 1st, 1812. Rode to Edmund Williams's at Colts Neck, and next day went to Shrewsbury preparative meeting-an instructive time: next had an appointed meeting at Jacob Woolley's at Poplar; and was at Squancum, a small, poor meeting-though some life was in dominion amongst us. First of the week, at Squan meeting—a blessed and instructive time—then rode to John Collins's at Barnegat-and had an appointed meeting; was also at Little Eggharbour monthly meeting—it was small, yet the Divine presence was near. Went to David Maps's, a man of colour—and was kindly and decently entertained. Then went to Samuel Leeds's at Leeds' Point, and had a favoured meeting at Galloway. Next rode to Great Eggharbour; and was at meeting there: · Truth was declared amongst them. Then crossed Eggharbour river and appointed a meeting at Cape May, which was held to satisfaction. Afterwards rode to Nathaniel Buzby's at Maurice river, and had a favoured time at meeting there—dined at Isaac Townsend's. Had an appointed meeting at Greenwich, and lodged at John Miller's. Then went to Alloway's creek, where the meeting was pretty large and I believe owned by the blessed Master: First

1812 -lo.

of the week, had a favoured season at Salem meeting; then went to Pilesgrove: at this meeting Truth was in dominion, for holy help was afforded. Lodged at Asa Kirby's, and next day was at Penn's Neck meeting--a small gathering, in which I had not much to offer, but the youth were encouraged.

22d. Was at Mullica Hill meeting--it was pretty large and satisfactory. Rode to Samuel Tonkin's at Upper Greenwich, and was at meeting there next day; it was a tendering time to many, especially the dear youth. Went to James Cooper's near Woodbury. Next day were at Woodbury meeting-here my testimony was not so satisfactory to myself as at some other times. Dined at John Tatum's, and went home with Joseph Kaighń 25th. At an appointed meeting at Newton: had nothing to offer by way of ministry. Here I met with Richard Jordan, who accompanied me to Amos Haines’s, where we dined, and in the evening went to Thomas Redman's at Haddonfield. The day following, being the first of the week, I was at Haddonfield meeting, where gospel truths were opened. Here Thomas Lippincott came and took us home with him. Next day had a favoured time at Westfield meeting, and dined with Caleb Atkinson, an old acquaintance. In the evening went to John Matlack's, where we met with Esther Collins. 28th. Had a favoured time at Moorestown meeting; also, at Evesham next day. Dined at Job Haines's, and went home with Job Collins. Stopped by the way to see Sarah Wilkins, who was in a poor state of health. 30th. Was at Upper Evesham meeting, but had nothing to offer. Lodged at Zebedee Wills’s, and next day was at Cropwell meeting. In the afternoon rode to Cooper's ferry, and crossed

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