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with difficulty by reason of the ice. 1st of 2nd mo. I was at the select meeting for Philadelphia Quarter: here we met with John Bailey and Micajah Collins from the eastward, and Willet Hicks from N. York. Next day was at the middle meeting, and that at Pine street-the day following was the Quarterly meeting for business which we attended;—and on the 4th returned home.

Memorandums of a Journey to Carolina. 7th of 10th month, 1813. I left home, after parting with my family in an awful sense of the goodness of the Almighty to us at that season, having my beloved friend Jeremiah Barnard as a companion. Attended the Yearly Meeting at Baltimore, which closed under a thankful sense of the mercy and goodness of our heavenly Father. At this meeting were divers Friends from a distance,-Elizabeth Barker, Mary Barney, Robert Brayton, and Ann Edwards; whose company was grateful to me.

We then proceeded to meetings at Elk Ridge, Pipe Creek, Bush Creek, Sandy Spring, and Indian Spring. Attended the monthly meeting at Sandy Spring, and on the first of the week were at meeting at Washington city in company with Ann Edwards; then went to the afternoon meeting at Alexandria. Next day set off for Fairfax, and were at the monthly meeting there: also at Goose Creek, a pretty large meeting, wherein heavenly dew distilled as on the tender plants. Then went to South Fork and Berkeley meetings: had a trying time at the latter,--but near the close was favoured to sound an alarm in a close testimony.

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11th month 2nd. At Middle Creek,-the blessed Helper was near and we had a favoured time. Then went to the monthly meeting at Hopewell --and was at Dillon's Run on the first of the week: although the road was very rough, and but few Friends here, and their plantations surrounded with mountains, yet I could not complain--to me it was a good meeting. After this we were at Back Creek, Centre and Hopewell: here met with Daniel Haviland from the state of New York--a laborious time until near the close, when a living testimony was borne to the praise of the great name, and the meeting closed with humble supplication. Attended the select meeting at Hopewell-also the Ridge meeting and the Quarterly meeting. 17th of the month, set out for Lynchburg near one hundred and forty miles. 22d. Had an appointed meeting at South river, and was also Goose Creek--both precious meetings. Crossed James river and had a meeting at Genito-only two families constitute this meeting, a few others came; but the house was cold, the windows broken, and myself almost destitute of heavenly favour. I had nothing to offer as to ministry, so left them and rode to Micajah Crew's.

1st of 12th mo. Went to Cedar Creek meeting and had a pretty open time of communication-next day was at Caroline, and on the first of the week at Richmond: after meeting, rode to Benjamin Ladd's; and thence to William Harrison's at Skimeno, where we had an appointed meeting—and next day was at Wayneoke: both these meetings were attended with the overshadowing wing of Divine kindness in a marvellous manner. Attended monthly meeting at Cedar Creek—also the first-day meeting there, in

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which I was favoured with utterance by the Shepherd of Israel to my own admiration. Next was at Gravelly Run and then at Burleigh-a considerable number of goodly looking Friends there: in the forepart of the meeting the spirit of life seemed low, but blessed be the name of Israel's God, utterance was afforded to discharge myself among them.

20th. At Black-water meeting-six men and no woman there. Next day at Seaconch, a small but good meeting. Then proceeded to meetings at Stanton, Johnson's, West Branch, and Vicks's: here a considerable number of Methodists and Baptists attended. Next was at a large gathering at Somerton, where the Lord's power was over all.

1st month 1st, 1814. At the monthly meeting at Piney-woods in North Carolina. Next day at Little River; then to New-begun, and several other places; and on the 12th was at Rich Square: then at Jackswamp; and crossing the Roanoke, attended Quarterly meeting at Contentney, a favoured time: then went to Nohonty, Bear Creek, and Core Sound. My mind for several days had experienced a time of deep stripping: when I looked for light, behold darkness; and. I began to conclude I had no business here. Thus was I tried, but believe it was all in wisdom; and I left Core Sound with great peace of mind.

2d mo. 3d. We were at Neuse preparative meeting, which was large and favoured. 8th. Was at a meeting at Eno. I had felt my mind much clothed with poverty; but the language of the Lord to Jacob was refreshing,—“Behold I am with thee, and will keep thee in all places whither thou goest, and will bring thee again into this land: for I will not leave thee until I have done that which I have spoken to

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thee of.” Next day at Spring meeting; then to Cane Creek and the Quarterly meeting at Centre. On the first of the week, we stayed their meeting, which was a large gathering: Nathan Hunt was there, and it was a favoured time, not to be forgotten by many. Proceeded to meetings at Salem, Providence, Rocky River, South Fork, Ridge, Holly Spring, Heworry, Back Creek, and Marlborough. Then rode to Nathan Hunt's, where I was kindly received. Next day had a favoured time at Springfield. In the afternoon at Piney-woods; the day following at Kennet—so to Concord, Deep River, Muddy Creek, and Blues 1 Creek-here was a poor, open, cold, meeting house,

and the minds of the people depending too much on words, whereof I had not much to offer.

3d mo. 4th. Had a favoured time at Dover meeting; went thence to Newberry, New Garden, Sandy Spring, and Hopewell; and on the 11th and 12th was at the Quarterly meeting at Deep River; and the day following, being first of the week, was at Deep River, a large n.eeting, and silent,-though many eminent ministers whom I preferred before myself, were present. Lodged at Benajah Hyatt's, where a large collection of Friends came in the evening, and under the canopy of Divine love, we had a precious opportunity together, and parted in endeared affection; and next day I set off for home.

In the early part of the year 1815, Edward Brookes attended the monthly meetings within the limits of the Western Quarter; and it being the same time in which James Cockburn was visiting those meetings, they laboured together in much harmony and unity of exercise. In the fall of this year, Edward removed

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with his family to reside at Wilmington, (the place of his first settlement) and continued there, when at home, during the remainder of his days. Here he followed the business of making fans to clean grain; and being well accepted among Friends, he received their kind attention, particularly that of Samuel Canby and his son James, of Brandywine, who appeared desirous that he should be comfortably accommodated; his circumstances in life not being affluent.In the summer of 1816, he spread before Friends a very extensive prospect of religious service, of which he kept the following brief account.

“ Having obtained a certificate from our monthly meeting held at Wilmington, endorsed by Concord Quarterly meeting, to attend the Yearly Meetings of Baltimore and North Carolina, some meetings in Tennessee, and those constituting Ohio Yearly Meeting, I left home the 11th of the 10th month, 1816, accompanied by my beloved friend Jacob Alrichs. We proceeded to Baltimore, and were at the several sittings of the Yearly Meeting, which closed on the 13th. Our friend Mary Naftel from England, George Dillwyn and a number of other Friends from other Yearly Meetings were there. Afterwards we rode to Roger Brooke's, and had an open time of communication at Sandy Spring meeting—then went to doctor Lukens's; and thence through Alexandria, Occoquan, Dumfries, and on the 22d got to my friend Micajah Crews, where we were kindly received by this hospitable family. Crossed James river, and on the 2nd of 11th month, attended the select meeting at Deep River, where I met with many of my beloved friends, amongst whom was Charity Cook from Ohio, and it was an instructive time. In passing

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