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so many grievous maladies and disappointments, so much pain, decay and death: and under these feelings and reflections, my dear absent children come before my view. Then, I remember there is a God and Father of us all, who is the Fountain of goodness, the Creator and Governor that rules among the kingdoms of men. Wise, infinite and almighty, he sees, and knows, and works his great and stupendous works, through and among the whole race of created mortal beings. I want to live and abide nearer to him: but through unwatchfulness and unfaithfulness I have not yet arrived to that height of the enjoyment of his living presence, which the truly faithful witness. I have read, and experienced the truth of it, that this is not the place of our rest; but a scene of combat. Well, it comforts, me when I think that I am one of that description, and counted worthy to suffer. I hope I dont murmur in all my losses, buffetings, revilings and struggles, without and within, for I greatly desire to resign all to the disposal of unerring wisdom.

Chesterfield, 25th of 11th mo. 1804. How valuable is friendship! and when near friends are parted asunder, the cords of love are not broken. This produces a desire in my mind to be faithful, and watchfully persevering in the highway cast up for the redeemed to walk in; for my time is short, and dangers surround me; so that there is need for me to be diligent and fervent in spirit, in order to attain a nearer approach to purity. Though I have passed through Jordan, and at a distance had a view of the land of promise; having fought and subdued those enemies, the evil bents of my natural propensities, darst Wood won was

Teacher at W. Town nova Znajodgor. to Am See beweei tohi ofr. Irun aror inn 68

MEMOIRS AND LETTERS in some measure; yet there is danger of stopping or resting short of entering into the promised land, and becoming as a hypocrite, holding a profession, without the renewed supplies of life and animating virtue derived from the holy Head and Fountain of light and life.

Letters to her daughter Sarah, at West-town

Boarding School. 8th mo. 31st, 1805. My dear Sarah, when I sat at the chamber window and saw the stage go away, I felt that it contained a part of my earthly treasure and comfort. But I resign, I know I need not look for unmixed happiness in this transient state. A wise Providence has made a thorn where the roses are; and while plucking the sweets, if we are guarded enough to avoid the sting, it will be well.

First-day morning, ten o'clock. I suppose you are gathered into your meeting. How hard for minds naturally active, to be rightly gathered to the true Shepherd! May I and mine strive to enter the strait gate that leads to life immortal; that the dew of Hermon may rest upon and revive the drooping dependant branches. Oh! the beauty there is attendant on those who walk in the Truth. They are the glory of the nations,—the inhabiters of the New Jerusalem, and bring honor to their Creator, Redeemer and Preserver. Farewell.

11th month 5th, 1805. This afternoon I received thy letter, dated the 27th of last month. I suppose thou art now busied in the evening occupation.-May the teachers at West-town be favoured to live in, and be preserved by best wisdom; that so their

we may


labours may be blest, and prove a blessing to generations to come.

J. S. has returned from his Ohio journey; and from the flattering accounts of the country, many are turning their minds to look that way. And so it is, the minds of men are busied, looking out for a spot to attain and grasp after riches. The necessary things of this life are desirable indeed: but how wise to limit our eager pursuit after the world, and look over and beyond it to a country that is everlasting, and that knows no change! To me, the present life appears like a rough path-way to that heavenly country. We may indeed contemplate with wonder and delight, and view the various productions of the earth and the waters,

up eyes

and behold the sun and the luminaries above; yet all these cannot satisfy the immortal soul, nor deliver it from a certain fearful looking for of judgment; 'which as a damp deprives it of solid comfort. But the promises and hopes of the gospel dispensation are as a rock, or an anchor for the soul to rest on that accepts the invitations of Divine love and mercy, obeys his gra. cious calls to flee from and avoid the dangers of this alluring world, and steadily seeks after his peace, which is found in the inner man,

Amidst the ruffling storms of life that arise from one quarter or another, I try to take shelter under the immovable Rock. But oh! the weakness of human nature! As we advance in age, a renewed guard and continual watchfulness is needful to be steadily kept up; at least for me, who am a poor weak creature. My dear children, however, are very kind and a comfort to me; for which, grateful tears have flowed, and thankfulness to the Father who is

in heaven, that hath mercifully favoured me with such a gift, now in the decline of life.

12th mo. 9th, 1905. My sister is yet very weak; so my dear girls here at home, have a double weight of us both in old age and weakness. But they will meet with a reward for doing their duty,—a reward better than gold or silver. The heavenly Father will give them a quiet assurance of having done their part, when striving against opposing principles, and endeavouring to walk circumspectly through life.

I have just now received thy packet of letters. They bring thee, my dear S., close to my heart, and à degree of thankful encouragement arises, under a belief that the Father of the humbled children doth spread his pavilion over thee, and will be “thy shield and thy exceeding great reward,” if with patience and humble confidence thou keep hold of the anchor of hope, through all besetments. Dont let thy mind sink too low. It is a great attainment to bring the mind into an evenness of temper when things go well or ill with us. Such is our state that the wise Parent has to use bitter doses, in order to cleanse and regulate the disordered passions, that the circulation of life may flow with less impediment. In the outward, we look to the physician for his directions. How much more ought we to look to and confide in the great and heavenly Physician, and willingly drink the bitter draughts, however disagreeable, when we are assured it is his will to administer these things for the health of our souls, and to promote our present and future happiness!

We stand, or try to stand on a slippery way, called a sea of glass mingled with fire. Then, dost not thou know that it must be the work of Him who created the sea and the fountains of water, to make us stand and walk uprightly on its uneven surface, when wave rolls after wave.

Take courage, my dear child; for the evangelist saw them that had gotten the victory, stand on the sea of glass, upheld and supported by the great I AM. The earth (the gross part) must be shaken, and also heaven (the more refined attainments) must be melted in us.“The elements shall melt with fervent heat,"' _“the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and be removed" out of its place, before the true heavenly virtue becomes established, and our feet fixed on the solid Rock that cannot be shaken by the winds and storms of this turbulent, unstable world. Dont be discouraged. Though a righteous man falleth seven times, he riseth again. This may be permitted in wisdom, in order to make us more watchful and to keep us humble.

It teaches us to know we are nothing, and cannot trust in any thing but the Almighty arm of power which is a shield, and our only helper in the great warfare. And Oh! the joyful crown that awaits all those who keep the faith, as Paul did! But beware of casting thyself down, and thus getting too low. Remember it is those that believe and are baptized, that are to be saved. Never heed, though the baptism is by fire. What is more desirable than the beautiful pure metal, seven times refined?

This bears a similitude to the poor traveller Zionward, who patiently endures and abides faithful thro' the fire of refinement. I wish my dear, precious children may be fully bent to pursue the straight line of holy perseverance; until this scene of conflict and laborious travail shall terminate. We believe there

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