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HE time-honoured custom of saying a few words to the readers of The Gentleman's Magazine at the

close of each volume is a duty which mingles mournful and pleasant associations. It is gratifying to contemplate the continued success of Mr. Cave's famous publication; but this halting by the way, calls up sad memories of those who have halted for ever.

We have recently lost two of our confrères in the literary brotherhood of The Gentleman's Magazine-William Jerdan and H. H. Dixon. Their latest writings are contained in this and the previous volume. Mr. Dixon was our most constant contributor. His memory was as richly stored with the personal history of leading men associated with the sports and pastimes of England, as Mr. Jerdan's was with literary and political ana. They were both kind, genial, scholarly men, worthy of our most respectful remembrance; and their names will be ranked high on the national muster-roll of famous journalists.

This concluding number of our Fourth Volume contains the last chapters of "L'Homme qui Rit," and some interesting particulars concerning the every-day life of the illustrious author. "Will He Escape?" is also drawing to a close.

The completion of these works will enable us to introduce a New Story next month, in addition to a specially novel feature, which, we trust, will largely increase the modern attractions of the oldest Magazine in the world.

In a few days we hope to be in a position to explain, in detail, certain arrangements now in progress for strengthening our claims to a continuation of that public support which has encouraged us in our labours and fortified us in an extension of our plans for the future.

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Taxes on Pages and Pageantry (Illustrated)—Performing Fleas-

Latest Productions in Photography-Our Nearest Relatives-

Arsenic Eaters-American Curiosities

Meteorites-The Manufacture of Antiquities—The Power of the

Human Heart-Charles Knubel-Extracting Bullets by Elec-
tricity-The Mariners' Compass-Warming Houses by Gas-
Illustrated Journalism.

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The Jewel in the Toad's Eye-Beasts of Burden-Diamonds-
Popular Lecturers-Mr. Bellew's New Entertainment—Ana-
logy between Tints and Tones-Weather Predictions
Our Lost Contributors-Merchant Sailors and their Grievances—
Faraday-The Guillotine-Home-Grown Silk, Sugar, To-
bacco, and Quinine.

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Spots on the Sun-Harmony in Singing-Belief in Charms and
Cures-Frank Leslie and "The Gentleman's Magazine"



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Prince Consort's Farms, The. By the Author of "PINK AND



Our Iron-Clad Ships

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