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who affects an impartial and philosophic spirit, should not rather speak with admiration, than contempt, of an author, who by the force of genius rose so much above the age and circumstances in which he was born, and' who, even when he deviates most from rules, can rise to faults truè critics dare not mend. In delineating characters he must be allowed very far to furpass all dramatic writers, and even Homer himself; he gives an air of reality to every thing, and, in spite of many and great faults, effects, better than any one has ever done, the chief purposes of theatrical representation. It avails little to prove, that the means by which he effects them are not those prescribed in any Art of Poetry. While we feel the power and energy of his predominant genius, shall we not be apt to treat the cold formal precepts of the Critic, with the same peevish contempt, that the good lady in the Guardian, smarting in the anguish of a burn, does her fon's pedantic intrusion of Mr. Lock's doctrine, to prove that there is no heat in fire ? Nature




and sentiment will pronounce our Shakespear a mighty Genius ; judgment and taste will confefs, that as a Writer he is far from being faultless,

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