The Analysis of Beauty: Written with a View of Fixing the Fluctuating Ideas of Taste

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Georg Olms Verlag, 1753 - 153 էջ
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Էջ 120 - For Time shall with his ready pencil stand; Retouch your figures with his ripening hand; Mellow your colours, and imbrown the teint; Add every grace, which Time alone can grant; To future ages shall your fame convey, And give more beauties than he takes away.
Էջ 25 - Intricacy in form, therefore, I shall define to be that peculiarity in the lines, which compose it, that leads the eye a wanton kind of chace, and from the pleasure that gives the mind, intitles it to the name of beautiful : and it may be justly said, that the cause of the idea of grace more immediately resides in this principle, than in the other five, except variety ; which indeed includes this, and all others.
Էջ vi - Conus or sharpe pointe wherewith it seemeth to divide the aire, that so it may ascende to his proper sphere. So that a picture having this forme...
Էջ iii - ... on this head have almost been given up; and the subject generally thought to be a matter of too high and too delicate a nature to admit of any true or intelligible discussion. Something therefore introductory ought to be said at the presenting a work with a face so entirely new; especially as it will naturally encounter with, and perhaps may overthrow, several long received and thorough...
Էջ 86 - England, who lately went to see them, confirmed to me what has been now said, particularly as to the legs and thighs being too long and too large for the upper parts. And Andrea Sacchi, one of the great Italian painters, seems to have been of the same opinion, or he would hardly have given his Apollo, crowning Pasquilini the musician, the exact proportion of the Antinous (in a famous picture of his now in England), as otherwise it seems to be a direct copy from the Apollo.
Էջ vi - ... giving this form to the parts, you do not break the bones which sustain them, and which always must make them appear firm. This maxim is not altogether so general, but that actions may be found, where the masses of the muscles are situate one over against another ; but that is not very common. The outlines, which are in waves, give not only a grace to the parts, but also to the whole body, when it is only supported on one leg. As we see in the figures of Antinous, Meleager, the Venus of Medicis,...
Էջ 4 - ... other little circumstances belonging to the mechanical part of the art; and little or no time has been given for perfecting the ideas they ought to have in their minds, of the objects themselves in nature: for by having thus espoused and adopted their first notions from nothing but imitations, and becoming too often as bigotted to their faults, as their beauties, they at length, in a manner, totally neglect, or at least disregard the works of nature, merely because they do not tally with what...
Էջ 119 - Upon the whole of this account we find, that the utmost beauty of colouring depends on the great principle of varying by all the means of varying, and on the proper and artful union of that variety; which may be farther proved by supposing the rules here laid down, all or any part of them reversed.
Էջ 9 - ... even the most irregular figures, will gradually arrive at the knack of recalling them into his mind when the objects themselves are not before him : and...

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