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· Being come to the place of Execution, he Holloway. I was not with them till after the spoke to the sheriffs as follows:

time a good while ; till about a month or six Hollowuy, May I have liberty, Sir, to speak weeks after the time I was not acquainted with what I desire to speak ?

them. I looked upon it as a business not likely Sheriff Daniel. Yes, Sir, you may. What to take any effect at all, for I could never find you have, I suppose, will be by way of disco- above five that were concerned in it. very to the world of what you are brought here Sheriff Dashwood. But did they not tell you to die for.

at some one time, they were concerned in such Hollowuy. You bave my Paper, captain. a thing? Capt. Richardson. Yes.

Holloway. Yes, Sir, they did so. They Sheriff Daniel. Have it you about you ? told me more than once. Capt. Richardson. I have it in my pocket. Sheriff Duniel. Shew it him (which he did.)

Sheriff Duniel. In Bristol, or in London ? Is it your own havd-writing?

Hollow'uy. In London. Holloway. Yes, Sir.

Sheriff Dashwood. Mr. Holloway, you have Sheriff Daniel. Is it your own band

a liberty to say any thing you have a mind to. writing ?

Holloway. I have little to say more upon Holloway. That is my own hand-writing that way, to do such a thing as to take up arms.

that account. I am sorry I was concerted in A discovery of wbat I knew, I made to his majesty, but a great many people think that I But as to the design 1 had, and the Plot I was have not discovered what I knew : but I have acquainted with, it was nothing against the discovered what I knew of the Plot, and I am

king's life. heartily sorry! was any way concerhed in that Capt. Richardson. Sure it was the same way: as to the endeavouring any thing by Plot, while there was a design to seize the king, arms. I do think several things bave been ill. and take him from evil company. managed in England, there bave been many

Holloway. We had a design to take-them things done against the king and the kingdom's that were guilty of the Popish Plot, and were interest, and I wish the king was well satisfied cnemies to the privileges and liberties of the of it, and that a course might be taken to pre

subject. vent it. And, I think, one way to prevent Sheriff Daniel. And as a thing that tended plotting (according to my weak capacity) is, to that, the king was to be seized till he conthat his majesty would be pleased to call a par- sented to these things. liament, and pass an Act of Oblivion for all Holloway. It was supposed by them that plotters whatsoever. There was a damnable told me of it, that many things that have been Popish Plot, and I look upon the stifling of acted of late, were done contrary to the king's thai, to be the only cause that any man did any knowledge, and that the king knew nothing of thing in this. Had all the Popish Plotters it; and I am perfecuy of that belief too, that been

many things are done contrary to the king's Sheriff Daniel. By the way, Sir, how do you knowledge. And I was farther informed, that know it was stifled ?

if the king could be but once acquainted with Holloway. Sir, we have known that the laws these things, that the king would presently could not be suffered against them, and the come in to those that should stand for his asparliament could not be suffered in the prose- sistance, and give up all those offenders to cution of them. I wish the king would con- justice. sult his own safety, and the safety of the nation, Sheriff Daniel. And if you could not tell him and that an Act of Oblivion might pass, for I otherwise, you would take him first, and tell believe there are many concerned ; and that him afterwards. there might be an end put to all news-mon- Holloway. You may interpret it how you gers, that write into the country letters of please, Sir. It was that all such differences news; I look upon that to do the king and the amongst the king's subjects might be prevented kingilom more hurt than any thing else. for the future; for I believe there were never

Capt. Richardson. Mr. Holloway, I beg one greater differences in the spirits of men, though thing, have you discovered all? I desire you some think the times were never better than would declare those (you did not name their now, because all things go according to their names) that, if occasion were, would be ready; own bumour ; but I suppose many in the nabut that you had not spoke to them. Wade tion are satisfied that many things have been and others were to maintain their posts. done contrary to law.

Holloway. No, Sir, I had not spoke to them. Sheriff Daniel. Was it fit you should set up
Capt. Richardson. This you did say. for a politician, or a statesman?
Holloway. Yes, Sir.

Holloway. No, Sir, I did not take it upon Sheriff Daniel.' And that you promised a me; that was for the scribblers that write number of men in this design.

news. I do not reckon myself worthy to direct Holloway. Promise it? I did propose I in such a case. might do it.

Sheriff Duniel. Mr. Holloway, you do not Capt. Richardson. What do you know of remember to give the names of those persons the contriving the business of the Rye, for you spake of. lopping, or taking off the king and the duke ? Holloway. It would be a folly for me, Sir, to go to abuse men that I did not know whether Sheriff Dashwood. The king hath said 'he they would be concerned or no.

will govern according to law; he hath done so, Sheriff Dashwood. But that there were per- and will do so. sons that would be coneerned, you say.

Holloway. That I leave to the judgment of Holloway. That we did think so ; and if we all; many know better than I. should name every one that we thought would Sheriff Daniel. Such glossy pretences are be concerned, I believe we might name three very strange, to carry on such a design, for the parts of London.

seizing a sovereign prince, that you bave sworn Capt. Richardson. I hope you are in a allegiance to, or ought to have done. great mistake there.

Holloway. I think those pretences, the Holloway. For that design, I believe above grounds that we went upon, were no glossy three parts would be for. I never had any de- pretences at all. sign but for the king and the kingdom's inter- Sheriff Duniel. I think it is, that when est; though I know that design that was car- things are not done as you would have them, ried on by Rumsey and West was a very hein- you must immediately rebel. ous design, hut I believe they would not have Holloway. No, Sir, not that; we did not defound many in England that would have been sign a rebellion. for it ; I never heard of above five for it. Sheriff Daniel. The seizing the king is cer

Sheriff Daniel. Were you acquainted with tainly a rebellion, and one of the highest steps Walcot?

of rebellion. Holloway. I was in his company, once or Holloway. We say this, that all ways were twice, but I heard him speak against it. used against Protestants ; several Sham-Plots;

Sheriff Daniel. Was you ever with my lord but no justice could be had against Papists. Shaftesbury ?

Sheriff Daniel. Several of them were exeHolloway. No, Sir, I was never with my lord cuted here. Shaftesbury but once, and that was about a Holloway. There were some executed at design I was promoting in parliament, about first, Sir ; but afterwards, when so many great the linen-manufacture.

persons came to be concerned, there was noSheriff Duniel. Was you ever with my lord thing could be had against them. of Essex ?

Sheriff Daniel. There were mighty searches Holloway. Never but once, and that was made about London, for that great number of about that business.

Papists talked on. Sheriff Daniel. Were you ever acquainted Holloway. There was a great many seized, with my lord Russell ?

Sir; but what became of them? Hollowuy. Never with him at all.

Sheriff Daniel. Generally tried, and brought Sheriff Dashwood. You were saying you to condign punishment. You would not bave knew the names of five ; who were they that had every "Irishman believed against honest were to be concerned in that matter ?

Some people were called papists in Holloway. I'have declared them to his ma- masquerade. jesty

Holloway. Irishmen were believed against Sheriff Duniel. Did you know Ferguson ? Protestants; after they bad turned about, and

Holloway. I knew him, Sir, but I know had sworn against papists, they were believed Ferguson to be against any such design, and, then. It was well observed, that while the indeed, we did look upon it to be a thing that Irish evidences did continue in the first diswould come to no effect.

course of the popish plot, and in the first evi. Sheriff Dushwood. Do you mean the seiz- dences, then, it is well known, they were slighting the king ?

ed, and all cried out against; but when they Holloway. I mean the insurrection. came to swear against Protestants, then things

Sheriff Daniel. Did you know of any money were altered presently, raised or promised to buy arms ?

Sheriff Dashwood. I pray God all men's eyes Holloway. No, Sir, never. I heard of money may be opened to see what is done. that was to be raised, but I did not know who. Holloway. I would not advise any one to go was to raise it.

that way to work, to do any thing by force of Sheriff Daniel. It is not our business to ask arms; and I wish the king's eyes may be openyou many questions, if you bave any thing to ed, that he may see his enemies from his friends; say you may.

and I think he hath cause to look for them near Sheriff Dashwood. If you have any thing bis home. to say for the discharge of your conscience, Sheriff Dashwood. Have you any papers to do it.

deliver ? Holloway. I thank God, I never badany de- Holloway. 1 have no other papers; what sign against his majesty's person; what I in- paper I wrote, the conncil bad. 'I did write a tended was only for the good of the king and paper, that it might be some satisfaction to the kingdom, and I did take it that it would have opinions of people of what I knew, that care been so; and I am very sorry that any things might be taken to prevent other opinions, if should have gone contrary to law, as they have there were an error. And that paper the council done ; and I hope care will be taken to prevent had ; though they took it very heinously of me any such things for the future.

ibat I should presume to write such a thing. I


looked upon it that I could not do more for the very earnest in that, to have the laws put in king, than to acquaint him of what I knew, execution against them; and that he moved it that if they were misinformed, there might be to the parliament to bave it done. Have you care taken to alter the opinion.

any thing else to say that more nearly concerns Sheriff Dashwood. You have delivered no you? paper to your wife, or to any friends?

Holloway. I wish I conld have been any Holloway. That, I suppose, is well known otherwise serviceable to the king and kingdom, to the gaoler.

before I left them. I should have been very. Sheriff Dashwood. You know better than willing ; and it was always my design to proany body whether you have or not. You may mote the king and kingdom's interest more say Ay, or No.

than my

own Holloway. I could not be admitted to write Sheriff Daniel. Well, Sir, you say some any, for I could not have pen and ink to write things very well ; but others ill. any thing but this.

Holloway. What I say, Sir, I leave to peoSheriff Dashwood. And you have not deli- ple's judgments ; if I am mistaken, I hope vered any paper ?

they will be otherwise. Holloway. I have written to some friends. I Sheriff Duniel. Well, Sir, have you any know it is supposed that I had delivered a copy thing farther to say ?- Holloway. No, Sir. of that paper that the council had ; and, I think Sheriff Dashwood. I suppose you used to if it bad been known publicly, it would have keep a meeting, or club, at Bristol, with several done no great hurt.

there. Sheriff Daniel. You speak of several peoples Holloway. I know some have represented a opinions ; what do you mean?

club very bad in Bristol. A club we had about Holloway. As concerning the times, Sir, the the choice of parliament-men. management of affairs.

Sheriff Daniel. The Horse-shoe club. Sheriff Daniel. Pray, Sir, under what deno- Sheriff Dashwood. Or the Mermaid-club. mination do you reckon yourself?

Holloway. The Horse-shoe club, it was only Holloway. I reckon myself a Protestant. for carrying on the election of parliamentSheriff Daniel. Of what sort? Of the church men. Ifall such things should be called clubs, of England, or of the Dissenters from them ? there were great clubs kept by another party.

Holloway. I am not a Dissenter from the Sheriff Daniel. Well, Sir, you had best fit church of England.

yourself for death, you bave no long time to Sheriff Daniel. Nor joined with them? live.

Holloway. Nor joined with them altogether. But I thought that if any good had been de

Then he opened his Bible and read the 62nd signed for England, that I had done enough to Psalm, and part of two chapters in the Hemerit a pardon; for I had wrote so much of brews, and afterwards asked the Sheriffs if he truth, and was so fair and plain in it, that I might have liberty to pray; which being thought it would have merited a pardon, if any granted, he prayed as follows: good were designed. If I could have disco- “ Blessed and holy Lord our God, thou art vered more, that had been for the king and before all men, thou art the only true God, the kingdom's interest, I would have done it; for I Almighty God, the fountain of all goodness. did not do it rashly, but considered of it some Thou art the discerner of all hearts, the secret time before I gave it in. I hope it will be a sa- thougbts of men are not unknown to thee. Oh tisfaction that there was such a plot; what Lord, what am I that thou shouldst be mindful other men's opinions might be of it I cannot of me, or that thou shouldst suffer me now to tell, but leave every one to their own judg- call upon thee, when thou mightest have taken ment. It was feared that arbitrary govern- me away in the commission of some sin against ment and popery was designed: and truly, I thee? But thou hast been a merciful God, a think, at this present time, by what I can un- long-suffering God, a patient God. O Lord, I derstand, that there is little better designed. trust it is for my soul's welfare in bringing me

Capt. Richardson. This is reflecting upon to this, though it is an untimely end, for thou the government.

cuttest off my days in the midst, but Lord, I Sheriff Dashuood. This is not fit.

trust it is for my soul's sake. Our times are in Holloway. I say it is contrary to the king's thy hands, and it is my sins that bave brought knowledge, Sir.

me to this. Ob give me a true sense of them, Sheriff Daniel. Sir, we have neither a re- as I trust thou hast done, and that thou hast prieve nor a pardon for you.

heard my prayers, and wilt be my God, my Hollowuy. I do not expect it, Sir; if truth comforter, and receive me in and through the and plainness would have merited a pardon, I merits of Jesus Christ our Lord, who offered might have had it.

himself a sacrifice for our sins, even for the sins Capt. Richardson. The king is the best of the whole world, and now sitteth at thy judge of his own mercy.

right hand interceding for us. Lord, hear me, Holloway.. Had the law been executed in and through him. Lay not any of my sins against popish offenders, I had never been con- to my charge ; let not the least sín be unparcerned in any Plot.

doned. The least sin deserveth damnation ; . Capt. Richardson. You know the king was Lord, I trust thou bast pardoned them all, and

that thou hast heard my prayers, and the

The PAPER delivered to the Sheriffs. prayers of others for me. "Lord, in mercy look down upon me; in mercy look down upon this

April 26, 1684. dation ; pardon the crying sins thereof. Lord, To stop the mouths, &c. of all pamphleteers, thou seest to what a height of sin it grows, and and news-scribblers, who have done more pre thou seest what wickedness is promoted in all judice to his majesty and kingdoms, by their places, and what little encouragement there is impudent endeavours to sham all plots, and to to that which is good. Lord, bless the king, fill the country with false news, than they will and keep him from all conspiracies. Lord, give ever be able to retrieve; and to satisfy all I him a sense of his condition, and make him leave behind me, I thought good to draw up a know his enemies from his friends. O Lord, short account of what I knew of the late Prolet him look close about him, to see who are testant Plot, how I came to be concerned, what about him ; and Lord put an end to all plot. induced me to it, and how far I was concerned, tings. O Lord, make him a happy prince, give also my now opinion of it, &c. him a sense of his sins, and a sense of whose It was my unhappiness to have too public a servant he is. Lord, make him thy true and spirit for one of my capacity, and as soon as I faithful servant. Lord, bless all thy people came to be a free man, to prefer the king's and wheresoever they are, and continue thy Gospel kingdom's interest before my own; for having every where, let it not be rooted out. O Lord, some knowledge in linen-cloth, upon the prothou knowest what contrivances have been hibitions of French linens, &c. I thought the made against it. Lord, continue it here; let it linen manufacture might be brought to perfecflourish more than ever it hath done. Lord, tion in England, to the very great advantage of make England a place thou wilt delight to the poor, and so made some trial of it in Wardwell in, and make them know thou hast not wickshire, where I employed some hundreds dealt so with every nation. Lord, hear the of poor, and in about eighteen months time prayers of all thy people. Lord, continue the brought it to such perfection, that I could make Gospel in England; 'Let not popery, let not as good cloth as the French, and so well imiarbitrary government come in, 'O Lord, there tate it, that few could know it from French; · are good laws in England, Lord, let them be but the prohibition being not so strict as at first put in execution. Lord, hear me for thy mer- seemed to be, French cloth was brought in cies sake. I am now coming unto thee. Lord, cheaper than ever; so that I was forced to leave I have but a minute or two to be here, let thy off with loss; but considering, that by an act of spirit receive me, to thee 1 commit my spirit. parliament for its encouragement, in a method Lord, hear me, and answer me for thy Son's I had thought upon, it might be settled much sake, who is at thy right hand interceding for to the king's and kingdom's interest, advancing me, to whom with thee and thy eternal Spirit the king's revenue near two hundred thousand be all honour, and glory, and praise, both now pounds a year, and would have employed about and evermore."

eighty thousand poor people, and about forty (Theo being asked, Who was in council at thousand acres of land; concerning which I the delivery of the letter? He answered,) was, about June 1680, brought acquainted with

Holloway. There was the duke of York, and the earl of Essex, to whom I related the busithe lord keeper ; I did not deliver it : It was ness, who immediately had me to the (now) intercepted in a letter, or given in. I did not earl of Rochester, then President of the ìrea. know how it was; for I have been kept, so that sury, and he had me to sir Edward Deering, I had not the liberty to see any friend, till yes- who (when they understood my, proposals) terday in the afternoon I had the liberty of two gave me something to bear my charges, and or three bours with any wife.

encouraged me to attend the next parliament, Capt. Richardson. You had your wife with to endeavour the promotion thereof; which I you before, and your sister, and some other did almost the whole sessions, and brought to triends.

the Speaker's chamber some of the cloth, which Holloway. But that was never without a was compared with French, &c. and the design keeper, Sir

well approved of by all; which brought me Capt. Richardson. You are in the right. into too large acquaintance for one of my capa

Sheriff Daniel. They do not use to allow city; from whom I heard too much (as hath Dien under your circumstances such a liberty proved, for my interest) of things that were as you talk of.

in hand concerning the Popish Plot, wbich Holloway. I pray God that no other people prevented the doing anything as to my design. may concern themselves with public affairs, out So that after I was encouraged to attend the of ibeir own way; and that the scribblers Oxford parliament, which I did; and was demight be put down, for they do more hurt to sired there by the earl of Clarendon, and the kingdoin than any thing else.

others, to prepare a bill; the heads of which I Sheriff Daniel. Have you any thing more to drew up, though it proved to no purpose but sayi-Holloway. No, Sír.

my run. I wish my king and country might Sheriff Daniel. Then God have mercy upon reap the benefit of what I pay so dear for. The your soul.

more I knew during my attendance on those two Soon after which he was turned off.

parliaments, the more I was desirous to know; and did by some scribblers and news-mongers

constantly know most public affairs that were to be done six weeks before, that they had only acted, which they undertook to representaccord- | a parcel of arms ready, and that they had deiing to their own humour; many actions being ther men nor horses ; but one said if they could represented very illegal, much against the pro- bave raised 6 or 8001. to have bought horses, and testant interest, in favour of papists, &c also something to encourage men, they should shamming the Popish Plot, and laying sham bave found men enough; so that I looked upon plots upon protestants ; abusing the rights and that only to be the design of five or six persons, privileges of the subject

, the truth of which 1 and no way likely to be acted; but the general leare to the judgment of all; but hearing design for the insurrection was carried on by many such like things, was easily prevailed others; who, though they had made a great with to be concerned in the plot, according as stir in the nation, trying the inclinations of it was proposed to me, viz.

people, and had treated with the Scots and About July 1682, I met with a person who Irish, as I heard, who were to be ready at the then being come from London, gave me a re- same time, yet were never come to any resolulation at large concerning the election of tion, as to any time or method, before all was sheriffs that had been in June, the manner of discovered; though they had been eleven which is well known to all; he represented it to months contriving of it, from the time I first me as a very illegal action, and that there was heard of it. This, I hope, will be enough to a devilish design of the papists in it, to cut off satisfy all people that there was a plot; 1 the king's friends, the stirring men in both the mention no names bere, haviog given his last parliaments, as to the prosecution of the majesty a more large account of what I knew Popish Plot, who I always took to be both the of it, mentioning the names of all that I knew king's and the nation's friends. That there concerned. The arguments before mentioned, were witnesses had been ready a long time, to with many others to the same effect, not only swear against them, but they could not get soon prevailed with me, but made me indeed jurors to believe them, but now they had by think it my duty to do what I could for my force of arms, &c. got sheriff's who will find king and country's safety ; being then fully juries to believe them, and so hang them up persuaded, that not only popery, but arbitrary at their pleasure; that there was none but had government was intended ; not then consider. council about the king, who kept all ill actions ing, (as I bave since considered) how much from his knowledge; and if they proceeded to bloodshed it might have caused in the nation; swear North and Rich at Michaelmas, and to for then I thought all would have been ended choose lord-mayor, as they had done sheriffs, in little time, supposing things to be as to me the Protestant gentry were resolved (naming was reported. But I do now declare my some) to remedy what was designed, by an in- hearty sorrow for my yielding thereto, and surrection in several parts of England ; and, if acting therein ; though I can safely say, I was possible, to get the king off from his evil coun- not for taking the king's life, but wholly for his cil, and bring all popish offenders to justice, preservation, yet am satisfied that it might saying, that they were sure that, when the have caused very much bloodshed in the pation, king knew the occasion of their rising, he and am glad it did not take effect. Also I would presently give up all offenders, and declare, that I am satisfied it was a very great come in to them. That it should begin in sin against God, not only in distrusting his November in London, Bristol, Exeter, 'l'aun- Providence, but in offering to take the work ton, Chester, York, Newcastle; and that we out of bis hand, who knows the hearts, should hear more of it in a month's time: thoughts, and actions of all, though nerer so therefore desired we might consider how it sccret; whose mercy and pardon 1 most hummight be managed in Bristol ; which we did ; bly beg, and trust shall have; and in confidence and conclader, that Bristol, with abont 550 thereof, (through the merits of the blood of our men, might be easily secured by a surprize, Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus) can willingly without the bloodshed of one man. About á die. Nothing (uext to this and all other my month after that, came the person he mention. sins) is more trouble to me than the thoughts ed we should hear more by; but he could how (dying) I shall leave my relations and dcelare no more than the former did, only that friends in trouble, concerning my worldly afihe design went on, and there would be timely fairs; being by reason of this unhappy concern, notice given to all parts; but we hear of nothing not in such a posture as they should be: Só but disappointments and delays, putting it off that by my death, my dearest friends will not from time to time. In April I heard of another only be left in great trouble, but lie under the desigu against the king, and duke of York, as censure of many, pone understanding, how they were to come from Newmarket, some things are; my wife and children ruined, and time in March; but when I enquired into that, my creditors great losers; whereas might I found it was carried on by three or four; and have been thought worthy to live, I should never could hear the names of above five that bare taken the trouble off them all, and hope were for it. When I heard it, I declared my in time to have paid every man to a penny; abhorrence of any such thing, and that I was for I can from my heart say, that as I hope confident none in our parts would be for such a for salvation, I never designed any fraud to base action. After that, I enquired further into any man, but to pay every man his due. I it, and could find that although it was intended have beard that some should say, I took up

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