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I am not surprised, neither terrified with this this to say in my own vindication, that show. death, or the manner of it. I confess, the ever I have been branded by some, and misthoughts of death have been sometimes very construed by others, yet) I can say in the sight terrible to me, when I have been reflecting upon of the Lord, before whom I am now to appear, my mis-spending of precious time, yea, sote- that I am free of any public scandal ; I say, 1 times the strength of temptation and my own am free of drunkenness, I am free of whoreweakness, have made me berein to raze the dom, thefts, or murder; therefore let none say, very foundation of my interest ; but my God that we are marderers, or would kill any, but builds faster, than he permits the devil and my in self defence, and in defence of the gospel. I false heart to cast down. I have had some truly forgive all men the wrongs they have done clouds even since I came to prison, but blessed to me, as I desire to be forgiven of the Lord; be God, these are all removed; for my God but as for the wrongs done to a boly God, i hath said to my soul, “ be of good cheer, thy leave these to him, who is the avenger of blood, sins are forgiven thee;" and the faith of this let him do to them as he may be glorified. makes me not to fear grim death ; though it Now I say no more, but pray that all who are be called the king of terrors, yet it is not so to in his way, may be kept from sinning under me: for this, that you think à cruel and sud- suffering, and that every one may prepare den death, is but an inlet to life, which shall be for a storm, which I do verily believe is not eternal. Let Done be offended at Christ and far off. bis way, because of suffering; for I can per- * Then stooping down; he saluted some suade you, there is more of Christ's help, and friends, and said, farewell all relations and supporting grace, and strength in a suffering acquaintances, farewell all ye that are lovers of lot, than all that I ever heard of by the hearing Christ and his righteous cause. And beckonof the ear; but now I am made to find it in ing to the multitude, he said farewell also. And my own experience, and I can say, “ he is also he went up the ladder with the greatest distogether lovely.”

coveries of alacrity, and magnanimity, and “But a second thing that I promised to seating himself upon it, he said, Now this death speak to is, that I detest and abhor all Popery, of mine I fear not; for my sins are freely parPrelacy, Erastianism, and all other steps of doned, yea, and I shall sin no more, for I am defection from the truths of God, and turn- made through my God, to look hell, wrath, ing aside to the right and left hand. Also I and devils, and sin eternally out of countenance. testify against all errors, as Quakerism, Armi: Therefore, farewell all created enjoyments, nianism, &c. and all that is contrary to sound pleasures and delights ; farewell sinning and doctrine, who walk not according to the scrip- suffering ; farewell praying and believing, and tures, and make not the word and spirit of God welcome heaven and singing. Welcome joy their rule to walk by. I have lived, and now in the Holy Ghost. Welcome, Father, Son, am ready to die, a Christian, a Protestant, and and Holy Ghost; into thy bands I commit my a Presbyterian in my judgment; therefore let spirit.” none hereafter say, that we walk not by the When the executioner was about to untie scriptures; for once Britain and Ireland, and his cravat, he thrust bim away, and untied it especially Scotland, were deeply sworn to main himself, and calling for his brother, threw it tain, what now they disown; therefore beware down, saying, This is the last token you will get of standing in the way of others, seeing ye will from me: after the napkin was drawn over bis not go in yourselves. Silly, I exhort all you face, he uncovered it again, and said, I have that are the poor remnaot, to be serious in get- one word more to say, and that is, to all that ting your interest cleared, you that are in the have any love to God, and his righteous cause, the dark with your case, take not flashes for that they will set time apart, and sing a song conversion; study a holy conversation; be at of praise to the Lord, for what he bas done to more pains to know the scriptures, and believe my soul, and my soul says, to him be praise; tbem, be serious in prayer, slight not time, then letting down the napkin, he prayed a take Christ in his own terms, and resolve to little withiu bimself, and the executioner doing meet with trials, and that shortly ; slight not his office, threw bim over. known duties, commit not known sins, what. ever suffering ye may meet with, for your The Last TESTIMONY OF MR. JAMES Bora, cleaving to duty, Lippen to God and you will

STUDENT OF THEOLOGY, WHO SUFFERED not be disappointed, construct well of him under all dispensations; weary not of suffering ;

AT THE Cross OF EDINBURGH, JULY 27, lie pot at ease in a day of Jacob's trouble.° í

1681, WRITTEN IN A LETTER TO US have one word more to speak, to all that are

BROTHER. going on in persecuting the way, and friends “ Dear Brother ; of Christ, and that is the very words of our " I have not now time to write that which I Lord Redeemer, “whatever ye do to one of would, but to satisfy your desire, and the dethese little ones, ye do it unto me.” I pray sire of others who are concerned in the cause the Lord, that he may open the eyes of all the and work of God, that is now at this time elect, who are yet strangers to regeneration; trampled upou, I have given out my idictand also convince such of them as are fallen ment to a friend of yours; and now I shall from their first love. Now, my friends, I have give you an account of the enemies prosecutor thereof against us. My indictment did run of the same judgment with us. These are the upon three heads. 1st, That I had disowned truths, which we are to seal with our blood, 19 the king's authority, 2dly, That I said, the morrow in the afternoon, at the cross of Edin. rising in arms at Bothwell-bridge, was lawful, burgh. As to other particular actions, we de.. and upon the defence of truth. 3dly, That I clined to answer positively to them, as that of owned the Sanqubar declaration, in the whole the bishop's death, we told them we could not heads and articles' thereof. And having again be judges of other mens actions: as to the owned this before the justiciary and assizers, excommunication because we declined them I held my peace and spake no more; because as not competent judges, to cognosce upon I saw what was spoken by others was not re- an ecclesiastic matter, they did not proceed garded, either by our unjust judges, or mock upon it. ing auditors ; all that our speaking did, was And now, dear brother, you may see our the exposing of as to the mockery of all pre-quarrel elearly stated, to be the same that Mr. sent. But the reasons that were given in this, James Gutbry laid down his head for; beside for our defence in the first head, were, that we whose, mine and my other two friends heads could not own the authority, as now presently are to be set. There were many other things establighed, unless we should also own the su- past in private betwixt me and Mr. William premacy, which the king bath usurped over the Paterson, sometime my regent, now council ehurch. By our doing of this, we should rob clerk, with some others, who strongly assaultChrist of that which is his right: and give ed me with their snares, but now I hope I may that unto a man which is due to po mortal : the say, thạt “ my soul hath escaped like a bird reason is, because the supremacy is declared out of the snare of the fowler." And as to in their acts of parliament, to be essential to your second desire of knowing how it went the crown; and that wbich is essential to any with my soul; many and strong have been the thing, is the same with the thing itself; so that assaults of Satan since I came to prison, but in owping the authority, we are of necessity glory to God, who hath not been wanting to obliged to justify them in their usurpation also. me in giving me assistance, yea, many times But there is another argument which to me is unsought, and he is yet continuing. And I valid, though I spoke it not before them : and hope shall do to the end, to carry me above the it does not a little trouble me, that I should fear of death, so that tam in as sweet a calm, have passed it. The adencate in his discoarse as if I were going to be married to one dearly to the assizers, among other things, said, that beloved. Alas, my cold heart is not able to we were overturning these acts and laws, answer luis burning love! but what is wanting which they (the assizers) bad consented to, in me, is and shall be made up in a Saviour and were owning. Now I suppose their con complete and well furnished in all things apsent to the present acts and laws was never pointed of the Father for this end, to bring formally required of them, but that which is bis straying children to their own home, taken for their consent, is their simple silence, whereot (I think I may adventure to say it) when these acts were inade and published, and I am one, though feckless. Now I have no owning these parliaments as their representa- time to enlarge, else I would give you a more tives, so that may clearly argue from this, particular account of God's goodness and deals that even in their own sense, my owning of ing with me; but let this suffice, that I am the present authority now established as law- once fairly on the way, and within the view of ful, and the present magistrates as my magis- Enamanuel's land, and in hopes to be received trates, is a giving iny consent to the present an inhabitant there within the space of 26 acts and laws, and so consequently to the hours at most. Farewell all earthly comforts, robbing of Christ of that which is his right. farewell all worldly amities, farewell all carnal As to the second, it being but one particular

desires, welcome heaven and everlasting hap fact, deduced from that principle of self-defence

piness, , &c.

I have no more spare time. and this principle being as positively asserted

Grace, mercy, and peace be with you, Amen. by all of us, I look upon the principle to be as From Edinburgh Tolbooth, July 27, 1681. expressly sealed with our blood, as that particu- Sic Subscribitur, JAMES Boig.” Jar fact of rising in arms at Bothwel-bridge is. As to the third, it being a deed consequential

The TESTIMONY OF WILLIAM THOMSON, WHO from the first, I look upon them both to stand and fall together, and he that owneth the first,

IN THE SURE OF Fire, AND SUFmust of necessity own the last also. And as

FERED AT EDINBURGH, JULY 27th, 1681. to that of declaring of war; I did always look “ Men and Brethren; upon it to be one and the same though dif- " I being a prisoner for Christ's sake, and ferently expressed, with that contained in the for my adhering to truth, being taken at Alloa, paper found at the Ferry, and that the main coming out of Fife from hearing of the gospel design of it was, to vindicate us before the preached by Mr. Donald Cargil, the last sebworld, in our repelling unjust violence, and bath of June, this present year; and not knowclearing us of these aspersions, that were casting when I may be taken and murdered by upon us, viz. The holding as a principle the the stated enemies of our Lord, (for they nei. lawfulness of private assassinations, (which we ther walk after the equity of their own law, nor disown,) and murdering all those who are not God's law,) I have for fear of inconveniences,


taid hold of this opportunity to set down, under , Testament, containing the will of God to my band, or from my mouth, an account of my man, and ar:ent man; and that the scriplite and conversation, and my testimony to the tures are a full rule of faith and manners truth of Christ, and against all the abomina- to us. I adhere to the work of reforma. tions of the times.

tion in Scotland, to the Covenants National and I was, before the year 1679, running away Solemn League, the Solemo Acknowledgment with the rest of this generation, to God pro- of sins, and Engagement to Doties, the Confesvoking courses ; and about that time, when Ision of Faith, in regard it agrees with the foresaw the people of God going to draw together said writings; the larger and shorter Cateto adventure their lives in the Lord's quarrel, chisms, as most seasonable, sound, and acthe Lord took a dealing with me at that time, cording to the scriptures, and well worth the so that I could weither get night's rest nor day's reading, considering and practising what is rest, till I resolved to go with them. And on therein set forth. I say, I adbere to the Ruthe other hand, was afraid lest I should have therglen Testimony, to the paper commonly been the Achan in the Lord's camp; but again called Mr. Donald Cargil's Covenant, of the I remembered the Lord's promise, that is held date of June 1680. l'adhere to the original out in the word,"return upto me, and I copies of these papers, as they were corrected will return unto you, saith the Lord of Hosts,” | and revised by the authors. And likewise I Mal. ii. 7. Now, I do with all

my heart bless adhere to every sound paper, tending to the the Lord, for his wonderfull workings with good of religion ; as the Directory for Worship me since he began with me. I think and Catechising; aad L adhere unto the docwhen I look on his dealings since that time trine, discipline, worship, and government of will now, I must say, that I am a brand the church of Scotland." I bear my testimony plucked out of the fire. O that my heart unto all the lawful wrestlings of the people of and soul could praise him, for all that he God for truth, and in the defence and preser- . hath done for me! And now I am content to die vation of their civil, natural, and divine rights a dyvour to free grace, and in Christ's debt. and privileges, contained and held forth in the I was charged with being guilty of rebellion foresaid-papers, against all encroachers thereagainst their prince, I was answered, I was not upon, and betrayers thereof; especially by the so, for I was ihere a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and sword, as a mean most lawful and commanded for his sake; and told them, I adhered to his co- of God, to be made use of in that quarrel ; vevant, and all things in it. I am not convicted which is to be carried to preachings, and other from the word of God of any crime, as to him assemblies of the Lord's people, and so much whom they call king; nor any thing worthy the more, as the enemy discharges it, as the of death, committed against any man, either in case now stands. thought, word, or deed. So 'my blood sball “ In the last place, I give my testimony and ery, with the rest of the innocent blood shed in protestation against all wrongs and injuries the land, for vengeance from heaven, on the done to God and his people throughout the inhabitants of the earth, great or small, who whole world this day ; and more particularly are in the least accessary thereto, ey and while against all that hath been done in Scotland, they repent. It is not my doing, but their since the beginning of the work of reformation own that bath procared it; and 'God is just to unto this day, in prejudice of God's glory, his seek after them for the same; neither is it in work and people ; and especially these crying, any man's power to forgive that, as being a sins. 1st, The corruption of the worship of breach of God's holy law, without repentance, God, profanation of bis boly things, mocking, nor then neither, for the furthest they can come misbelieving, and belying of God, and carrying is, but to declare unto them from God's word, as if there were no God, yea, which is worse, that that and their other sins shall never be saying he approves of all that they do. O this charged upon them, if they have truly received heaven.contemning generation ! ždly, Against Christ upon his own terms, and walked wortby the defrauding, mocking, murdering, and opof the Lord, unto all well pleasing. But now pressing the people of Gol, in their bodies, the thing is clear, the ground whereon they in- consciences and estates, and punishing them tend to take away my life, is the disowning as evil doers; yea, as the vilest monsters of Charles Stuart for my king, because, he will cruelty, and that only for following their duty, havė po bomage upon the account of the co- and making them to stink, as it were, above venant from me, or any other, and God only the ground; and making their names to rot by requires the performing of vows, and keeping calumnies and reproaches, and doing all they and fulfilling the covenants, Psal. 1. So in can to drive them to sin ; and then blaming this case, I cannot serve two masters, and I re- them as the main instruments of all the missolve to obey God rather than man.

chievous villainies and abuses in the land ; so “Now, here as a dying man, ready to that it is come to that with it, “ the man that step into eternity, having health and strength departs from iniquity, makes himself a prey." and being in my right mind, declare, I adbere and scarcely can those who design honesty to the Protestant religion, as that which is get a night's quarters in any house in the land"; God's true religion, and the Christian religion. so that the people of God are become " a scorn I adhere to the holy rule of the word to their foes, and a fear to their friends, and es. of God, the scriptures of the Old and New pecially reproached of those wbo are their pear. est neighbonrs," as the psalmist complains. , while they knew he carried beart-enmity 3dly, I leave my testimony against all that against the people of God, and while in the make peace with the stated enemies of God, mean time there was so much of his treachery these Christ-despisers, these heaven-contem- made known to the parliament, by his comners, and pon-such fighters against God; whe- missionating James Graham earl of Montrose, ther by bonds, oaths, or promises; they being to burn and slay the subjects of this kingdom, persons worthy of no credit nor trust, who will that would not side with, or would withstand not keep faith nor trust upon any account, bim, in the prosecuting of his wickedness ; but where it máy contribute for fulálling their which is recorded in the causes of wrath, and Justs, and prosecuting their wicked designs and the remonstrances of the gentlemen, ministers, hell-hatched enterprises. If they were brought and commanders attending the forces in the to straits, possibly they might feign themselves west, in the year 1650. but he is unwise that will give them so much “ 2. Against the unfaithfulness, connivance, trust as a dog; as Solomon says, “ when he and compliance of ministers, and others, at the speaks fair believe him not, for there are seven wickedness perpetrated in the land during the abominations in his heart." 4thly, I leave my time of Cromwel's usurpation for, as I am testimony against all that contribute of their informed, few testified against him, for trampmeans, for the down-bearing of God's works ling all the interests of Jesus Christ under his and people, and upholding his and their ene- feet, in giving a toleration to all sectaries mies, seeing it is so expressly against the co- which was to set up their thresholds beside venant, and in that case they being called to Christ's, and their altars beside the Lord's, in suffer, and not to sin, to which practice is an

a land covenanted to God, never to suffer the nexed a gracious promise; “ he that loseth like, and lying under the same bonds. life, lands, goods or relations, for Christ's sake, “ 3. Against the public resolutions, for the and the gospel's, shall receive an hundred fold in bringing in malignants to the places of power this life, and in the world to come life everlast- and trust; which have been the rod in God's ing." In the last place, I bear my testiinony hand above the heads and upon the backs of to the cross of Christ, as the only desirable up God's people, ever since they lusted after making and rich lot of the people of God this them; and now, I suppose they are convioced day in Scotland. O it is the portion of poor that God hath given them on the finger ends things who desire to seek God, and design for it: but we have not seen them confessing honesty in the land ! I think they want a good before God and his people in public, tbat they bargain of it that want it; and I think they have added this sin to all their other sins, in want nothing that have it, and get leave to asking them a king, whereas the Lord 'was carry it heartsomely, and his presence under it. their king. I would advise you all to take it on; I dare “ 4. I bear my testimony, against that un. say thus much for your encouragement, that it paralleled practice of ministers, in quitting is easy and sweet. There is no better way to their charges ; and that, which doth more agcarry the cross right than to cast all our care gravate their guilt, at his command, who had upon Christ, and trust him for all things, and no power to act, por right to be obeyed, neither use our single endeavours in the matter, and in that, nor yet in civil things ; for then he had speak what he bids us, and obey his voice in unkinged himself; and their going away all things. Now, I declare I hate all ungod- withont almost ever a testimony who should liness. Now farewell all things, wherein I have been the main men that should have told have been troubled with a wicked world, and the people what to do. evil heart of misbelief, a subtile, powerful, and 5. I hold it as one of the causes of God's malicious devil, and tempted with a company wrath against the land, and one of the causes of men, who have shaken off the fear of God. of God's breaking and scattering that poor Now, welcome Lord Jesus, into thy hand I handful of men at Pentland, that renewed the commit my spirit.

covenant at Lanark, and did not keep his inSicer Subscribitur, WILLIAM THOmson. terest out of it; for it only binds us to its main

tainers, not to its destroyers. The Last TestimonY OF WILLIAM CUTHIL, of the ministers when they came to the fields

" 6. I bear testimony against the procedare SEAMAN IN BORROWSTOUNESS. Wuo sufFERED AT EDINBURGH, JULY 27, 1681.

again after Pentland, because they did not first

begin with public and private fasts, and make I here, as one ready to step into eternity, and up the hedge and gap for the Church of God one of the subjects of a kingdom covenanted in Scotland : and then only preaching to cases to God, and one of Christ's sufferers, enter my of conscience, and not catechising the people, protestation, and give in my testimony against nor informing them in the duty of the day all that hath been done against Christ's reign- but did let them pay carates stipends, and ing, and the thriving of his kingdom in other revenues of that nature. But I think Scotland, since the beginning of the work of they were engaged to God under the pain of reformation. And more particularly, against losing soul and body, in the day of God's fearall the several steps of backsliding : as, ful judgment, to tell the people to chase them

“1. The admitting Charles Stuart to the out of the land. Seeing prelacy, was abjured exercise of kingly power, and crowning him, and cast out like an abominable branch, as it was, were they not worthy to die the death, / stinacy, in refusing to return and amend their that would, against so much light, defile God's manners. They hold fast wickedness, and reland with that abjured abomination ? but for- fuse to let it go, and that against the light of sooth, to this day, they must be fed like birds God's word, their own consciences, their vows in a cage upon the fatiest in the land, and the and engagements to God, the cries of blood. spoils of Christ's crown.

sbed, the cries of wrong done to God and his “ 7. I bear my testimony against that course work, and against these their former presche carried on by the winisters; their conniving ings and practices; that they will noi come at, countenancing of,, and coinplying with ont and rid the ground, so to speak, and seek these indulged, that have quit Christ and taken out the causes of God's wrath, and set days of on with another master.

humiliation apart, and see that they be kept, “8. I bear my testimony against their and renew their engagements, and carry treachery at Bothwel-bridge, in stopping the themselves like ministers of Jesus Christ afterdrawing up of the causes of God's wrath, and ward. Is this erroneous ? Is not this accordkeeping a fast-day, and changing their decla- ing to Presbyterian principles ? Does not the ration, and in hindering the purging of the Confession of our Faith: say, these who offend army.

the church, and their brethren, shall make “9. I bear my testimony against their trea- their repentance as public as their offences chery at Edinburgh, when a proclamation have been ? Is pot this the plain meaning of came out to the view of the world, blaspheming that article, yea, the very words almost of the God's true religion, and declaring that all that Confession of Faith, chap. xv. art. last? Withbelonged to God was due to Charles Stuart, out which thing be done, (if any would take my which is the plain sense of the act ; and they counsel, who am looking to receive the sensat in an assembly, and voted for a liberty tence of death every hour), I would say, coming from bim to preach by ; though the meddle not with theni, for they have not only very same day that that was proclaimed, two sinned against the Church of God, and their of their more worthy and faithful brethren brethren, and their own souls, but against were murdered, 0 how much pomp and God: and have they not been light and treajovialty was that day in rejoicing over the ruins cherous ; whereof many instances may be of the work of God and his people, yea, over given. Have tbey not poiluted the sanotuary? himself? There was first a scatfold made on Have they not done violence to the law ? Have the east side of the cross, and a green table set they not been unfaithtal ? Are they not walkdown on it; and two green forms; and then ing very openly amongst God's stated enemies, the cross was covered ; and about twelve hours | while the people of God dare not be seen ? I of the day, the pursuivants, and lyon heralds, fear, if they make not haste to come off these the lyon king at arms, and eighỉ trumpeters courses, that God's wrath shall overtake them, went up to the cross, and fourteen men on the ere it be long. And lastly, I bear my testiforesaid scaffold, and seven of them with red mony against them, for their untenderness to gowns of velvet, and seven with black, and weak consciences, and making use of their then that act was read, and at night the bells gifts and parts to wrest the word of God, to were ringing, and bonfires burning.

put out that light, which God has given poor “ 10. I leave my testimony against them things; of which I, among others, have a for running away and leaving God's fock proof; for one of them came into the prison, after Bothwell-bridge, when they had drawn and told me, that he had been dealing with them to the fields. Does not the Scripture him, who had been pursuing us to death, (the say, that they who are ju the watchmen's place, king's advocate), that he would not take indoshould warn the people, when they see the cent blood upon him; and out of love and tensword come ; and have not the ministers of derness to our souls, he came to pay us a visit. Scotland had the first hand in all these courses and said, he was neither a curate nor an inof backslidings? Well, their sins are known to dulged man, but a minister of the gospel : so be no more sios of weakness, but sins of wick- he said, that he would be well advised what edness.

we were doing, for the advocate had said, we “ 11. I bear my testimony against them, were shortly to be before the criminal court

, because they did not join with their brethren in And I asked, what he advised us to do ? And the work of the day in preaching to the people began to tell bim the ground whereapon we in the fields, with Mr. Richard Cameron and were accused, which was this, that Charles Mr. Donald Cargil. And will ye tell me, al. Stuart, having broken and burnt God's corethough there were never one to open their nant, and compelled all that be could by his mouth in that thing, does not the work of the forces to do the like, and slain many upon that one confound to silence, and the work of the account, upon this head, I declined bis authoother justify and plead for them ? But there is rity, and being bard questioned, confessed, one thing, I have learned from the practice of that I thought it lawful to kill him, but I did all this people, and God's dealing with them. not say by whose hands : and he said, all tbat They have sought their own, and one another's would not free me from being his subject, and credit, more than God's, and be hath discovered instanced Zedekiah's case to prove it: but I their wickedness in their ugliness.

was not in case to speak to him, (being con“ 12. I bear my testimony against their ob. fused with a distracted man who was in wib

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