Jeannette Isabelle: A Novel, Հատոր 1

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John Richardson, 1837
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Էջ 205 - TO-DAY ia the scale-beam between to-morrow and yesterday ; it inclines to joy or sorrow, as our minds are swayed by the influences of the past or the future ; and it varies, on different sides, from elevation to depression, as our hopes or fears, our painful recollections or our soft regrets predominate. WE never injure our own characters so much, as when we attack those of others.
Էջ 83 - Of course, the fair side is always presented towards them, and all the darker traits and wilder extravagancies, are sedulously concealed on the reverse. This makes it so doubly dangerous for a girl to consult only her own preferences, and her own will, in making her choice for life; and this also proves the expediency, on all occasions, of taking the advice of some experienced male counsellor.

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