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On the 15th of last month it was announced in London by magnetic telegraph, that the mail steamer Canada had arrived in the Mersey from New York, bringing a number of passengers, amongst whom was Mr. John Fiennes Crampton, late Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Her Majesty with the United States of America.

In the journal which made this announcement appeared two despatches, which explained the cause of Mr. Crampton's absence from the scene of his mission, and his presence ou British ground. Both were written by Mr. Marcy, the American secretary of state-one to Mr. Dallas, the American minister in London ; the other to Mr. Crampton himself.

The latter was as follows:

that purpose. I consequently enclose herewith the passport given in such cases.

I arail myself of this opportunity to renew to you, sir, the assurance of my respectful consideration.

W. L. MARCY. John F. Crampton, Esq., &c. We learn, then, from these despatches, and from the arrival of Mr. Crampton in England, that the minister of Her Britannic Majesty with the United States has been dismissed from that country, as “unfit for the position he held,” and unworthy of that confidence and consideration which the representative of a friendly power ought to command with the government to which he is accredited.

It may not be thought amiss, on the occurrence of so strange and startling an event, to enter upon a brief summary of the circumstances which have led to this result. The public mind, we are aware, has been for some time much occupied with the question; and the public journals have entered, over and over again, into the details, presenting the matter under every conceivable aspect: still, notwithstanding all this--or rather, because a constant and perplexing iteration of details may possibly have interfered with and prevented a just view of the whole question, we are disposed to hope that we may supply a want at this moment felt by some of our readers, by giving, though at the risk of repetition, from authentie sources, and as plainly as we can, an historical resumé of the double controversy which has of late been engaging the attention and taxing the

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Department of State, Washington,

May 28th, 1856. SIR,_ The President of the United States has directed me to announce to you the determination to discontinue further intercourse with you as her Majesty's representative to the government of the United States. The reasons which have compelled him to take this step at this time have been communicated to your government.

I avail myself of this occasion to add that due attention will be cheerfully given to any communications addressed to this department from her Majesty's government affecting the relations betwcen Great Britain and the United States, which may be forwarded to this government through any other channel.

Should it be your pleasure to retire from the United States, the President directs me to furnish you with the usual facilities for


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