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Էջ 54 - A physician in a great city seems to be the mere plaything of fortune; his degree of reputation is, for the most part, totally casual — they that employ him know not his excellence; they that reject him know not his deficience. By any acute observer who had looked on the transactions of the medical world for half a century a very curious book might be written on the "Fortune of Physicians.
Էջ 169 - Pharmacy in the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. A Treatise on Pharmacy : designed as a Text-book for the Student, and as a Guide for the Physician and Pharmaceutist.
Էջ 111 - THE MEDICAL FORMULARY: being a Collection of Prescriptions, derived from the writings and practice of many of the most eminent physicians of America and Europe. Together with the usual Dietetic Preparations and Antidotes for Poisons. To which is added an Appendix, on the Endermic u-se of Medicines, and on the use of Ether and Chloroform.
Էջ 55 - ... searching and restless spirit ; or a terrace for a wandering and variable mind to walk up and down with a fair prospect ; or a tower of state for a proud mind to raise itself upon; or a fort or commanding ground for strife and contention; or a shop for profit or sale; and not a rich storehouse for the glory of the Creator and the relief of man's estate.
Էջ 448 - ... children. In prescribing phloridzine it must be borne in mind that it is almost insoluble in cold water, but the addition of a very small quantity of ammonia instantly dissolves it; thus, by adding to an eight ounce mixture, containing a drachm of phloridzine, a few drachms of aromatic spirit of ammonia, the fluid which was previously milky becomes perfectly clear, and the addition of the aromatic spirit rather improves the mixture than otherwise. Dr.
Էջ 305 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the family of the deceased, and that they be published in the city papers and in the columns of the Cincinnati LANCET-CLINIC.
Էջ 133 - The gigantic laurel (Laur-us camphora) that yields the camphor, covers the whole line of high mountains extending north and south throughout Formosa. But as the greater part of this range is in the hands of the aborigines, the Chinese are able to gain access only to those parts of the mountains contiguous to their own territories that are possessed by the more docile tribes. The trees, as they are required, are selected for the abundance of their sap, as many are too dry to repay the labor and trouble...
Էջ 375 - I trust, sufficient to show that the coagulation of the blood is in no degree connected with the evolution of ammonia, any more than with the influence of oxygen or of rest. The real cause of the coagulation of the blood, when shed from the body, is the influence exerted upon it by ordinary matter, the contact of which for a very brief period effects a change in the blood, inducing a mutual reaction between its solid and fluid constituents, in which the corpuscles impart to the liquor sanguinis a...
Էջ 238 - In the present edition of this work the general plan and arrangement of the two former ones are retained. The improvements and additions which have been introduced consist in the incorporation into the text of certain new facts and discoveries, relating mainly to details, which have made their appearance within the last three years.
Էջ 132 - The manufacture of this article has for some years been monopolized by the taotai (or head Mandarin) of the island, and its sale farmed out to wealthy natives. In former years, a good deal of the drug was clandestinely produced, and smuggled across to China, where it was largely...

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