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20. Sultan, yellow, sweet, Centaurea suaveolens, St. Artemius, A. D. 362.

21. Silpbium, hairy-stalked, Silphium asteriscus, St. Ursula, 5th Century.

22. Silphium, rough, three-leaved, Silphium trifoliatum, St. Nunilo, A, D. 840.

23. Star-wort, slender-stalked, Aster junceus, St. Theodoret, A. D, 362.

24. Star-wort, carolina, Aster carolinus fleruosus, St, Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople, A. D. 447.

25. Star-wort, flea-bane, Aster Conizoides, St. Crispin, A. D. 287.

Star-wort, meagre, Aster miser, St. Crispinian, 287.

These were both Brothers, and Martyrs, Shoemakers, and Patrons of that art.

26. Golden-rod, late-flowered, Solidago petiolaris, St. Evaristus, Pope, A. D. 112.

27. Star-wort, floribund, Aster floribundus, St. Frumentius, Apostle of Ethiopia, Century 4th.

28. Chrysanthemum, late flowering, creeping, Chrys. serotinuin, St. Simon, Apostle, the Zealot.

Star-wort, scattered, Aster passiflorus, St. Jude, the Apostle.

29. Narcissus, green, autumnal, Narcissus viridiflorus, St. Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalum, 2nd Century.

30. Mushroom, mixen, Agaricus fimetarius, St. Marcellus, the centurion, A. D. 298,

31. Tick-seed, fennel-leaved, Coreopsis ferulafolia, St. Quintin, 287.

« The 31st October is all Hallow E'en, or the vigil of All Saint's day, in which young people try their fortune, by drawing cabbages from the ground, blindfolded. Or, burning nuts in the fire, etc.

The cabbage, or kale, being large or small, straight or crooked, is deemed prophetic of the size and form of the grand object of their spells. If any earth adhere to the root, that is tocher, or fortune; the taste of the heart of the stem, is indicative of the natural temper and disposition. Lastly, the stems are placed over the door, and the christian name of the person who first enters through the door, will be the name sought for. If more than one be so affixed, it will be decided according to the priority of placing the runts or stalks.

The nuts are named, and accordingly as they burn quietly together, or start from beside each other, the course, and issue of their love will be."

These glowing nuts are emblems true
Of what in human life we view;
The ill-matched couple fret and fume,
And thus, in strise themselves consume;
Or, from each other wildly start,
And with a noise for ever part.

the happy, happy pair,
Of genuine love and truth sincere;
With mutual fondness, while they burn,
Still to each other kindly turn :
And as the vital sparks decay,
Together gently sink away :
Till life's fierce ordeal being past,
Their mingled ashes rest at last,

Charles Graydon, Esqr.
From his collection of poems. Dublin, 1801.

NOVEMBER, 1. Laurustinus, Laurustinus sempervirens, St. FortuDatus.

2. Cherry, winter, Physalis, St, Marcian, A. D. 397. 3. Primrose, Primula vulgaris, St. Flour, A. D. 389.

4. Strawberry tree, Arbutus, St. Brinstan, Bishop of Winchester, A. D. 931.

5. Cherry, common winter, orange coloured fruit, Physalis alkakengi, St. Bertille, Abbess of Chelles, A D. 692.

6. Yew tree, common, of Europe, Tarus baccata, St. Leonard, 6th Century.

7. Furcræa, large, Furcræa gigantea, St. Willebord. First Bishop of Utrecht, 738.

8. Aletris, cape, Veltheimia glauca, the four crowned Brothers, Martyrs, A. D. 304.

9. Aletris, glaucous-leafed, Veltheimia glauca, St. John Lateran.

10. Fir, Scotch, Pinus sylvestris, St. Nympha, 5th Cent.

11. Pine, Weymouth, Pinus strobus, St. Martin, Bishop, A. D, 397

12. Aloe, great orange flowering, Vellheimia, or Aletris uvaria, St. Nilus, A. D. 390.

13. Bay, Laurus poetica, St. Homobonus, A. D. 1197.

14. Laurel, Portugal, Cerasus lusitanica, St. Lawrence, Archbishop of Dublin, 1180.

15. Colt’s-foot, sweet-scented, Tussilago fragrans, St. Gertrude, Abbess, 1292.

16. Hemp, African bow-string, Sanseviera guineensis, St. Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury, A. D. 1242.

17, Stramony, or Thorn Apple tree, Datura arborea, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Bishop, A. D. 270.

18. Passion-Flower, notched-leafed, with curling rays to flower, Passiflora serratifolia, dedication of the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Rome.

19. Passion-Flower, apple fruited, Passiflora maliformis, St. Elizabeth, of Hungary, A. D. 1221.

20. Stapelia, red, Stapelia rubra, St. Edmund, King and Martyr, 870.

21. Sorrel, wood, Oxalis grandiflora, the presentation of the B. V. Mary.

22. Sorrel, wood, tube-flowered, Oralis tubiflora, St. Cecilia, A. D. 230.

St. Cecilia, a Sicilian Martyr. She is the tutular Saint and Patroness of Music, particularly of Sacred Music. She is supposed to be the inventress of the organ ; and to have drawn down an Angel from Heaven by the music of her voice.

At last divine Cecilia came,

Inventress of the vocal frame;
The sweet enthusiast, from her sacred store,

Enlarg'd the former narrow bounds,

And added length, to solemn sounds,
With Nature's Mother-wit, and arts unknown before.
Let old Timotheus yield the prize,

Or both divide the crown;
He rais'd a mortal to the skies;
She brought an Angel down.

Dryden. 23. Sorrel, convex, Oralis converula, St. Clement, Pope, A. D. 100.

24. Stapelia, starry, Stapelia radiata, St. John of the cross, A. D. 1591.

But see,

25. Butterbur, sweet, Tussilago fragrans, St. Catharine, Patroness of Spinsters, 3rd Century.

26. Sorrel, linear, Oxalis linearis, St. Conrad, Bishop of Constance, 976.

27. Sorrel, lupine-leaved, Oralis lupinifolia, St. Virgil, Bishop of Saltzburg, A. D. 784.

28. Stapelia, variegated, Stapelia variegata, St. Stephen the younger, 764.

29. Sphenogyne, Sphenogyne piliflora, St, Saturninus, Bishop, A. D. 257.

30. Sorrel, three-coloured, Oxalis tricolor, St. Sapor, Bishop

November 30th is St. Andrew's Day, Patron saint of Scotland, one of the Apostles. A Martyr. The form of the cross of St. Andrew, is believed to be that of the letter X, styled a cross Decussate. The Muscovites, say he preached among them, and claim him as the tutular saint of their Empire.



1. Stapelia, dark, Stapelia pulla, St. Eligius, Bishop of Noyon, A. D. 659.

2. Geodorum, lemon, Geodorum citrinum, St. Bibiania, A. D. 363,

3. Indian Tree, Euphorbia tirucalli, St. Francis Xavier, A. D. 1552.

4. Goose-berry, Barbadoes, Cactus pereskia, St. Peter Chrysologus, 450.

5. Hibiscus, long-stalked, Hibiscus pedunculatus, St. Crispina, A. D. 304.

6. Heath, nest-fowered, Erica nudiflora, St. Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra, 342.

7. Achania, hairy, Achania pilosa, St. Ambrose, A. D. 397.

8. Arbor Vitæ, American, Thuja occidentalis, the B. V. Mary.

9. Spruce, Corsican, Pinus Laricio, St. Leocadia, 304. 10, Cypress, Portugal, Cupressus pendula, St. Eulalia.

11. Pine, Aleppo, Pinus halapensis, St, Damascus, Pope, 384,

12. Heath, crowded, Erica abietina, St. Eadburge, A. D, 751.

13. Arbor Vitæ, African, Thuja cupressoides, St. Lucy, A Syracuse Martyr, A. D. 304.

14. Pine, swamp, Pinus palustris, St. Spiridion, Archbishop, A. D. 348.

15. Pine, pitch, Pinus resinosa, St. Florence, Abbot.

16. Arbor Vitæ, Chinese, Thuja orientalis, St, Alice, or Adelaide, Empress, A. D. 999.

17. Cedar, white, Cupressus thyoides, St. Olympias, A. D. 410.

18. Cypress, New Holland, Cupressus australis, St. Winebald, 760.

19. Heath, two-coloured, Erica bicolor, St. Samthana, Abbess, 738.

20. Pine, stone, Pinus pinea, St. Philogonius, Bishop of Antioch, 322

21. Sparrow-wort, Erica passerina, St. Thomas, the Apostle.

22. Heath, pellucid, Erica pellucida, St. Cyril, A. D, 881.

23. Cedar of Lebanon, Pinus cedrus, St. Victoria, 250.

24. Pinc, frankincense, Pinus tæda, Sts. Thrasilla, and Emiliana.

25. Holly, Ier aculeata baccifera, the nativity of our Saviour.

Some say, that ever 'gainst that season comes
Wherein our Saviour's birth is celebrated,
This bird of dawning singeth all night long.
And then, they say, no spirit stirs abroad ;
The nights are wholesome ; then no planet strikes ;
No fairy takes, nor witch hath power to charm
So hallow'd, and so gracious is the time.

Shaks. Hamlet.
Christmas, the joyous period of the year!
Now with bright Holly all the temples strow,
With Laurel, green, and sacred Mistletoe. Gay.

With Holly and ivy,

So green and so gay,
We deck up our houses

As fresh as the day,
With bays, and rosemary,

And laurel complete ;
And every one now
Is a king in conceit.

From Poor Robin's Almanac, for 1695. 26. Heath, purple, Erica purpurea, St. Stephen, the first Martyr.

27. Heath, flame, Erica flammea, St. John, the Apostle and Evangelist,

28, Heath, bloody-flowered, Erica cruenta, the Holy Innocents who suffered from Herod's cruelty.

29. Heath, Erica genistopha, St. Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1170.

30. Ponthieva, glandular, Ponthieva glandulosa, St Anysia, A. D. 304.

There is no flower appropriated to the 31st December.
“ If New Year's eve night-winds blow South,

It betokens warmth and growth;
If West, much milk, and fish in the sea ;
If North, much cold, and storms there will be ;
If East, the trees will bear much fruit;
If North-east, flee it man and brute."
And the next to this is New-year's day,

Whereon to every frende,
They costly presents in do bring,

And New-Year's gifts do sende,
These gifts the husband gives his wife,

And father eke the childe,
And master on his men bestowes
The like, with favour milde.

From the Latin of Thomas Naogeorgus, written in 1553. Translated by Barnarbe Googe.


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Cure for the Heart-ache,. Asclepias.
Deceitful charms,

Thorn Apple.
Declaration of Love, Tulip, red.
Deeply interesting, Siberian Crab trec blossom.


Lily of the Valley.

A heart that is ignorant of }

Delicate and lovely as this } Harebill.

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Affection beyond the grave, Locust.

Rose bud, white.
A Maiden's Reverie, . Blue Bottle.
A happy New Year to you, Mistletoe.
Alas! for my poor heart, Pink, the Carnation.
Always cheerful,

Lupine, white.
Ambassador of Love, . Rose, hundred leaved.

Hollyhock, dark coloured.
Ambition, Female, Hollyhock, wbite.

Jasmine, white,
Am I forgotten ?

An appointed meeting, Everlasting pea.
An expected meeting, Geranium, nutmeg.
Anger, a frown,

Anxious and trembling, Columbine, red.

Pink, mountain.

Pink, Indian, single.


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Delicate beauty,


Desolation of heart, Clerodendron infortunatum.



Syringa Carolina,
Disappointed Expectation, Geranium, fish.

Lemon blossom.



Pride of China.

Cardinal's flower.
Domestic virtues,

Early attachment,

Rose, thornless.
Egotism and self-love, Narcissus.

Acacia, white.


Virga aurea ; or, Golden Rod,

Rose, full blown.
Engaging timidity, Fringe tree blossom.

Hyacinth, rose coloured.

Geranium, Crane's bill.
Esteem and Love, . Strawberry tree,
Estranged love,

Lotos flower.
Excess of beauty hath

Hyacinth, feathered.
bewitched me,
Excess of sensibility,

Aspen tree,


Lily, yellow.

Trumpet flower.
Fame speaks him great

Apple tree.
and good,

Pine, spruce.
Fascination, .

Female Fidelity,

Feminine Modesty, Calla, Æthiopica.
Fickleness, .

Larkspur, pink col.
Fidelity in misfortune, Wall flower.
Filial love,

Virgin's Bower.

Sweet William.
First in the hearts of

his countrymen,

Venus' Looking Glass.

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the possessor,
Beauty with humility, Cowslip, Virginia.


Beware of the Coquette,. Catalpa blossom.
To bind,

Snow Ball.
Bonds of affection,

Gilly Flower.
A Boaster,

Bravery, .

Oak Leaf.
Busy body, :

Calumny, Scandal,

Capricious Beauty,

Lady's Slipper.
Charity, .

Grape, wild.

Rose, Musk, cluster.
Charming Variety,. Altheæ, variegated.

Cheerfulness in old Age,. American Starwort.


Concealed Love,

Acacia, yellow.

Rosebud, Moss.

Polyanthos, Lilac coloured.
Consent, .

Marsh Mallow.
Consolation, :

Poppy, red.

Box. .
Consumed by Love,



Counterfeit, .

Mock Orange.
Cruelty, ..


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Poppy, Variegated.
Foppery, Affectation, Cock's Comb.
For ever thine,


2 Heart's Ease, yellow and Forget me not, .

purple. For once may pride befriend me.

Tiger flower, Forsaken,

Weeping Willow. Fortune sometimes fa

Clerodendron fortunatum. vours the worthy, Fraternal love, .

Woodbine. Friendship,

Acacia, Rose. Frozen kindness,

Hoarhound, Generous and devoted Love, Honeysuckle, wild. Good wishes,

Basil, Sweet, Grace,

Rose, Multiflora, Grace and Elegance, Jasmine, Yellow, Gratitude,

? Canterbury Bell, blue and the

white. Happy love,

Rose, Bridal. Have I not suffered 2

Mullein, things to be forgiven, Her smile the soul of

Lupine, blue, wild. witchery, High soul'd,

Magnolia Grandiflora. His the enchanting pow

Oats. er of music, . Holy love,

Passion flower. Hope,

Almond flower, Hope,.

Hawthorn, Hopeless Love,.

Tulip, yellow. Hopeless, not Heartless, Love lies a-bleeding. Humility,

Broom. Hush'd be all but pride, Barberry, I am dazzled by your

Ranunculus, scarlet. charms, I am worthy of you,

Rose, white. I am your Captive,

Peach blossom.
I change but in dying,

Bay leaf.
I declare against you,. Belvidere.
I desire a return of af-


Jonquil. I esteem but do not love

Spider-wort. you, I fall into the trap is laid for me,

Catch Fly, white.
If you do love me, you
will find me out,

Rose, Maiden's Blush.
I have a message for you, Iris,
I have lost all!

flower, Mourning

Bride. I live but in thy smile, Currant. I live for thee,

Cedar. I love,

Chrysanthemum, rose colour. Imagination,

Lupine, rose coloured. Immortality,

Impatience, .

Balsam, yellow,
Impatience of Absence, Corchorus.
Impatient resolves, Balsam, red.
In all save form how

changed, Inconstancy,

Primrose, Evening. Indifference,

Dogwood blossom. Industry,

Clover, red.

I ne'er shall look upon

Rhodendron. his like again, Ingenuousness, .

Pink, white. Ingenuous Modesty, Rose, Greville.

Rose, thornless, a green sprig Ingratitude,

of it. Injustice,

Нор. .

Daisy, white.
I partake your sentiments, China Aster, double.
I will think of it, . , . China Aster, single.
I with the morning's

love have oft made Bachelor's Button.

sport, .
I would keep my secret,. A Fig.
I would not answer hastily, Honeysuckle, Monthly.
I wound to heal,


Hyacinth, purple or blue. Lady, deign to smile,. Geranium, Oak. Le plus loin, Le plus cher, Tuberose. Let us be friends again, Mint. Lightness,

Larkspur, purple. Live for me,

Aibor litæ. Lively and pure affection, Piuk, red. Lofty patriotism,

Pine, white. Love,

Violet, blue. Love,

Rose, half-blown. Love at first sight,

Coreopsis, Aikansa. Love in idleness,

Heart's Ease, wild. Love positive,

Myrtle. Love returned, .

Ambrosia. Love's tryst,

Beech tree. Majesty, Power,

Crown Imperial Matrimony,

Ivy. Mature and finished ele

Pomegranate Flower.
gance, .
May you be blessed tho'

Volkamenia Japonica.
I be miserable,
Meekness and dignity, Plumbago.


Thistle. Modesty,

Violet, white. My Bane! My Antidote! Poppy, white, My best days are past,

Meadow Saffron. My heart bleeds for you,. Camellia Japonica. Never ceasing Remem

Everlasting. brance, . 0! how refreshing her

spirit's sweet influ- Pea, wild.

ence, Only deserve my love, Rose Campion. Patience,

Ox Eye. Peace,

Olive. Pensive Beauty,

Laburnum. Perfected loveliness, Camellia Japonica, white. Perplexity, .

Love in-a-mist, Perseverance,

Poplar, white. Pity, · ·

Pine, black, Spruce Fir. Pleasures of Memory, Periwinkle, blue. Pleasing Reminiscences, . Periwinkle, white. Preference,

Geranium, rose. Present Preference, Geranium, apple. Presumption,

Snap Dragon. Pride, Haughtiness, Sun-flower, tall. Prosperity,


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Pure and ardent love, Pink, red, double.
Purity and sweetness, Lily, white,

Geranium, silver-leaved. Recantation,

Lotos leaf. Recluse,

Moss. Reconciliation,

Filbert or Hazel, Refinement,

Snow drop. Refusal, .

Pink, variegated. Rejected Addresses,

Ice plant. Religious Superstition,

Aloe. Remember me as I do thee, Periwinkle, Madagascar. Remembrance,

Rosemary. Render yourself,

Chickweed. Resolved to win,

Columbine, purple. Revenge,

Bird's-foot Trefoil. Riches,

Butter-cup: Rivalry,

Rocket. Romance inspiring charms, Rose, wild. Rural Happiness,

Tulip tree blossom. Satire,

Pepper plant. Scepticism,

Night shade. Sensibility, .

Verbena or Vervain, Sensitive Modesty, Rose, deep red. Sensitiveness,

Mimosa. Serenade,

Dew Plant. Simplicity,

Sweet Briar. Sincerity,

Honesty, or Satin Flower. Slander,

Nettle. Slighted Love,

Chrysanthemum, yellow. Solitude,

Solitude is sometimes

best society, .
Sorrowful Remembrances, Adonis.
Speak low, if you speak love, Honey Flower,
Spiritual Beauty,

Cherry tree blossom.
Splendid Beauty,

Amaryllis. Splendour,

Sumach, Venice. Submission,

Grass. Sunbeam'd Eye,

Scarlet Lychnis. Superior Merit,

Rose, Moss. Superstition,

St. John's Wort. Susceptibility,

Wax plant.
Sweets to the sweet, Daphne Odora,
Sympathy, .

The Ambassador of Love, Rose, hundred leaved.
The ambition in my love

thus plagues itself,
The beauty of loveliness, Myrtle Candleberry.
The colour of my fate, Honeysuckle, coral.
The decrease of love on

better acquaintance,
The first emotions of love, Lilac, purple.
The heartdemands other
incense than flattery,

Hyacinth, yellow. The heart's hush'd secret, Lily of the barren. The heart's mystery, . Polyanthos, crimson heart.

The incense of a faith

Frankincense. ful heart, : The light of our path, Star of Bethlehem.

male loveliness,
The reward of Merit, Bay Wreath.
The witching soul of?

music her's, . .
Thou alone canst cure, Yarrow.
Thou art all that is lovely, Rose, Austrian,
Thus do I break my fetters, A broken straw.

Fir, Balm of Gilead.
Time and Philosophy,. · Pine, Pitch.
Time steals on with
downy feet, when

Thyme. we linger near those

we love, Timidity,

Marvel of Peru. A Token,

Laurustinus. Transient Impressions, Rose, white and withered. Transport, Ecstacy, Cape Jasmine. Treachery,

Laurel. Truth,

Chrysanthemum, white. Unanimity, .

Phlox. Unbelief,

Judas tree. Uncertainty,


Amaranth, Globe.
Unfortunate attachment,. Scabious, dark purple,
Unobtrusive loveliness, Hyacinth, white.
Unpatronized Merit, Primrose.
Useful knowledge,. Parsley.
Varied excellence, .

Linden tree,
War, .

Rose, York, and Lancaster, Warlike Trophy,

Nasturtium. Wealth is not happiness,. Auricula, scarlet. Winning Grace,

Cowslip, common. A Wish, .

Fox Glove, Wit,

Ragged Robin. Wit, ill timed,

Woman's Love,

Pink. The Carnation.
Worth beyond beauty, Alyssum.
Worthy all praise, .

Would'st thou win Fame, Magnolia, Swamp.
You are the Queen of

Queen's Rocket.
You occupy my thoughts, Heart's Ease, purple.
Your devout admirer, . Sun-flower, dwarf.
Your hand for the next

Your purity equals your

Orange blossom. Your qualities surpass

Mignonette. your loveliness, Youth, and innocence

Lilac, white. how lovely, · Youthful love,

Catch fly, red.

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