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The Secretary of State, Auditor, and Treasurer, are elected by a joint vote of both houses of the General Assembly. The Legislature meets biennially at Little Rock. Number of Senators, 25; of Representatives, 75. Their compensation is $3 a day during the session, and $ 3 for every 20 miles' travel in coming to and returning from the seat of government.

Supreme Court.

Term ends. Salary. Thomas Johnson, of Saline Co., Chief Justice,

$1,500 Christopher C. Scott, of Ouachita Co., Associate Justice, 1852, 1,500 David Walker, of Washington Co.,

1856, 1,500 John G. Clendenin, of Little Rock, Attorney-General,

600 Luke E. Barber,


Fees. Elbert H. English,


200 The Supreme Court has appellate jurisdiction only, except in particular cases pointed out by the constitution. It holds annually two terms at Little Rock, in April and October. The judges are elected by the General Assembly, by a joint vote of both houses, for eight years.

The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction over all criminal cases not expressly provided for otherwise by law; and exclusive original jurisdiction of all crimes amounting to felony at common law; and original jurisdiction of all civil cases which are not cognizable before justices of the peace; and in all matters of contract, where the sum in controversy is over $ 100. It holds annually two terms in each circuit. The judges and prosecuting attorneys are elected by the people, the former for four, and the latter for two years. Judges. Salary. Prosecuting Attorneys.

Salary. 1st Circuit, John T. Jones, $ 1,250 Albert H. Ringo,

Fees and $300 2d Josiah Gould, 1,250 T. D. Sorrelle,

300 2d Wm. C. Scott, 1,250 John M. Byers,

300 4th Wm. W. Floyd, 1,250 A. B. Greenwood,

300 5th William H. Field, 1,250 John J. Clendenin,

600 6th John Quillin, 1,250 Allen W. Blevins,

Fees and 300 FINANCES. Receipts (specie) from 30th Sept., 1846, to 30th Sept., 1848,

$47,657.06 Expended,

34,974.50 Balance in Treasury,

12,632.56 There are due - 500,000 acre fund,

$5,066.64 Seminary fund,

5,392.47 School fund,

21.66 Securities,


20,529.96 Treasury warrants issued from 30th Sept., 1844, to 30th Sept., 1846,

869,333.46 Redeemed during same time,


37,781.26 Issued from 30th Sept., 1846, to 30th Sept., 1848, .


144,850.73 Redeemed in same time,


$ 29,832.43

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Taxes in 1847 and 1848.
In 1847.

In 1848.
Persons paying poll-tax,

21,840 Acres of land taxed, 3,301,439

3,460,957 Value of lands and impl. taxed,

$ 12,502,327.43

$ 13,172,845.00 Value of town property taxed,


1,163,329.00 Number of slaves taxed, 24,986

26,832 Value,


10,566,304.00 Saw-mills taxed,


117 Value,


82,670.00 Tan-yards taxed,


71 Value,


20,710.00 Distilleries,


46 Value,


4,123.00 Household furniture taxed,


39,035.00 Pleasure carriages,


231 Value,


29,010.00 Horses and mares, 40,330

42,103 Value,


1,453,923.00 Mules,


5,166 Value,


230,303.00 Jacks and jennies,


268 Value,


20,843.00 Cattle, 121,072

120,114 Value,


789,335.00 Merchandise taxed,


790,426.00 Money at interest,


119,704.00 Capital in steamboat ferries and toll-bridges,


29,313.00 Watches and jewelry,


51,973.00 Cap'l invested in manufactures,


7,880.00 Total value of taxable property, $ 27,173,875.43

$28,571,731.00 70,498.72

74,340.69 Whole revenue for 1847 and 1848,

$ 247,109.58 Total amount received from all sources,

290,043.72 Total amount paid out,

272,698.76 Estimated receipts for the year ending 30th September, 1850,

176,189.55 Expenditure,

Value of Taxable Property and Amount of Annual Tax from 1838 to 1846.

Tax. 1838, $ 15,564,284.00 $21,159.74 1843, $21,090,267.97 $31,010.05 1839, 23,283,691.02 30,446.12 1844, 19,940,848.50 26,752.52 1840, 22,011,433.35 31,095.03|1845, 20,769,514.33 30,154.57 1841, 24,119,122.67 31,956.57 1846, 21,159,857.75 28,860.31 1812, 22,302,990.10 30,402.59

State Debt. Bonds unredeemed, 1st Oct., 1848. For the State Bank.



Aggregate. 77 5 per cents.,

$ 27,137.50

$ 104,137.50 967 6 per cents.,


1,382,485.00 Real Estate Bank. 1,530 6 per cents.,



2,195,550.00 Due upon hypothecated bonds, (about)

180,000.00 $3,862,172.50

Total tax,


The annual accruing interest is $ 153,670.00. This debt was incurred by issuing State bonds on account of two banks, the Real Estate Bank and the State Bank. To meet these liabilities, there are in the Real Estate Bank 187,180.89 acres of land mortgaged by subscribers for stock, the depreciated valuation of which is $2,012,560.38; and in the State Bank, productive assets to the amount of $ 1,083,026.58; in all amounting to $3,095,586.96.

Internal Improvemeuts. — There are none in the State. 500,000 acres of land, given for purposes of internal improvement, were, by the Legislature of 1849, distributed among the counties.

Colleges and Common Schools. - There are no colleges in the State. Seventy-two sections of land, given by Congress to the State, for the purpose of establishing a seminary of learning, have been, by act of the Legislature of 1849, in utter defiance of the intention of Congress, distributed among the counties.

There are but few common schools in the State. In each township (of 36 sections of land) there is one section (the 16th) given by Congress to the townships for the use of schools. The law authorizes these to be sold. By act of January 7, 1845, $ 1,515.84 was appropriated out of the State Treasury to buy books for common schools, to be distributed by the auditor to the Boards of School Commissioners of the counties. $1,000 more was appropriated by act of 9th January, 1845, for the same purpose. The revenue arising from leases of salt springs, and from estrays sold, form part of the common school fund. There are academies and high schools, for one or the other sex, in Little Rock, Fayetteville, Washington, Camden, and some other places; but we have no means of ascertaining the number of scholars.

State Penitentiary, Little Rock. — Number of inmates, 32. The keeping of the peni. tentiary is let to the lowest bidder by contract. The inmates are all men, and nearly all confined for larceny and counterfeiting.


Government for the Year 1850.

Salary. WILLIAM TROUSDALE, Governor (term expires October, 1851), $ 2,000 W. B. A. Ramsey, of Nashville, Sec. of St. &. Int. Imp. Comm'r, 800 & f. Anthony Dibrell,


1,500 Felix K. Zollicoffer,

Comptroller of the Treasury, 2,000 West H. Humphreys,

Attorney-Gen. & Reporter, 1,000 Gerard Troost,

State Geologist,



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Supreme Court. William B. Turley, of Jackson, Judge, Western Division, $ 1,800 Robert J. McKinney, of Greenville,


1,800 Nathan Green, of Winchester, Middle

1,800 W. R. Caswell, of Russelville, Attorney-General. William H. Stephens, of Jackson, Clerk, Western Division. James W. Campbell, of Knoxville,

Eastern James P. Clark, of Nashville,

Middle The judges of the Supreme Court are elected by a joint vote of the two houses of the General Assembly, for the term of 12 years. The judges of the inferior courts are elected in the same manner, for 8 years. There are


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14 Circuit Courts. Salary of each judge, $1,500. Each circuit has an attorney, with a salary of $ 200 and fees. Court of Chancery.

Salary. Calvin Jones, of Sommerville, Chancellor, Western Division, $1,500 Thomas L. Williams, of Knoxville,


1,500 Terry H. Cahal, of Columbia,


1,500 Bromfield L. Ridley, of Jefferson,


Circuit Courts.
Residence. Attorneys.

Residence. 1. Seth J. W. Lucky, Jonesboro'.

A. A. Kyle,

Rogersville. 2. Eben'r Alexander, Knoxville. D. H. Cummings,

Knoxville, 3. Charles F. Keith, Athens. James B. Cooke,

Athens. 4. Wm. B. Campbell, Carthage. M. M. Brien,

Smithville. 5. Samuel Anderson, Murfreesboro'.Wm. L. Martin, Lebanon. 6. Thomas Maney, Nashville. R. C. Foster, 3d, Nashville. 7. Mortimer A. Martin, Clarksville. W. B. Johnson,

Clarksville. 8. Edm. Dillahunty, Columbia. Archelaus M. Hughes, Columbia. 9. William Fitzgerald, Paris. J. B. Williams, Paris. 10. John Read, Jackson. D. P. Skurlock, Jackson. 11. Wm. C. Dunlap, Memphis. D. M. Leatherman, Memphis. 12. R. M. Anderson, New Market. W. R. Caswell, Russelville. 13. A. J. Marchbanks, M'Minnville. J. W. Carter,

M'Minnville. 14. James Scott, Savannah. R. A. Hill,

Waynesboro'. Criminal Court of Davidson County.

Salary. William K. Turner, of Nashville, Judge,

$1,500 Commercial and Criminal Courts of Shelby County. Ephraim W. King, of Memphis, Judge,


For the Year ending October, 1847. Total amount received,

$ 374,660.54 Whole amount expended,

369,521.72 Excess of receipts,

$ 5,138.82 The amount of productive property held by the State is $ 4,837,430.64; of unproductive property, $ 1,101,390. The State debt amounts to $3,337,856.66, and the annual interest on it is $177,426.37. The excess of the whole property of the State over its entire debt is $2,600,963.98; the excess of the productive property over the debt is $ 1,499,573.98.



Government for the Year 1850. John J. CRITTENDEN, of Franklin Co., Governor (term of office Salary expires September, 1852),

$ 2,500 John L. Helm,

of Hardin Co, Lt.-Goo. f. Sp. of the Senate.

Pay, while presiding, $ 6 a day. Salary. *Joshua F. Bell, of Danville, Secretary of State,

$ 750 John B. Temple,

of Russellville, Auditor of Public Accounts, 1,250 Thomas S. Page, of Frankfort, 2d Auditor,

1,500 *Bryan Y. Owsley, of Russell Co., Register of the Land-Office, 1,250 *R. C. Wintersmith, of Louisville, Treasurer,

1,250 Peter Dudley, of Frankfort, Adjutant- General,

150 Ambrose W. Dudley,

Quartermaster-General, 100 Richard D. Harlan,

State Librarian,

250 Rob. J. Breckenridge, of Lexington, Sup't of Public Instruction,

750 Theodore Kohlhass, of Winchester, Clerk of the Senate, $10 a day. Thomas J. Helm, of Glasgow,

Clerk of the House,

10 a day. A large majority of the voters voted, at the elections of August, 1847, and August, 1848, in favor of a convention to change the present constitution, and members of the convention for that purpose were elected in August, 1849, and the convention met October 1st, 1849.


Court of Appeals. Thomas A. Marshall, of Lexington, Chief Justice,

$ 1,500 James Simpson, of Winchester, Judge,

1,500 Asher W. Graham, of Bowling Green,

1,500 Madison C. Johnson, of Lexington, Attorney-General, $300 and fees. Jacob Swigert, of Frankfort, Clerk,

Fees. Joseph Gray,

Sergeant, 2 a day and fees. Benjamin Monroe,


General Court. John L. Bridges, of Danville, Judge; salary, $ 1,300. A. H. Rennick, of

Frankfort, Clerk. Joseph Gray, of Frankfort, Sergeant. The clerk and sergeant are paid by fees.

Louisville Chancery Court. Samuel S. Nicholas, of Louisville, Chancellor,

$2,000 Charles J. Clarke,


Fees. Joseph Mayo,


Fees. John A. Crittenden,


Circuit Courts.
Residence. Attorneys.

Residence. 1. Walker Reid, Washington. Harrison Taylor,

Washington. 2. Henry O. Brown, Nelson County

Livingston Lindsay, Princeton. 3. Richard A. Buckner, Lexington.

Alexander H. Robertson, Lexington. 4. James Pryor, Carrollton. Richard Logan,

Newcastle. 5. William F. Bullock, Louisville. Nathaniel Wollfe,

Louisville. 6. William V. Loring, Bowling Green.

F. G. Harvey,

Scottsville. 7. Benjamin Shackleford, Hopkinsville. Ninian E. Gray,

Hopkinsville. 8. Zachariah Wheat, Columbia. Thomas E. Bramlett, Albany. 9. Samuel Lusk, Lancaster. George Shanklin,

Nicholasville. 10. William C. Goodloe, Richmond. Thomas Turner, Jr.,

Richmond. * Temporary residence in Frankfort.


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