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McSweeney's Books, 2006 - 192 էջ
An intimate, enigmatic, glimpse into the mind of the legendary musician.For over twenty-five years, David Byrne has focused his unique genius upon forms as diverse as disco, architectural photography, and PowerPoint. Now he presents what may be his most personal work to date, a collection of drawings and diagrams mapping the strange corners of his mental landscape. It's an eclectic blend of faux science, automatic writing, satire, and an attempt to find connections where none were thought to exist - a sort of self-therapy, allowing the hand to say what the voice cannot. Irrational logic, it's sometimes called. It's the application of logical scientific rigor and form to basically irrational premises. To proceed, carefully and deliberately, from nonsense, with a straight face, often arriving at a new kind of sense. The world keeps opening up, unfolding, and just when we expect it to be closed - to be a sealed, sensible box - it shows us something completely surprising.Byrne's enigmatic, enchanting collection teaches us that there is absolutely no reason to discount anything, of any type, anywhere.

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Review: Arboretum

Հաճախորդի կարծիքը  - sarah - Goodreads

Beautiful tiny drawings of trees and charts and words made with one of those yellow mechanical pencils you sharpen by turning the tip. I have no idea why I find it so compelling. Read full review


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Հեղինակի մասին (2006)

David Byrne is well known as the musician who co-founded the group Talking Heads. Byrne was Born Dumbarton, Scotland and currently lives in New York.

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