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J. L. Thompson, Lt. 5th Inf.
J. Allen, Lt. 5th Inf.

P. Maxwell, Asst. Surgeon U.
S. A.

L. M. Taylor,

Pierre Menard, fils, Jacob Beeson,

Samuel Humes Porter,

Geo. F. Turner, Asst. Sur. U. Edmd. Roberts,

S. Army,

B. B. Kercheval,

Thomas Forsyth,

Daniel Jackson, of New York, J. E. Schwarz, Adjut. Gen. M. M.

Robt. A. Kinzie,

G. S. Hubbard,

Jno. H. Kinzie,

Jas. W. Berry,

Gabriel Godfroy, jr.
Geo. Hunt,

A. H. Arndt,
Andw. Porter,
Isaac Nash,

Richard J. Hamilton.



Referred to in the article supplementary to the treaty, containing the sums payable to individuals, in lieu of reservations of land.


Rebecca Burnett, Edward Brooks, trustee for each,{

Mary Burnett,

Martha Burnett, (R. A. Forsyth, trustee,)

Madaline Bertrand,

Joseph Bertrand, junr.

Luke Bertrand, junr.

Benjamin Bertrand,
Lawrence Bertrand,

Theresa Bertrand,

Amable Bertrand,

Julianne Bertrand,

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Elizabeth Du Charme, (R. A. Forsyth, trustee,)

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Francois Page's wife and daughter,
Pierre F. Navarre's children,

Jarmont (half breed,)

$200 · 100 100

Ten thousand dollars,


Agreeably to the stipulations contained in the articles supplementary to the treaty, there have been purchased and delivered at the request of the Indians, goods, provisions, and horses, to the amount of fifteen thousand dollars (leaving the balance to be supplied hereafter ten thousand dollars.)

As evidence of the purchase and delivery as aforesaid, under the direction of the said commissioners, and that the whole of the same been received by the said Indians, and the said George B. Porter, Thomas J. V. Owen, and William Weatherford, and the undersigned chiefs and head men on behalf of the said United Nation of Indians, have hereunto set their hands the twentyseventh day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three.

G. B. Porter,

Th. J. V. Owen,

William Weatherford,
To-pen-e-bee, his x mark,
Wee-saw, his x mark,
Ne-kaw-nosh-kee, his x mark,
Wai-saw-o-ko-ne-aw, his x

Ne-see-waw-be-tuk, his x mark,
Kai-kaw-tai-mon, his x mark,
Saw-Ka-Nosh, his x mark,

his x mark,
Joseph, his x mark,
Shab-e-nai, his x mark,
Ah-be-to-ke-Zhic, his x mark,
E-to-wau-coto, his x mark,
Shab-y-a-tuk, his x mark,
Me-am-ese, his x mark,
Wah-be-me-mee, his x mark,
Shim-e-nah, his x mark,
We-in-co, his x mark.

In presence of

Wm. Lee D. Ewing, Secretary

to the Commission,

R. A. Forsyth, U. S. A.
John H. Kinzie,

Madn. F. Abbott,

Saml. Humes Porter,

Joseph Bertrand, junr.
Andw. Porter,

J. E. Schwarz, Adj. Genl. M.

James Conner, Interprt.

On behalf of the chiefs and head men of the United Nation of Indians who signed the treaty to which these articles are supplementary, we hereby, in evidence of our concurrence therein, become parties thereto.

And, as since the signing of the treaty a part of the band re

siding on the reservations in the territory of Michigan, have requested, on account of their religious creed, permission to remove to the northern part of the peninsula of Michigan, it is agreed that in case of such removal the just proportion of all annuities payable to them under former treaties, and that arising from the sale of the reservation on which they now reside, shall be paid to them at L'arbre Croche.

Witness our hands, the said day and year.

Saw-ka-nosh, his x mark,
Che-ohe-bin-quay, his x mark,
Ah-be-te-ke-zhic, his x mark,
Shab-e-nay, his x mark,

O-cheep-pwaise, his x mark,
Maug-e-sett, his x mark,
Shim-e-nah, his x mark,
Ke-me-nah-wah, his x mark,

In the presence of

Wm. Lee D. Ewing, Secretary
to the Commission,

Jno. H. Kinzie,
Richd. J. Hamilton,

Robert Stuart,

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R. A. Forsyth, U. S. A.
Saml. Humes Porter,

J. E. Schwarz, Adjt. Genl. M.

James Conner, Interpr.

The commissioners certify that when these supplementary artieles were ready for signature, the original paper, of which the annexed is a copy, was presented by Messrs. Peter and James J. Godfroy, and the due execution of it was made satisfactorily appear to the commissioners, the subscribing witnesses, R. A. Forsyth and Robert A. Kinzie, being present. The chiefs and head men present recognizing this as a reservation, it was agreed that it shall be considered in the same light as though the purport of the instrument had been inserted in the body of the treaty; with the understanding that the rejection of it by the President and Senate of the United States shall not affect the validity of the treaty.

G. B. Porter,
Th. J. V. Owen,
William Weatherford.

(Copy of the instrument referred to in the above certificate.) Know all men by these presents, that we, the undersigned chiefs and young men, of the Potawatamie tribe of Indians, living at Na-to-wa-se-pe, in the territory of Michigan, for and in consideration of the friendship and sundry services rendered to us by Peter and James J. Godfroy, we do hereby, by these presents, give, grant, alien, transfer, and convey unto the said Godfroys their heirs and assigns forever, one entire section of land, situate, lying, and being, on our reserve of Na-to-wa-se-pe, in the territory aforesaid, to be located by said Godfroys wherever on said reserve they shall think it more to their advantage and benefit.

It is moreover the wishes of the undersigned chiefs and young

men as aforesaid, that so soon as there shall be a treaty held between the United States and our said tribe of Pottawattamies, that our great father the President confirm and make good this our grant to them, and the said Godfroys, by issuing a patent therefor to them and to their heirs forever. In so doing our great father will accomplish the wishes of his children. Done at Detroit, this eighteenth day of May, A. D. one thousand eight hundred and thirty.

In witness whereof, we have hereunto signed, sealed, and set our hands and seals, the day and year last above written.

Penenchese, his x mark, L. s.
Pit-goit-ke-se, his x mark, L. s.
Nah-o-te-nan, his x mark, L. S.
Ke-a-sac-wa, his x mark, L. s.
Sko-paw-ka, his x mark, L. s.
Ce-ce-baw, his x mark,

L. S.

Na-wa-po-to, his x mark, L. s.
To-ta-gas, his x mark, L. S.
Pierre Morin, alias Perish, his
x mark,
We-say-gah, his x mark, L. s.

Signed, sealed, and delivered in the presence of us :

[blocks in formation]

L. S.

Witnesses to the signatures of Pierre Morin, alias Perish, and Wa-say-gah.

Francis Mouton.

THO. J. V. OWEN, Esq.,
U. S. Indian Agent.


CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, Oct. 1, 1834.

FATHER: Feeling a disposition to comply with the resolution of Senate of the United States, and the views of the Government in relation to an alteration in the boundaries of the country ceded to the United Nation of Chippewa, Ottowa, and Pattawatamie Indians at the treaty at Chicago, in the State of Illinois, concluded on the 26th and 27th days of September, 1833: we therefore propose, as the chiefs of the said United Nation, and for and on their behalf, that we will accept of the following alteration in the boundaries of the said tract of country, viz :-Beginning at the mouth of Boyer's river; thence down the Missouri river, to a point thereon; from which a due east line would strike the northwest corner of the State of Missouri; thence along the said east line, to the northwest corner of said State; thence along the northern boundary line of the said State of Missouri, till it strikes the line of the lands of the Sac and Fox Indians: thence northwardly along the said line to a point from which a west line would strike the sources of the Little Sioux river; thence along said west line, till it strikes the said sources of said river; thence down the said river to its mouth; thence down the Missouri river, to the place

of beginning: Provided, the said boundary shall contain five mil lion of acres; but should it contain more, then said boundaries are to be reduced so as to contain the said five millions of acres.

And, in consideration of the alteration of said boundary we ask that ten thousand dollars should be paid to such commissioner, as shall be designated by us to receive the same west of Mississippi river, at such place on the tract of country ceded to the said United Nation as we may designate, and to be applied, as we may direct, for the use and benefit of the said nation. And the further sum of two thousand dollars to be paid to Gholson Kercheval, of Chicago, Ill., for services rendered the said United Nation of Indians during the late war between the U. S. Government and the Sacs and Foxes; and the further sum of one thousand dollars to George E. Walker, for services rendered the said United Nation, in bringing Indian prisoners from west of the Mississippi river to Ottowa, Lasselle county, Ill. for whose appearance at the circuit court of said county, said nation was bound.

The foregoing propositions are made with the expectation, that with the exception of the alteration in the proposed boundary, and the indemnity herein demanded as an equivalent for said exchange, the whole of the treaty made and concluded at this place on the 26th and 27th days of September, 1833, be ratified as made and concluded at that time, within the space of five months from the present date; otherwise it is our wish that the whole of the said treaty should be considered as cancelled.

In witness whereof, we, the undersigned chiefs of the said United Nation of Chippewa, Ottowa, and Pattawatamie Indians, being specially delegated with power and authority to effect this negotiation, have hereto set our hands and seals, at Chicago, in the State of Illinois, on the first day of October, A. D. 1834.

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Ratified upon the conditions expressed in the resolutions of the Senate, passed May 22, 1834, and February 11, 1832, which conditions as contained in the first named resolution are as follows:

"That the Senate do advise and consent to the ratification of

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