The Politics of Englishness

Գրքի շապիկի երեսը
Manchester University Press, 15 հլս, 2007 թ. - 256 էջ
The English Question is becoming one of the most urgent questions in modern British politics. What has been lacking is a single text which puts into perspective the politics of modern Englishness, providing an explanatory framework which makes sense of its contemporary significance. "The Politics of Englishness" provides a digest of the debates about England and Englishness and a unique perspective on those debates. Not only does the book provide readers with ready access to and interpretation of the significant literature on The English Question, it also enables them to make sense of the political, historical and cultural factors which constitute that question. The book addresses the condition of England in three interrelated parts. The first looks at traditional narratives of the English polity and reads them as legends of political Englishness, of England as the exemplary exception, exceptional in its constitutional tradition and exemplary in its political stability. The second considers how the decay of that legend has encouraged anxieties about English political identity, of how English identity can be recognized within the new complexity of British governance. The third revisits these legends and anxieties, examining them in terms of the actual and metaphorical 'locations' of Englishness: regionalism, Europeanism and Britishness. With its wide range of political, historical and cultural references, "The Politics of Englishness" is essential reading for those with an interest in the politics of the United Kingdom and England's place within it.

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Arthur Aughey is Professor of Politics at the University of Ulster

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