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chosen authors; the latter of a pair of globes, a quadrant, a compass and chain, seven maps, viz.: the World, Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, the United States and New York. Board, from $75 to $90 per annum. (1805.)


Value of lot and building, $1,200; of other real estate, $450; of personal estate, $1,256, producing $168.88; of Library and Apparatus, $387.56; tuition, $828. Academy, 42 by 28 feet, with posts 14 feet, and gambrel roof; chiefly of wood, and containing three rooms. The lower room occupied the whole; the upper part was divided into two rooms of about equal size. Furnished with a balcony, and a bell weighing 169 pounds. The real estate comprised nine lots, 120 by 50 feet, in the southern part of the village, but on account of their unconnected and ineligible situation, unproductive ; but the Trustees had a plan for exchanging them with Mr. C. Lansing, so as to bring them together, when they might probably be leased. The personal property consisted of a lease from the Trustees of Lansingburgh of common lands, valued at $588, and bonds and notes worth $688. The lease was for twelve years and at a low rate, but would in future be much higher. Of the other personal property, $350 were received from the Regents, and $318 given by individuals. Rates of tuition per quarter: $2 for Reading and Writing; $3 for English Grammar, Ciphering and Geography; $4 · for Dead Languages. In the higher branches of Literature there were no students, and no rates had been fixed. The Apparatus consisted of a surveyor's compass and chain, scale and dividers, orrery showing all the planets, air pump, Hadley's quadrant, a three pillar microscope, a barometer, a thermometer, five maps (the World and quarters) on rollers, a telescope, pair of globes, and map of New York on rollers. Library, 42 volumes of classical books. Average price of board for males, exclusive of washing, about $2 per week, and for females, $1.50. With respect to the smallness of salary of the Principal ($500), it was explained that he (the Rev. Samuel Blatchford) was their minister, and that his whole pay was $1,250. (January, 1805.)


Value of lot and building, $1,500, yielding $50 a year; of other real estate, $800, yielding $25; of Library and Apparatus, $750, yielding $25; tuition, $390. Academy a frame building 48 by 26 feet, two stories, and with four rooms on the first floor and three

above, one of which (26 by 30) is a school-room, the others being used by the teacher for his family and boarders. The other real estate consisted of town lots occupied by the teacher, as a part of his salary. Rates of tuition per annum: for Languages, $12.50; for English Grammar, Mathematics and Book-keeping, $7.50; for Reading, Writing and Ciphering, $5. Library, 553 volumes. Apparatus, a pair of globes, a map of the world, and one of each quarter. Board, about $1.25 per week. (1805.)


Letters-patent were granted March 26, 1752, for 500 acres to Alexander Colden and Richard Albertson, and successors, as trustees of the Patent of Newburgh and the German Patent. These lands were called The Glebe, and were intended for the support of a minister of the Church of England and a schoolmaster.

On the 6th of April, 1803, the sum of $200 a year from the income of the Glebe was to be paid to the Trustees of the Academy at Newburgh, and to receive these lands a board of Trustees legally created was asked for by petition to the Regents January 1, 1805. To this a remonstrance was made, and, upon inquiry, it was found that much animosity existed among the inhabitants with respect to the names that should be offered as first Trustees. This led to a decision to delay the grant until an acceptable list could be made out.


Income from tuition, $500; salary of Principal and instructor under him, $575. (1798.)

The Academy had no income except from tuitions. (1799.) Building of wood, 46 by 30 feet, two stories; real estate, $1,500; personal, $400. (1807.)

OTSEGO ACADEMY (Cooperstown).

In an application for a charter in 1796, it was stated that a large and convenient building was erected and partly finished, 66 by 34 feet, two stories high, with a small steeple with dome and bell.


"In the spring of 1798 a new frame of an Academy was erected in the village of Oxford, about eight rods south-west of the old one. About 46 feet by 28, with 18 feet posts. This building was so far completed by January 1, 1799, as to admit of the reception of scholars, although the walls were not completed, nor the floors finished. About forty scholars were accordingly taught in the same, from that time till the first of April. * *

In November,


1799, a vacation of three weeks took place for the purpose of further completing the building, which from the approaching winter season became necessary. Accordingly the Trustees and inhabitants of the village of Oxford met at the new Academy, and about twenty persons agreed to raise $300 or $350 by a tax to be laid equally upon them by a committee for that purpose chosen. The property was expended and by means of this the building was rendered convenient, and the school re-commenced in December with the most flattering prospects and to the great satisfaction of the inhabitants." * * *

* * *

"Thus the prospect appeared on the 5th day of January last, but on the 6th it was changed. A fire broke out in the night, at a time and in a manner unperceived, and consumed the building. Thus the pleasing hopes and generous efforts of the new inhabitants were entirely overcast by an unforeseen misfortune. The public spirit of the inhabitants for so laudable a purpose has not, however, subsided; a new frame of at least equal dimensions has since been raised, and logs drawn to a saw-mill sufficient for 3,000 feet of lumber." (Extract from a letter of Peter B. Garnsey to the Regents, February 27,1800.)


Value of lot and building, $3,073.06; of Library and Apparatus, $91; tuitio n, $550. Academy with a cupola, 50 by 28 feet, posts 22 feet; two chimneys with four fire-places. Two rooms below, each 20 feet square, including a staircase. A hall through the middle of 10 feet. An upper room, 50 by 28 feet, used for public speaking. Made of the best materials which could be purchased; siding and roof of shingles, and finished above and below in best manner. Tuition per quarter, $1.75 for Reading and Writing; $2.25 for English Grammar and Ciphering; $3.50 for Mathematics and Bookkeeping; $4 for Dead Languages; $4 for Logic, Rhetoric and Composition; $4 for Moral Philosophy; $4 for Natural Philosophy; $4 for French Language. Average price of board, $1.50. Apparatus: a pair of elegant 18-inch globes, a donation from a number of gentlemen; a bell 14 inches in diameter, a donation from a number of ladies. No Library. (1805.)

UNION ACADEMY (Stone Arabia).

Lot a quarter of an acre; cost £8. Building 50 by 30 feet, two stories and a half high, with two rooms on a floor; not finished. Cost not to exceed £600. Not indebted. Expenses defrayed by subscription. A teacher was engaged at £70 a year, of good qualifications, but had died at time of report. Rates of tuition, £6 per annum for Greek and Latin, and £3 for English, etc. Number of students, 50, all in English studies. Fund, 50 acres of land. Board, £15 per annum. (Without date, but found with papers of 1795)


Value of lot and building, $2,000. Academy 56 by 32 feet, two stories, of wood and shingled, with four rooms below and an entry through the middle. Second story divided into two rooms, and a cellar under the whole building; walls lathed and plastered. Tuition per annum: $20 for the Languages, Book-keeping and Mathematics; $15 for Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and English Grammar; $12 for Reading, Writing and English Grammar, and $10 for Reading and Writing, or Reading only. Apparatus: a telescope, pair of globes, set of maps, a case of surveying instruments, and a compass and chain. Library, 420 volumes. Average price of board, $100 per annum, including washing and mending. (1805.)


Value of lot and building, $1,125; of other real estate, $900; yielding $60 a year; of personal estate, $800, consisting of forty shares in the Susquehanna Turnpike Road, upon which no dividends had been paid the last year, the principal bridges on the road having been carried off by an extraordinary spring flood. Prices of tuition per quarter: $2 for Reading; $2.50 for Reading, Writing and Arithmetic; $3 for Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Grammar; $3.50 for Dead Languages; $4 for French Language. Volumes in Library, 55. Average price of board, $1.50 per week.



Value of lot, $200, yielding $13.50; personal estate, yielding $50. Building burned, and attempts being made to rebuild, about $300 being subscribed. (1805.)

Statistical Returns made from Academies in 1804-5-6-7 and reported by the Regents in the years following.

These statistics, which were continued but four years, present a summary of the condition of the Academies then existing in the State, of which detailed descriptions are above given. The Academies reporting were:

Catskill in 1804-7.
Canandaigua in 1804 and 6.
Cayuga in 1804-7.

Cherry Valley in 1804, 6 and 7.

Clinton in 1804, 6 and 7.
Columbia in 1804-5 and 7.
Dutchess in 1804-7.

Erasmus Hall in 1804-7.

In a report, dated November 14, 1795, the building of this Academy was mentioned as completely finished, except painting. It consisted of two school-rooms and a library-room in the first story, and six rooms for study in the second, sufficient to lodge three students each.

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Teachers' salaries.

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Prices of Tuition 1804. 1805. 1806. 1807. per Annum.









17 $37,948


626 7,036 7,487



429 10






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11 $27,650

3,837 4 8,400

4,556 5




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184 10


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3,878 4,583

* In Farmers' Hall, Union Hall, Clinton and Columbia Academies the amount is not reported, the teachers receiving Tuition money for pay.


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$50,150 16,250 9,006


487 9,745




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