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Art. (See Beginnings of Art, etc.)

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Barton, Prof. J. Græff, LL. D. By Eustace W. Fisher, A. M., M. D., 1878, p. 485.

Whether they should

Basis of Courses of Study in Schools, on the. rest upon the developing man as man, or man as a member of society. By Principal James H. Hoose, A. M., Ph. D., of the Cortland Normal School, 1878, p. 463.

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Benedict, Asa Gardiner. (See Free Academy, the,

in a System,

Benedict, Erastus C. Academic Honors, 1872, p. 505.
Benedict, Erastus C. (See Address of, etc.)

Benedict, Erastus Cornelius. By Hon. George F. Betts, 1882, p.


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Body and Mind - their Conservative Influence on Each Other. By Mrs. Clemence S. Lozier, M. D., Professor in the New York Medical College for Women, 1871, p. 521.

Bogart, William H. (See Wells, Henry, Notice of.)
Books. (See What Shall We Do With the.)

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Draft of a Bill, 1871, p. 602.
Circulars, 1871, p. 603.

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Capacity, Measures of. (See Measures of.)

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Catalogue. (See Regents' University Catalogue.)

Catalogue (See Corporation in Indexing and Cataloguing.) Cavert, Michael P. (See Cruttenden, David H., Notice of, Prizes in Schools, etc.)

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Chemistry and Physics. When first taught in Academies, 1885, p.

Chemistry, Elementary. (See Why Should, etc.)
Chemistry. (See Suggestions in Regard to Teaching.)
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Chester, Albert H. (See Laboratory Practice.)

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Classes for Instructing Common School Teachers in Academies, by Principal Willis D. Graves, of the Bainbridge Union School, 1883, p. 403.

Classical Instruction. (See Method of Classical Instruction.)
Classical Languages. (See Study of, etc.)

Classical Study; There should be more of it in our Colleges, or it should be abandoned. By Tayler Lewis, LL. D., L. H. D., Professor of Ancient and Oriental Languages in Union College, 1872, p. 528.

Classical Training. By Rev. A. F. Monroe, S. J., Professor of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics, in the College of St. Francis Xavier, 1867, p 641.

Classic Influence on the English Language. By Principal M. Eugene McClary, A. B., of Franklin Free Academy, Malone, 1880, p. 604

Classics, the, in Education. By Benjamin N. Martin, S. T. D., Professor of Logic and Mental and Moral Philosophy, in the University of the city of New York, 1868, p. 681.

Classics, study of, in Normal Schools. (See Our Normal Schools,


Classics. Why should the classics be studied at all? For what general or particular purposes, and how should they be studied? By Principal Ezra J. Peck, A. M., of Homer Academy, 1882, p.


Classics. (See Elementary Instruction in.)
Classics. (See Written Examinations in.)

Classification of General Divisions of Study. By Hyland C. Kirk, A. B., Principal of the Phelps Union and Classical School, 1872, P. 522.

Claverack Academy and IIudson River Institute, Historical account by William McAfee, A. M., 1877, p. 671.

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Clinton, George W. Address by, 1864, p. 52; Remarks on presentation of Portrait of George Clinton, 1885, p. 9.

Cole, Professor J. W. (Principal of Troy High School.) Remarks on the Relations of the Public School System to the Higher Education of the State, 1885, p. 145.

(See Importance of a Better Preparation

(See Studies, on the, Proper to be Pursued,

(See Why should Elementary Chemistry

Colleges, Conference of the Presidents of, 1884, 1885, p. 154. College Curriculum. (See Philosophy of the College Curriculum.) College Discipline. By Brother Anthony, of Manhattan College,

1882, p. 328.

College, Admission to. etc.)

College, Admission to. etc.)

College, Admission to. be required for.)

College Disorders. (See Treatment of College Disorders.)

College Journalism. By Principal Oliver E. Branch, A. B., of the Forestville Free Academy, 1875, p. 679.

College Library Administration. By Professor Otis H. Robinson, A. M., University of Rochester, 1877, p. 599.

College of the city of New York. (See Department of Mixed

Mathematics in.)

College. (See Course of Study Preparatory for.)

College. (See Normal Instruction in.) 1869, p. 701.

College. (See Should Study in College be Confined, etc.)
Colleges. (See Classical Study, Lewis.)

Colleges. Proposed History of. (See Statement of the Plan, etc.)
Colleges. (See Relations of the Colleges and the Secondary Schools.)
Colleges. (See Relation of Public High Schools to.)
Colleges. (See Relation of Universities to.)

Collegiate Education of Women. By President L. Clark Seelye,
D. D., of Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 1879, p. 563.
Collegiate Education. (See Necessity of Collegiate Education, etc.)

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