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G.P. Putnam & Company, 1853
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Էջ 103 - twas a famous victory. "My father lived at Blenheim then, Yon little stream hard by; They burnt his dwelling to the ground, And he was forced to fly; So with his wife and child he fled, Nor had he where to rest his head.
Էջ 280 - Ah ! then he must have led an evil life indeed," said Hollister ; " the blessed in spirit lie quiet until the general muster at the last day, but wickedness disturbs the soul in this life as well as in that which is to come.
Էջ 381 - His horse, who never in that sort Had handled been before, What thing upon his back had got Did wonder more and more. Away went Gilpin, neck or nought ; Away went hat and wig ; He little dreamt, when he set out, Of running such a rig.
Էջ 443 - Birch," he said, turning to the stranger, " the time has arrived when our connexion must cease ; henceforth and for ever we must be strangers." The pedler dropped the folds of the great-coat that concealed his features, and gazed for a moment earnestly at the face of the speaker ; then dropping his head upon his bosom, he said, meekly — "If it be your excellency's pleasure." " It is necessary. Since I have filled the station which I now hold, it has become my duty to know many men, who, like yourself,...
Էջ 444 - If not for money, what then ?" " What has brought Your Excellency into the field ? For what do you daily and hourly expose your precious life to battle and the halter? What is there about me to mourn, when such men as you risk their all for our country ? No, no, no ! Not a dollar of your gold will I touch : poor America has need of it all.

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