The Spirit of the Public Journals: Being an Impartial Selection of the Most Exquisite Essays and Jeux D'esprits, Principally Prose, that Appear in the Newspapers and Other Publications, Том 4

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Stephen Jones, Charles Molloy Westmacott
James Ridgway, 1801

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Стр. 305 - This is the life which those who fret in guilt, And guilty cities, never knew ; the life Led by primeval ages, uncorrupt, When angels dwelt, and God himself, with man!
Стр. 50 - There came to the beach a poor exile of Erin, The dew on his thin robe was heavy and chill : For his country he sighed when at twilight repairing To wander alone by the wind-beaten hill. But the day-star attracted his eye's sad devotion, For it rose o'er his own native isle of the ocean, Where once, in the fire of his youthful emotion, He sang the bold anthem of Erin go bragh. Sad is my fate...
Стр. 340 - O catch the high import, ye winds, as ye blow; O bear it, ye waves, as ye roll From regions that feel the sun's vertical glow, To the farthest extremes of the Pole.
Стр. 257 - is nothing more Than an old castle and a creaking door, A distant hovel, Clanking of chains, a gallery, a light, Old armour, and a phantom all in white, And there's a novel ! " Scourge me such catch-penny inditers Out of the land...
Стр. 50 - Oh cruel fate ! wilt thou never replace me In a mansion of peace — where no perils can chase me? Never again shall my brothers embrace me? They died to defend me, or live to deplore ! Where is my cabin door, fast by the wild wood ? Sisters and sire ! did ye weep for its fall...
Стр. 50 - Sad is my fate! said the heart-broken stranger, The wild deer and wolf to a covert can flee; But I have no refuge from famine and danger, — A home and a country remain not to me.
Стр. 340 - When reason opposes her weight, When the welfare of millions is hung in the scale, And the balance yet trembles with fate ! Ah ! who...
Стр. 255 - Where history's trac'cl with the pen of a Varro, And Elvira in black, and Alonzo in white, Put an end to the piece by killing Pizarro.
Стр. 315 - The Reports of the Society for Bettering the Condition and Increasing the Comforts of the Poor, 5 vols.
Стр. 129 - ... debt, the decay of trade, and the excefs of luxury, were the continual topics of his difcourfe : but when the cold fit of this intermitting diforder left him, the fcene was quite altered, and then he was eternally haranguing on the power, grandeur, arid •wealth of the Britijh nation.

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