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3. Otataches.
4. Missouris.
5. Otos, Ottoes, Octolactos.
6. Maha. Mahaws. Maia. Yucatan.
7. Ponzar.

8. Kanzes.
l. Panis, Panias :

1. Ricaras.
2. Panis-Mahaws, Panimachas.
3. Pania-pique.
4. Tawakenoes.

5. Tancards.
e. In the territories of the Red River :
a. Caddos, Caddoques, Cadodaquioux.

1. Nentego, Nentico, Nantico, Nanticokes, Nanda

koes, Water-people.)
2. Nabadaches.
3. Inies, Tachies.
4. Yattasees.
5. Adaize, Adayes.
6. Nacogdoches.
7. Keychies, Keyes.
8. Natchitoches.

9. Tunicas.
B. Bedies.
y. Aliche, Eyeish.
d. Accocesaws.
6. Mayes.
&. Cances.
7. Carancouas.
9. Attacapas.
6. Appalousa.
%. Chactoos.

2. Washash. C. Territories on the east side of the Mississippi, to the Ohio

and the Great Lakes: a. Nations and dialects next eastward of the mouths of the

Mississippi and in Florida. 1. On the island Malhado

a. Caoques.

B. Han.
2. On the continent-

a. Choriuco.
B. Doguenes.

7. Mendica. New Series, No. 9.


d. Quevenes
E. Mariames.

. Gualsiones.
Y. Yguaces.

9. Atayos.

1. Acubadaos.
*. Quitoles.
a. Avavares.
The Muliacones.
1. Cutalchiches.
Ž. Susolas.
0. Comos.

7. Camoles.
3. Nations, which have emigrated from the East side of
Mississippi to the West side :

a, Pacanas.
B. Pascagolas, (Pachea-ogoulas).
7. Boluxas.
d. Appalachi. Wapanachki.*
€. Natchez. Natùxéz.
%. Tunicas.

4. At St Augustine, on the east side-

b Tschikasah (Chikkasaw) and kindred dialects-

1. Muskohge, Creeks, Muskogulgen-Creek.
Nations of the Muskohge-union-

a. Caouittas, Cawittas.
B. Conshacs.
7. Oakmulgees.
d. Alibamous, Alibamis.
€. Taensas.
§. Yasows.
%. Conchattas.
9. Abeikas.
1. Stincards.
%. Uches, Savannucas.

a. Seminoles.
2. Tschikasah, Chikkasaw (Chicachas) Mowill, Mobil-
ians, Mobil-language.

a. Chatchi-Oumas. Chetimachas ?
B. Oufé-Ogulas.

. Tapoussas.

d. Coroas. * More frequently called by us, Abenaki, i. e. Men of the East. Rev

. Yazoux. Ž. Grigras.

n. Thioux.
3. Tschaktahs, Chaktaws, Chatkas, Catawbas.
4. Tschelokis, also falsely called Cheerake, Cheraquis,

Tscherlocky, Tschirokesen.*
c. Woccons.
d. Katahba.

1. Wataree.
2. Eeno.
3. Chawah, Chowan.
4. Langgaree.
5. Nachee.
6. Yamasee,

7. Coosah.
e. The Six Nations ; called by themselves Ongwe-honwe,

(greater than all others), also Aquanoshioni, Aquanuschio-
nig or Konungzi Onîga (united nations); called by the
Dutch, Maquaica, Maquas, Mengwe, Mingus; by the
French, Iroquois.
1. Senekas. Tsonontouas. Mächachtini (inhabitants of

of the hills.
2. Mohawks. Sankhicanni.

Cochnewagoes, Cochnewaga, Cahnuaga.
3. Onondagos, Onontagues.
4. Oneidas, Oniadas, Oneyouts.

5. Cayugas, Goyogans. Queùgue.
6. Tuscaroras.

Here belong further,
7. Canai; called by the English Canais, Conois, Conoys,

Canaways, Kanhawas, Canawese. 8. Nanticokes. 9. Ahouandate; called by the English, Wyandots, Wy

ondots : by the French, Guyandots, or more common

ly Hurons. * We presume the learned author here follows the authority of the Historical Transactions &c. of the American Philosophical Society, where this name is written Chelokees, upon the pronuciation of some natives. But we have been informed by an educated native, who writes his own and our language well, that the first syllable of the name is not our ch but ts, T'selokee, or (as we should express it more exactly by our English alphabet) Tsuh-LUH-KEE'; sounding the letter u as in but, and strongly accenting the last syllable. It is accordingly so sounded in the TSVLVKI SQCLVCLV, or Cherokee Spelling Book, lately published by the Rev. D. S. Butrick, the missionary, and his associate, D. Brown, the educated native to whom we have above alluded. Rev.

10. Hochelaga.
11. Mynckussar, Mynqueser.
12. Erigas.
13. Wanat.

14. Cochnowagoes D. The northern territories of the east side and to Hudson's

Bay, above and below the Great Lakes towards the great

western chain of mountains. Chippeway-Delaware, or Algonkin-Mohegan stock, in Vir

a. Southern branches-

1. Pampticoughs.
2. Shawanos, Sawanno, Shawnee (Shawaneu, south

3. Kickapoos, Oucahipoes.
4. Miamís, or Twightwees.

&. (uyatonons.
B. Illinois.

aa. Kaskaskias.
bb. Cahokias.
cc. Piorias.
dd. Kasquias.
ee. Mitchigamies.
ff. Piankashaws, Piankichas.
gr. Kikapoos.
hh. Poteouatamies, Pottawatameh, Patta-

wattomi, ii. Outaouas.

kk. Chaûnis. b. Northern branches1. Delaware, and its nearest stocks : a. Delaware, Lenni-Lenape (original people), Len

nopea. aa. Unâmis, Wanami, Turtle. bb. Unalachtgo, Unalachtigo, Wunalachtigo,

cc. Minsi, Ministi, Monsi, Munseyis, Monso-

B. New Sweden, now New Jersey-

2. Narraganset-

a. Pequittoog.
B. Nanhigganeuk.
7. Massachuseuk, Massachusett.
3. Cawasumseuk,

. Cowweseuk, Cowweset.
8. Quintikook,
4. Qunnipieuk.
1. Pawkunnawkut.
1. Pawtuket, Nechesangett.

x. Neepmuck.
3. Natik, Nadik, Nianticks.
4. Abenaquis, Abenakis, Apenaki, Openagi ; corrupted
from Wapanachki, Eastlanders.

a. Canibas Kennebek.
B. Etchemines, Malécites.
9. Gaspesians.
8. Missiassik.

& Arosaguntakük.
5. Mahikanni, Mankikani ; called by the Dutch, Maki-

kanders ; by the French, Mourigans, Mahingans,
Manhikans; by the English, Mohiccons, Mohuccans,
Mahegans, Mohegans, Muheekanew, Schatikooks;
River-Indians. The same with the Pequots.

d. Much-quauh.
B. Mech-cha-ooh.

7. Toon-pa-oh.
6. Penobscot Indians.
7. Estechemines, Etechemines :
8. Micmak.

9. Souriquois.
G. Middle main branch, to the north of the foregoing :

1. Algonkins.
a. Acadia.

da. Abenaki.
bb. Openango.

cc. Soccoki.
B. Along the river St. Lawrence to Montreal :

aa. Papinachoi.
bb. Montanaro.

cc. Abenaki di Sillery.
y. On lake Huron :

aa. Nocke
bb. Altikamek.

cc. Outepoue.
d. Between the Mississippi, Michigan, and Lake

Erie :
aa. Oumami.
bb. Makouten.
ec. Outagami.

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