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St Michael reviewed, 34--character of
Valenciana, mine of, 432 et seq.--count his work, 49 et seq.
de la, ib. et seq.

Weights and measures, Adams' report ons
Views of Society and Manners in Ameri reviewed, 190 et seq.

ca, by an Englishwoman, reviewed, 15. Whitney, his saw-gin, 409.
Virgil, his early poetry, 2.

Wieland, 283—his essay on Socrates and
Volcanos, the study of, 42-at the A Aristophanes, 284 et seq. 288 et seq.
zores, 46 et seq.-remarks on, 48 et

293 et seq.

Wilcocks, his account of the revolution in
Voltaire, his remarks on style, 105.

Mexico, 436 et seq.

Withers, his charge to the jury in Syd-
Walton, his Prolegomena quoted, 56. ney's trial, 83—his insolence to Syd-
Watson, Elkanah, his claims as author of

the canal policy in New-York, 241 et Wolf, his theory respecting Homer, 279
seq.-his history of canals in New-
York, 242 et seq.

Wyttenback, on the mode of studying lan-
Watt, his improvements in the steam en guages, 52, 59_commended, 276.
gine, 404 et seq.

Webster, Dr John W. his description of Yousef, Ben, stanzas of, quoted, 58.

ney, 84.

et seq.

*** A review of the Spy' has been necessarily omitted in
this namber of the North American Review, and will appear
in the next.


Page 362, last line, dele the stop at the end. “ 375, 5th line, for apside,' read “apsis.' i 396, 1st.




Agriculture. An Address delivered before the Worcester Agricultural Society. By Hon. Jonathan Russell. Massachusetts Agricultural Repository and Journal.

An Address on the means of opening new sources of wealth for the northern states, delivered before the Agricultural Society of Rensselaer county (N. Y.) By E. C. Genet.

Biography. Life of Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Greene ; with ten elegant engravings. 4to. By Mr Justice Johnson. Charleston.

A Sketch of the life of Brig. Gen. F. Marion, and a history of his Brigade from its rise in June 1780, until disbanded in Dec. 1782. By W. D. James, A. M. Charleston.

Memoirs of Jemima Wilkinson. Geneva, N. Y.

A Discourse on the life and character of Samuel Bard, M. D. LL. D. late President of the New York College of Physicians and Surgeons. By Samuel L. Mitchell, M. B. L L. D. NewYork

The Life of William Penn, the settler of Pennsylvania, &c. &c. By M. L. Weems, Philadelphia.

The Drama. Odofriede, the Outcast, a dramatic poem. By S. B, H. Judah, New-York.

The Barber of Seville, a comic opera ; with additions and alterations. By T. Phillips. Philadelphia.

Marion, the Hero of Lake George, a drama. By M. M. Noah. New-York.

Education. An American Grammar, developing the principles of the English language, and impressing them upon the memory, by exercising the judgment of the learner. By James Brown. New-York.

Preface to the American Grammar, designed to aid its introduction, by exposing the defects of the European system. By James Brown. 'New-York. New Series, No. 10


Murray's English Grammar simplified, designed to abridge and facilitate the study of the English language. By Allen Fisk. 8vo. pp. 56, Lansingburg.

Lessons in English Grammar. By Alonzo Lewes. Boston.

Rudiments of Geography, on a new plan, designed to assist the memory by comparison and classification ; with numerous engravings of manners, customs, and curiosities; accompanied with an Atlas, exhibiting the prevailing religions, forms of government, degrees of civilization, &c. By William C. Woodbridge, assistant instructer in the American Asylum; accompanied with a system of Ancient Geography. By Mrs. E. Willard. 18mo. Hartford.

The American Tutor's Guide ; being a compendium of Arithmetic. By James Thompson. Second edition. New-York.

A Treatise on descriptive Geometry, for the use of the cadets of the United States Military Academy. By C. Croyet, professor of engineering in the academy. Part I. 8vo. pp. 150. With plates. New-York.

An Elementary Treatise on Astrononiy, in two parts. By John Gummere, Fellow of the American Philosophical Society, and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 98. Philadelphia.

Lessons for Schools, taken from the holy scriptures, in the words of the text; without note or comment. In three parts. Compiled by Stephen Grelet.

The American System of Bookkeeping; adapted to the commerce of the United States. By James Bennet. New-York.

Fine Arts. Drawing Book of Landscape scenery, studies from nature, engraved by J. Hill on twelve sheets. New York.

Illustrations of the book of Common Prayer, 4to. By F. Kearney. Philadelphia.

Picturesque Views of American Scenery. Nos. 2 & 3. Phil.

The Dying Napoleon. Painted by T. Gimbrede, professor of drawing at the United States military academy; handsomely engraved. New-York.

Geology. A Geological and Agricultural Survey of Rensselaer County, in the state of New-York. To which is annexed a Geological Profile, extending from Onondaga salt springs, across said county, to Williams college, in Massachusetts. By Amos Eaton, Albany:

A Memoir of the geological position of a Fossil Tree, discovered in the secondary rocks of the river des Plaines. Read before the American Geological Society. By H. R. Schoolcraft. pp. 18. Albany.

History. A History of the American Revolution, comprehending all the principal events, both in the field and in the cabinet. By Paul Allen, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo.

Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Vol. XI. Boston.

Ecclesiastical History of the State of Maine, from the earliest period to the present time. By Rev. J. Greenleaf, of Wells. Portsmouth.

The Code of 1650, being a compilation of the laws and orders of the general court of Connecticut. Also, the constitution or compact entered into and adopted by the towns of Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford, in 1638 and 1639. To which is added, some extracts from the laws and judicial proceedings of NewHaven, commonly called Blue Laws. Hartford.

Law. Report of the case of the Jeune Eugenie, determined in the circuit court of the United States, for the first circuit at Boston, December 1821. With an Appendix. By W. P. Mason, Esq.

The Bankrupt Law, as now before congress. Philadelphia. The Public Statute Laws of the State of Connecticut, as revised and enacted by the General Assembly in May, 1821. Published under the authority of the General Assembly. Hartford.

Reports of Cases determined in the Constitutional (Appeal) Court of South Carolina. By. Henry J. Nott, and David J. M'Cord. 2 vols. 8vo. Columbia, S. c.

American Precedents of Declarations, collected chiefly from the manuscripts of the late Chief Justice Parsons, and other eminent pleaders in the state of Massachusetts. By J. Anthon, Esq. counsellor at law. Brookfield.

Medicine. The Journal of Foreign Medical Science and Literature ; being a continuation of the Eclectic Repertory. No. I, for January 1822. Philadelphia.

The first Lines of the Practice of Surgery; designed as an introduction for students, and a concise book of reference for practitioners. With sixteen copper plates. By Samuel Cooper, late surgeon to the forces, &c. "With notes, by A. H. Stevens, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo.

A Summary of Physiology. By F. Magendie. Translated from the French. By John Revere, N. D. Vice-President of the Medical Society of Maryland, &c. 1 vol. 8vo.

The Western Quarterly Reporter of Medical, Surgical, and Natural Science. By John D. Godman, M. D.

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