Life of Roger Williams: The Founder of the State of Rhode Island

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Gould and Lincoln, 1854 - 221 էջ

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Էջ 208 - The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience, discussed, in a Conference between Truth and Peace ; who, in all tender affection, present to the High Court of Parliament (as the result of their discourse}, these (amongst other passages) of highest consideration.
Էջ 44 - Whereas, Mr. Roger Williams, one of the elders of the church of Salem, hath broached and divulged divers new and dangerous opinions against the authority of magistrates ; as also writ letters of defamation, both of the magistrates and churches...
Էջ 42 - The ministers got together and declared any one worthy of banishment, who should obstinately assert, that " the civil magistrate might not intermeddle even to stop a church from apostasy and heresy...
Էջ 11 - whereas Mr. Williams had refused to join with the congregation at Boston, because they would not make a public declaration of their repentance for having communion with the churches of England, while they...
Էջ 124 - These are the laws that concern all men, and these are the penalties for the transgression thereof, which, by common consent, are ratified and established throughout the whole colony. And otherwise than thus, what is herein forbidden, all men may walk as their consciences persuade them, every one in the name of his God. AND LET THE SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH WALK IN THIS COLONY WITHOUT MOLESTATION, IN THE NAME OF JEHOVAH THEIR GOD, FOR EVER AND EVER.
Էջ 163 - This judicious and timely action of the legislature, founded, as it was, on the recommendation of the Protector, exerted a salutary influence in promoting peace and good order among the people of the colony. Quiet reigned once more among the settlements. Mr. Harris, with others of the leading agitators, who had never been at rest since the restoration of the charter, were subdued by the prompt and resolute stand thus taken by the authorities, and gave in their allegiance to the colony, and cried...
Էջ 159 - I affirm that all the liberty of conscience that ever I pleaded for turns upon these two hinges — that none of the Papists, Protestants, Jews, or Turks be forced to come to the ship's prayers or worship, nor compelled from their own particular prayers or worship, if they practice any.
Էջ 193 - Anabaptistry," as it was called, yet the charge is supposed to have related to his principles of religious liberty, which were considered dangerous and disorganizing, rather than to an adoption of the sentiments of the Baptists. The validity of infant baptism, and, indeed, of any baptism by sprinkling, was, at that period, just beginning to be called in question, among the Puritans, by here and there an inquiring spirit; and Roger Williams, though not the first to embrace the new opinions, yet, with...
Էջ 117 - ... you in Virginia, and the unfriendly visits from the West of England and from Ireland: that howsoever it may please the Most High to shake our foundations, yet the report of your peaceable and prosperous plantations may be some refreshing to Your true and faithful friends, Northumberland, P.
Էջ ix - The truth is, from my childhood, now above threescore years, the Father of lights and mercies touched my soul with a love to himself, to his only begotten, the true Lord Jesus, to his holy Scriptures...

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