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The Man of Business:


"Placed for his trial on this bustling stage, From thoughtless youth to ruminating age."

"Some men make gain a fountain, whence proceeds A stream of liberal and heroic deeds."

"Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord."

-Rom. xii. 11.

"Pensioner of God, be grateful, the gift of life is good:

The life of heart, and life of soul, mingled with life for the body."

"In the sight of men," remarked, on one occasion, the Christian athlete, whose struggles and triumphs of faith we are now to trace, "what are we in history but as one faded leaf in autumn? It is only in GOD's sight that the individual counts." If we be walking in God's light, and be judging after his judgment, the individual will count in our sight also. Let us see how God dealt with this man.

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