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cord granite. The cornice is of wood, with copper gutters. The roofs are covered with slates and tin, the Mansard roof is covered with an ornamental cast-iron snow guard. The yard is enclosed by a handsome iron fence on the D and Fifth street sides, and by a brick wall eight feet high on the other two sides.

The accompanying perspective view shows the external appearance of the edifice. It is compact in form, and is solid and substantial in character, rather than pretentious and showy. The excellence of the materials used in its construction, and the thoroughness of the work in every particular from “turret to foundation stone,” may be appreciated to some extent by reference to the specifications in detail which follow this description.

William Sayward was the contractor for the mason work, Messrs. Morrison & Shaw were the contractors for the carpenter work, Messrs. Geo. W. Walker & Co. for the heating apparatus, and the furniture was made by Joseph L. Ross. All these contractors have reason to point with pride, as skilful and honest mechanics, to their work on this building. In material and workmanship it is probably unsurpassed by any other school edifice in this country. The whole cost, exclusive of the lot, but including furniture, is about $85,000.

The honorable ex-mayor (Otis Norcross) whose name the school is hereafter to bear, has given to it, besides a large clock for the hall, and a library of reference books costing $100, the sum of $500, the interest of which is to be expended annually for the purchase of such library and reference books as the Chairman of its Committee, and the Master may deem most desirable.




1806-07 Valuation of real estate .

. $127,730,200 00 $225,767,215 00 Personal estate.

99,283,000 00 189,595,130 00 Total

227,013,200 00 415,362,345 00 Total expenditure for public schools

273,251 75

781,280 60 Viz; for salaries of teachers

192,704 05

492,796 66 Incidental expenses

57,960 46

186,908 85 School-houses..

22,587 24

101,575 09 Cost per scholar...

11 12

27 90 Salary of superintendent

2,500 00

4,000 00 (3) high school masters (24 year), 2,400 00

4,000 00 (5) Sub-masters

1,800 00

3,000 00 (9) Ushers

1,500 00

2,200 00 (22) Gram. school masters“

1,800 00

2,800 00 (15) Sub-masters

1,200 00

2,200 00 (9) Ushers

900 00

1,600 00 (279) Assistants Gram. Sch. "

300 00

650 00 (259) Prim. school teachers “

800 00

650 00 Teachers of sewing (12 in all) average...

200 00

387 00 Teachers of Music (in primary school

2,500 00 Vocal and physical gymnastics .

4,800 00 Drawing...

1,800 00 Total number of Teachers - male

67 female

563 Pupils ...

28,126 Assessor's valuation of school-houses and grounds.

$1,673,600 00

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The Norwich Free ACADEMY represented on pages cupies one of the most eligible sites in the world,-a lot of over six acres perfectly level in front, and rising into a beautifully wooded hill in the rear, commanding a fine view of the city and surrounding country.

The building was erected after plans by Mr. Evan Burdick, Architect, Norwich, at a cost of $30,000 exclusive of the land.

The building is 87 feet with a front projection of 24 feet by 12, surmounted by an Observatory.

In the Basement, besides the furnaces and the coal-bins, there is a working laboratory, connected by stairs with the philosophical lecture room on the first floor.

On the first floor, besides separate clothes room, one for boys, and the other for girls, there is a Lecture room, and a Library, for the supply of which, Gen. Williams and wife have given a fund of $5,000.

The Second and Third floors are now left, each in a single hall with two class rooms attached, but are capable of being subdivided into two rooms, if the organization of the Academy should require it.

For convenience of access, for spaciousness of halls and elass rooms, for light, warmth, ventilation, and seating, for the accommodation and use of apparatus, and library, this edifice is not surpassed by any other erected for educational purposes within our knowledge.


This building represented on pages

was erected by the Central District of Norwich to accommodate a graded system of schools; there being six rooms, thereby accommodating as many classes or departments. The architect was Mr. Evan Burdick.

The building is 76 feet by 58 feet, with a front projection of 14 ft. by 14 ft. The lot is in 150 feet by 280, well graded and drained and enclosed with an iron fence. The rooms are well lighted, warmed and ventilated, and furnished with desks and chairs manufactured by Joseph L. Ross of Boston. The cost of grounds and building was $37,500.


In the organization of the public schools of Norwich, the committee contemplate the establishment from time to time of a sufficient number of Primary Schools, to accommodate all the young children in the immediate neighborhood of their homes. The diagram on page 700, represents one of the houses erected for a school of this grade, capable of accommodating 112 pupils divided into two classes or departments. Each room is furnished with Ross's school-furniture.

The material is wood, and the cost independent of the site was $3,000. Mr. E. Burdick Architect.



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A.--Teachers' Entrance B.--Boys' Hall. C.-Girls' Hall. D.--Boys' Clothes-room. E. --Girls' F.-Lecture Room. G.–Library. H.-Hall. 1.--Platform. a. a.-Stairs. 6.6.-Wash-stands. C. C. C.—Porches. d.d.-Teachers' Closets. 1.-Laboratory Stairs. f.—Ventiducts. g.g.-Seats. h.-Iron Columns. i.-Apparatus. k.-Book Case.

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77 feet.

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A.-Teachers' Room. B.-Boys' Hal). C.-Girls' Hall. D.-Recitation Room. E.-Recitation Room. F.-School Room. G.-Platform. a. a.-Stairs. b.b.b.--Roofs. 0.-Ventiducts. d.-Iron Columns. .-Book Cases.

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