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Erected in 1865. Cost, $100,000. 1,000 seats,

Four capacious stairways communicate between the basement and the attic. The ingress and egress to the building are very ample, safe, and convenient, and consist of ten large doorways-four in front, just at each side of the main building, and six in the rear, four of them corresponding with those in front, giving an extent for these purposes of seventy-two feet in breadth.

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The interior is well lighted and ventilated throughout. The windows are glazed with ground glass, which dispenses with curtains and blinds Fresh air is introduced through the apertures near the doors, which are regulated by registers, while the impure air escapes througlı ventilators near the ceiling.

The distribution of area on the principal and second floor is uniform, each containing six school-rooms of twenty-nine by thirty-four feet; six wardrobe rooms, six and a half by twenty and a half feet; two teachers' rooms, six and a half hy nine feet; and two halls, eleven feet four inches wide, running through the building transversely, with stairways at each end, reaching to the attic or assembly hall. The attic is in one room, but is capable of the same arrange!nent as the stories below. The basement contains six school-rooms, wbich accommodate sixty pupils each. All the wardrobe rooms are supplied with marble top wash-stands and water.

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Erected 1864. Cost, $78,000. 600 seats


The Denman School building was erected in 1864, at a cost of $78,000, including furniture, and bears the name of the teacher who founded the school in 1851, was afterwards City Superintendent, and Principal of the school. It is designed exclusively for girls, and accommodates six hundred pupils.

The plan of the building is a parallelogram of ninety-eight and a half feet by sixty-one feet, having its entrance on the long sides, in projecting portions, each twenty-nine feet by three and a half feet.

The building is three stories high, the first being thirteen and a half feet, and the second and third stories, each fifteen feet high, besides the attic, which is twelve feet high, and contains sixteen Luthern windows in its inclined sides. and six in the projecting portions of the two fronts.

The distribution of the first, second, and third stories is uniform, each containing four school-rooms of twenty-eight by thirty-four feet; four wardrobe rooms of six and a half by twenty-one and a half feet; two teachers' rooms of six and a half by nine feet; and a hall, eleven feet wide, through the centre of the building, transversely, with easy, spacious stairways at each end, which extend to the attic and discharge below by four spacious doors.

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