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PLAN OF THE WELLS SCHOOL, CHICAGO. The Wells School building, so called in honor of William H. Wells, the former Superintendent of Schools, is located in the West Division, three miles from the Court House, near the centre of a lot having a frontage on Reuben street of two hundred and fifty feet, and a depth of one hundred and eighty. three feet on Cornelia street. It will accommodate nine hundred and forty-five pupils, distributed through fourteen rooms, each furnished with sixty-three single seats and desks. Total cost, $45,575.00.

The building is 69 X 87 feet on the ground, four stories besides the basement, each floor being divided by a corridor (D) into four rooms (A) 27 X 33 feet each, having a wardrobe (B) for the pupils and a teachers' closet (C) attached, except the fourth floor, which has two rooms of the same character, and an assembly hall (E) 65 x 23 feet in area.

The school-rooms are wainscoted five feet and the wardrobes seven feet high, grained and varnished. Every room is ventilated by large shafts in both the exterior and interior walls, and is warmed by a low pressure steam apparatus, the boiler being located in a separate building in the rear.

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COTTAGE GROVE SCHOOL, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Erected 1867. Cost, (exclusive of lot) $17,674.92.448 seats.

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The-Cottage Grove School building, erected in 1866–67, is located on Douglas Place, near Cottage Grove Avenue, in the centre of a lot 200 x 231 feet, finely shaded by native forest trees. Total cost, (including lot, $6,400,) $24,094.92.

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The building is of wood, two stories high, 77 x by 68} feet on the ground, with four school-rooms. (A) each 27X33 feet, with a wardrobe (B) attached, 5 x 27, and teachers' closet, (C) on each floor-and a reception room (E) in front on the second floor, 10x 23 feet. Each room is provided with single seats and desks; and the whole is heated by one Lawson furnace and four stoves.

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