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1702, John, second Marquis Keeper of the Great Seal

of Atholl, afterwards created in 1733. a Duke.

1733, James, second Duke of 1705, James, first Duke of Atholl ; died 1763.

Queensberry, appointed a 1763, Hon. James Stuart second time.

Mackenzie, brother to the

third Earl of Bute. 1709, James, first Duke of

Montrose, subsequently 1765, May, Lord Frederick keeper of the Great Seal Campbell, third son of the in Scotland.

fourth Duke of Argyll. 1713, John, first Duke of 1765, October, John, thin Atholl, appointed a second

Earl of Breadalbane. time.

1766, Hon. James Stuart 1714, John, first Duke of

Mackenzie appointed again; Roxburghe.

died 1800.

1800, Right Hon. Henry 1716, William, first Marquis

Dundas, afterwards first of Annandale ; died 1720.

Viscount Melville; died 1721, Archibald, first Earl of May 28, 1811.

Ilay, afterwards third 1811, Robert, second Viscount Duke of Argyll ; appointed


ALPHABETICAL LIST. Annandale ..... 1716 | Dundas 1800 Melville 169 Argyl1 1721 Forfar

1689 Melville Atholl 1702 | Hyndford 1689 Melville 1811 Atholl 1713 Ilay

1721 Montrose 1719 Atholl 1733 | Kintore 1689 Queensberry.

1695 Breadalbane 1765 Mackenzie.. 1763 Queensberry... 1705 Campbell 1765 | Mackenzie ..... 1766 Roxburghe ... 1714 Carmichael 1689



1689, Sir James Dalrymple, , 1737, Right Hon. Duncan

afterwards Viscount Stair, Forbes of Culloden, nephew who had also held the office of the first Baron Forbes; from 1671 to 1681.

he died 1747. 1698, June, Right Hon. Sir 1748, Right Hon. Robert

Hew Dalrymple, Bart. bro- Dundas, of Arniston, who ther to the first Earl of was Lord Advocate fran Stair ; died 1737.

1720 to 1725, and on the bench as an ordinary Lord | 1789, Right Hon. Ilay Campof Session, from 1737 till bell of Succoth, created a his appointment as Lord baronet on resigning, Sept. President,

17, 1808. 1754, Right Hon. Robert | 1808, Right Hon. Robert Craigie of Glendoick.

Blair of Avonton ; died 1760, Right Hon. Robert 1811.

Dundas of Arniston, eldest 1811, Right Hon. Charles son of the Lord President, Hope of Granton ; resigned

who was appointed in 1748. 1841. 1788, Right Hon. Sir Thomas 1841, Right Hon. David

Miller, Bart. of Glenlee ; Boyle, grandson of the he died 1789.

second Earl of Glasgow.

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LORDS ADVOCATE OF SCOTLAND. 1689, Right Hon. Sir William | 1742, Right Hon. Robert Stewart.

Craigie of Glendoick. 1709, Right Hon. Sir David 1746, Right Hon. William and was known on the Erskine re-appointed, hav. bench as Lord Glenlee (he ing held the office prewas father of the present viously in 1783 ; resigned Lord of Session bearing on change of ministry in that title); raised to the 1807. bench, June 14, 1766.

Dalrymple, Bart. of Hailes, Grant, of Preston Grange, whose eldest brother was the second son of Sir Franthe first Earl of Stair.

cis Grant, first Bart. of 1720, Right Hon. Robert Monymusk (who was known

Dundas, of Arniston, who, as Lord Cullen, in his capaas a Lord of Session, sub- city of a Lord of Session); sequently bore the title of raised to the bench, Nov. Lord Arniston, and was 14, 1754. father of the first Viscount 1754, Right Hon. Robert Melville.

Dundas, of Arniston, eldest 1725, Right Hon. Duncan son of the Lord Advocate

Forbes of Culloden, (ne- of 1720 ; father of the Lord
phew of the 1st Baron Advocate of 1789, and bro-
Forbes), afterwards Lord ther to the first Viscount
President of the Court of Melville,

1760, Right Hon. Thomas 1737, Right Hon. Charles Miller of Glenlee, who was Erskine of Tinwald.

created a baronet in 1788,

1807, Right Hon. Archibald 1766, Right Hon. James Colquhoun.

Montgomery, who became 1816, Right Hon. Alexander a baronet in 1801, and Maconochie, who having whose son was Lord Advo.

become a lord of Session, cate in 1804 ; raised to the bears the courtesy title of bench, 1775.

Lord Meadowbank ; raised 1775, Right Hon. Henry to the bench in 1819.

Dundas, who was raised to 1819, Right Hon. Sir William the peerage as first Vis.

Rae, Bart., appointed for count Melville in 1802.

the first time ; resigned on 1783, Right Hon. Henry change of ministry in No

Erskine, of Amondell, the vember, 1830. second son of the fifth Earl 1830, Right Hon. Francis of Buchan, and brother of

Jeffrey; appointed a lori of the first Lord Erskine ; Session in 1834. resigned on change of ministry, January, 1784.

1834, Right Hon. John Ar

chibald Murray, who was 1784, January, Right Hon.

knighted in 1839; resigned Ilay Campbell, of Succoth, who was created a baronet

on change of ministry, Soin 1808, and when a lord

vember, 1834. of Session was known as 1834, December, Right Hon. Lord Succoth.

Sir William Rae, appointed 1789, Right Hon. Robert

a second time; resigned Dundas of Arniston, son of

on change of ministry, April, the Lord Advocate of 1754,

1835. and grandson of the Lord | 1835, April, Right Hon. Advocate of 1720.

John Archibald Murray, 1801, Right Hon. Charles appointed a second time; Hope of Granton, who was

raised to the bench in April, afterwards Lord President

1839. of the Court of Session ; 1839, April, Right Hon. An

raised to the bench in 1804. drew Rutherfurd; resigned 1804, Right Hon. Sir James on change of ministry, Sept.

Montgomery, Bart. son of 1841. the Lord Advocate of 1766; 1841, September, Right Hon. resigned on change of mi. Sir William Rae, Bart. sp nistry in 1806.

pointed a third time. 1806, Right Hon, Henry


ALPHABETICAL LIST. Campbell ...... 1784 Erskine, Hen.. 1783 | Montgomery, Colquhoun 1807 Erskine, Hen.. 1806 Sir J.......... 1804 Craigie 1742 Forbes.... 1725 Murray

1834 Dalrymple 1709

1746 Murray

1835 Dundas, Hen. . 1775 | Hope


1819 Dundas, R. 1720 Jeffrey 1830 Rae

1834 Dundas, R. 1754 | Maconochie 1818 Rae

1841 Dundas, R. 1789 Miller

1760 Rutherfurd 1839 Erskine, Chas. 1737 | Montgomery... 1766 | Stewart 1707


1692, September 4, Henry Syd- , 1713, October 27, Charles ney, first Baron and Vis

Talbot, Duke of Shrewscount Sydney, afterwards bury, who enjoyed, as Earl of Romney.

twelfth Earl, the Earldom 1695, May 27, Henry Capel, of Shrewsbury, which is still first Baron Capel of Tewkes

in existence. bury, and brother of the 1717, August 17, Charles Paufirst Earl of Essex, of the let, second Duke of Bolton, Capel family,

and seventh Marquis of 1701, September 18, Laurence Winchester.

Hyde, first Earl of Roches- 1721, August 28, Charles Fitzter of that line, and second Roy, second Duke of Grafson of the first Earl of ton. Clarendon, of the Hyde 1724, August 22, John Cartefamily.

ret, second Baron Carteret, 1703, June 4, James Butler,

and subsequently first Earl second Duke of Ormonde, Granville, of the Carteret

appointed for the first time. family. 1707, Thomas Herbert, eighth | 1731, September 11, Lionel

Earl of Pembroke, of that Cranfield Sackville, first family.

Duke of Dorset, appointed 1709, April 21, Thomas Whar- for the first time.

ton, first Earl of Wharton, 1737, September 7, William whose son was the last Duke Cavendish, third Duke of of Wharton,

Devonshire. 1711, July 3,James Butler, se- 1745, August 31, Philip Dor

cond Duke of Ormonde, ap- mer Stanhope, fourth Earl pointed for the second time. of Chesterfield.

1747, September 13, William Grenville Nugent Temple,

Stanhope, first Earl of second Earl Temple, and Harrington.

subsequently created Mar. 1751, September 19, Lionel quis of Buckingham, ap

Cranfield Sackville, first pointed for the first time. Duke of Dorset, appointed 1783, June 3, Robert Henley, for the second time.

last Earl of Northington. 1755, May 5, William Caven 1784, February 24, Charles dish, by courtesy Marquis Manners, fourth Duke of of Hartington, who succeed- Rutland, who died October, ed his father as fourth Duke 1787.

of Devonshire in 1735. 1787, December 16, George 1757, September 25, John Grenville Nugent Temple,

Russell, fourth Duke of first Marquis of BuckingBedford.

ham, appointed for the 1761, October 6, George Mon- second time.

tagu, last Earl of Halifax. 1790, January 5, John Fane. 1703, September 22, Hugh

tenth Earl of Westmorland Percy,second Earlof North.

of the Fane family. umberland, and subsequent- 1795, January 4, William ly first Duke of the Smith- Wentworth Fitzwilliam, son-Percy line.

second Earl Fitzwilliam. 1765, October 18, Francis 1795, March 31, John Jeffreys

Seymour Conway, first Earl Pratt, second Earl Camden, of Hertford of that line, and subsequently created and subsequently created

first Marquis. first Marquis of Hertford. 1798, June 20, Charles Corr1767, October 14, George wallis, first Marquis Corne

Townshend, fourth Viscount wallis.
Townshend, and subsequent- 1801, May 25, Philip Yorke,

ly created first Marquis. third Earl of Hardwicke. 1772, November 30, Simon 1806, March 18, John Russell,

Harcourt, first Earl Har- sixth Duke of Bedford. court.

1807, April 19, Charles Len1777, January 25, John Ho. nox, fourth Duke of Rich.

bart, second Earl of Buck- mond of that line. inghamshire.

1813, August 26, Charles, 1780, April 14, William Henry Earl Whitworth.

Cavendish Bentinck, third 1817, October 9, Charles Duke of Portland of that

Chetwynd Talbot, third line.

Earl Talbot. 1780, December 23, Frede. 1821, December 29. Richard rick Howard, fifth Earl of

Colley Wellesley, first MarCarlisle, of that family. quis Wellesley, appointed 1782, September 15, George for the first time.

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