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being fully imposed on the successor by the very descent of the crown; no interregnum, therefore, is considered to take place. As speedily as possible the fact of accession is communicated to the new monarch, the privy council are summoned forthwith, the sovereign addresses to them a short speech or declaration, and orders are immediately issued for proclaiming the event, the members of the privy council being on the instant sworn anew. The king on the earliest opportunity after entering the council chamber, takes and subscribes the oath relating to the security of the church of Scotland. If parliament be sitting at the time, the oath of allegiance and supremacy is immediately administered to the members of both houses, with a proviso respecting any possible issue of the previous sovereign, in all cases where he dies without issue, and leaves a queen dowager, as happened at the death of king William IV.

On the day after accession it is the practice for the king to appear at an open window in the presence chamber of one of the royal palaces, when a herald (the deputy garter, or some one representing that officer, in the presence of the earl marshal) takes his station in the court-yard underneath the open window, and reads aloud a proclamation, declaring the demise of the late monarch, and the accession of the present. The new sovereign having then withdrawn, an extended procession is formed of guards, heralds, and their subordinate officers, who all proceed to Charing Cross, at which place the proclamation is again read: thence the procession advances to the city, where it is received and accompanied by


Dukes of Scotland

of the United Kingdom..
eldest sons

younger sons. Durham, Bishop of .. Earls of England

of Great Britain
of Ireland
of Scotland....
of the United Kingdom
eldest sons..

younger sons.
Electress Sophia, descendants of
Esquires by creation

by office
of the King's body

of the Knights of the Bath .. Garter, Chancellor of the Order of the Knights of the......

eldest sons.

younger sons Gentlemen

bearing arms

by profession Great Seal, Commissioners of the Justices, Puisne, Common Pleas

Queen's Bench Knights Bachelor

eldest sons

younger sons Knights Banneret








.CLII. .LXXX. ....CI.

..C. .CXIV.



eldest sons

younger sons London, Bishop of


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Marquises of England

XXXIV. of Great Britain

.XXXVI. of Ireland.....

XXXVII. of Scotland

..XXXV. of the United Kingdom

XXXVIII. eldest sons ....

.L. younger sons

..LXII. Marshal, Earl

.XX. XXXI. and XLII. Master of the Horse

LXXXIII. Meath, Bishop of

..LXVII. Military and Naval Officers

.CLI. Peers’ younger sons' eldest sons

CXVII. Prince Consort

.....II. Privy Chamber, Gentlemen of the

...CXXIX. Councillors

. XC. Seal, Lord

.XVII. President of the Council

.XVI. Queen's Counsel

.CXLIX. Rolls, Master of the St. Michael and St. George, Knights Grand Cross ....CXI. eldest sons ... CXXIII.

. younger sons ..... CXXXVI. Knights Commander .. CXIII. eldest sons

CXXV. younger sons ....CXXXVIII.

Companions and Cavalieri

...CXVI. St. Patrick, Knights of ....

.CIX. Secretary of State.

.LXXIII. and LXXXV. Sergeants at Law

.CXLVIII. Sovereign

...1. Brothers of the

Grandsons of the
Nephews of the


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Sovereign, Sons of the

...IV. Uncles of the

VIII. Speaker of the House of Commons

...LXXIX. Steward of the Household, XXII. XXXII. XLIII. LIV.

and LXXI. Thistle, Knights of the

..CVIII. eldest sons

...CXXI. Treasurer, Lord High...

XV. of the Household

LXXXI. Vice-Chancellors.......

..XCIX. of England

..XCVI. Viscounts of England.....

.LVI. of Great Britain

LVIII. of Ireland

LIX, Viscounts of Scotland

.LVII. of the United Kingdom

LX. eldest sons

.LXXXVI. younger sons

...CIV. Wales, Prince of

...III. Winchester, Bishop of

LXV. York, Archbishop of .


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