Dynamic Sociology, Or Applied Social Science: As Based Upon Statical Sociology and the Less Complex Sciences

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Էջ 411 - And lastly, let it be noted that what we call truth, guiding us to successful action and the consequent maintenance of life, is simply the accurate correspondence of subjective to objective relations ; while error, leading to failure and therefore towards death, is the absence of such accurate correspondence.
Էջ 24 - Causality, according to the laws of nature, is not the only causality from which all the phenomena of the world can be deduced. In order to account for these phenomena it is necessary also to admit another causality, that of freedom.
Էջ 276 - To some the statement may seem startling, yet the evidence seems to justify it, that the relation of morality to religion is one that only belongs in its rudiments, or not at all, to rudimentary civilization. The comparison of savage and civilized religions brings into view, by the side of deeplying resemblance in their philosophy, a deep-lying contrast in their practical action on human life.
Էջ 286 - Men do not stop short at the persuasion that death releases the soul to a free and active existence, but they quite logically proceed to assist nature, by slaying men in order to liberate their souls for ghostly uses.
Էջ 299 - Great When this emperor permitted all the heathen temples in the Roman empire to be destroyed, the magnificent temple of Jupiter Serapis was not spared. A mob of fanatic Christians, led on by the Archbishop Theophilus, stormed and destroyed the temple, together, it is most likely, with the greater part of its literary treasures, in 391 AD It was at this time that the destruction of the Library was begun, and not at the taking of Alexandria by the Arabians, under the Calif Omar.
Էջ 287 - In Africa it is the same. Among the Yorubans, at the funeral of a great man, not only are slaves slain, but " many of his friends swallow poison," and are entombed with him. Formerly in Congo, " when the king was buried a dozen young maids leapt into the grave * * * and were buried alive to serve him in the other world. These maids were then so eager for this service to their deceased prince, that, in striving who should be first, they killed one another.
Էջ 296 - BELLARMINE patiently and humbly allowed the fleas and other odious vermin to prey upon him. (We shall have heaven), said he, (to reward us for our sufferings: But these poor creatures have nothing but the enjoyment of the present life).
Էջ 571 - Wir Wilhelm, von Gottes Gnaden Deutscher Kaiser, Koenig von Preussen, usw, verordnen im Namen des Deutschen Reichs, nach erfolgter Zustimmung des Bundesraths und des Reichstags, was folgt...
Էջ vii - These are the fundamental questions, upon the answers to which all human conduct, other than that prompted by mere impulse, depends. They are therefore the questions which society must carefully consider and correctly answer before it can hope successfully to cope with the obstacles to its self-directed progress. We will consider these questions in the order in which they have been stated. First, then, what is the attitude of nature toward man ? Scattered throughout the preceding chapters of this...

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