Souls, Bodies, Spirits: The Drive to Abolish Abortion Since 1973

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Greenwood Publishing Group, 1998 - 230 էջ

Jacoby provides a comprehensive social history of the abortion abolition campaign from its beginnings following Roe v. Wade through the 1996 elections. She explores the abortion abolition effort historically, sociologically, theologically, and politically, arguing for a deepened understanding of American abortion opponents.

The history of the abortion abolition effort in America is examined through three different approaches to the understanding of collective behavior. Beginning with the immediate post-Roe period, the movement is explored as a Catholic moral crusade, and Jacoby analyzes why Catholic Americans were particularly prone to such activity as well as why otherwise theologically compatible Protestants were not. She then examines the effort as a major social movement beginning around 1980. Finally, the late-1980s development of direct action activity, most notably in the form of Operation Rescue, is viewed in light of its connection to the theology and expectations of religious revivalism. In her conclusions, Jacoby provides a new model for understanding faith-based political action. Students, teachers, and the general public will find this book a thorough, comprehensive, and accessible examination of the movement.


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Abortion and Its Discontents
In the Beginning The Abortion Abolition Enterprise as a Catholic Moral Crusade
One Body Building Ecumenism in the Moral Crusade
Into the Lions Den The Abortion Abolition Enterprise Becomes a Social Movement
The Scorn of Men Actors Images and the Public
The Latter Days The Abortion Abolition Enterprise and Religious Revival
Tribulation and the New World Coming Violence Checks and Balances and the Big Picture
A New Creature The Future of the Enterprise and a Reinterpretation of FaithBased Political Action
The Data and the Survey
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KERRY N. JACOBY is a Political Science and American Studies specialist.

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