A Brief Display of the Origin and History of Ordeals: Trials by Battle ; Courts of Chivalry Or Honour ; and the Decision of Private Quarrels by Single Combat: Also, a Chronological Register of the Principal Duels Fought from the Accession of His Late Majesty to the Present Time

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author, 1821 - 346 էջ
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Էջ 31 - Hear this, ye justices, that I have this day " neither eat, drank, nor have upon me, neither bone, stone, nor grass, " nor any enchantment, sorcery, or witchcraft, whereby the law of " God may be abased, or the law of the devil exalted. So help me
Էջ 52 - ... too generally received in Europe, that the strongest prohibitions and penalties of the law will never be entirely effectual to eradicate this unhappy custom ; till a method be found out of compelling the original aggressor to make some other satisfaction to the affronted party, which the world shall esteem equally reputable, as that which is now given at the hazard of the life and fortune, as well of the person insulted, as of him who hath given the insult.
Էջ 41 - The marshalling of coat-armour, which was formerly the pride and study of all the best families in the kingdom, is now greatly disregarded; and has fallen into the hands of certain officers and attendants upon this court, called heralds...
Էջ 244 - Justice said, he would be satisfied if he had the guarantee of Mr O'Connell's honour, that he would proceed no further in the business. " It is not my duty, Mr Justice," said Mr O'Connell,
Էջ 88 - Levinz might be sent for, that he might settle his private affairs ; and in the mean time gave Mr. Hawkins a particular detail of what had passed. He said, that Lord Byron and he entered the room together, Lord Byron leading the way ; that his lordship, in walking forwards, said something relative to the former dispute, on which he proposed fastening the door ; that, on turning himself round from this act, he perceived his lordship with his sword either drawn, or nearly so ; on which he instantly...
Էջ 114 - Fox fired without effect ; we then interfered, asking Mr. Adam if he was satisfied. Mr. Adam replied, ' Will Mr. Fox declare he meant no personal attack upon my character?' Upon which Mr. Fox said, this was no place for apologies, and desired him to go on.
Էջ 246 - At forty minutes past four the combatants were on the ground; they both displayed the greatest coolness and courage. The friends of both parties retired, and the combatants, having a pistol in each hand, with directions to discharge them at their discretion, prepared to fire. They levelled, and before the lapse of a second, both shots were heard. Mr. D'Esterre's was first, and missed. Mr. O'Connell's followed instantaneously, and took effect in the thigh of his antagonist, about an inch below the...
Էջ 9 - In the villages near Banares, it is the practice for the person, who is to be tried by this kind of ordeal, to stand in water up to his navel, and then, holding the foot of a Brahman, to dive under it as long as a man can walk fifty paces very gently ; if, before the man has walked thus far, the accused rise above the water, he is condemned ; if not, acquitted.
Էջ 106 - They were not of the nature of private letters between friends. They were written by public officers to persons in public stations on public affairs, and intended to procure public measures ; they were therefore handed to other public persons, who might be influenced by them to produce those measures.
Էջ 71 - ... which he had not ; that this was my undoubted right, which I was ready to seal with my blood. He then said he admired me exceedingly, really loved me — but I was an unaccountable animal — such parts ! but would I kill him who had never offended me ? etc.

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