An Index of Surgery: Being a Concise Classification of the Main Facts and Theories of Surgery, for the Use of Senior Students and Others

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Էջ 209 - Cohnheim's words) here and there minute, colourless, button-shaped elevations spring, just as if they were produced by budding out of the 'wall of the vessel itself. The buds increase gradually and slowly in size, until each assumes the form of a hemispherical projection, of width corresponding to that of a leucocyte. Eventually the hemisphere is converted into a pear-shaped body, the small end of which is still attached to the surface of the vein, while the round part projects freely.
Էջ 273 - In performing this operation the incision in the soft parts is made on the inner side of the limb, at a point where the two following lines bisect one another, — a line drawn a finger's breadth above the level of the upper border of the external condyle and in a line parallel to and half an inch in front of the tendon of the adductor magnus.
Էջ 209 - Dilatation of the veins follows at a long interval of time. The rate of circulation at the commencement is increased, but this soon changes to the very reverse, viz., abnormal slowness. The cause of the vascular dilatation is undetermined, but a very reasonable hypothesis attributes it to inhibitory nervous influence. Billroth thus states this view: "We actually know such phenomena from physiology; the obstruction of the heart's action by irritation of the vagus nerve, of the movements of the intestines...
Էջ 153 - ... of the parts seized by the blades. The vessel should then be drawn out, as in the application of the ligature, and three or four sharp rotations of the forceps made. In large arteries, such as the femoral, the rotation should be repeated till the sense of resistance has ceased. The ends should not be twisted off.
Էջ 277 - To draw up the palate holding all the sutures in one hand, and with the palate on the stretch to divide, if necessary, the palato-pharyngeus, and subsequently the levator palati; if the palate will not come easily together, two lateral oblique cuts may be made, one on either side above the highest suture, separating the soft from the margin of the hard palate to a small extent.
Էջ 379 - ... his urine entirely by catheter, no proceeding perhaps offers so good a chance of cure as this. It is for such cases...
Էջ 446 - Sight) is that condition of refraction in which parallel rays come to a focus in front of the retina, the eye being at rest.
Էջ 7 - ... mixture of the two, and lastly ether alone. Mr. Clover has contrived an apparatus which answers this purpose admirably. No stimulant should be given before administering ether. Pure anhydrous, washed ether always to be used. Robbins' ether for local anaesthesia is dangerous. 3. The Mixture, of alcohol 1 part, chloroform 2 parts, and ether 3 parts, is to be given like chloroform ; but the air should not be allowed to mix quite so freely with the vapor (?). 4.
Էջ 462 - A System of Obstetric Medicine and Surgery, Theoretical and Clinical. For the Student and the Practitioner. The Section on Embryology contributed by Prof. Milnes Marshall. In two handsome octavo volumes, profusely illustrated. In press. BARNES, FANCOURT, JtfTlxT^ Obstetric Physician to St. Thomas
Էջ 137 - Signs. — (Often obscure,) pain, loss of power, crepitus, irregularity in spine of scapula if fracture passes through that process. Treatment. — Bandage pad over scapula, elbows supported by a sling. Prognosis. — Deformity not unlikely. Fractures of Neck of Scapula. — Two kinds, viz., 1, of anatomical neck, ie, external to coracoid ; 2, of surgical neck, ie, internal to coracoid process. In fracture of the anatomical neck, the symptoms resemble those of dislocation of the head of the humerus...

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