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useful recipes may be in cookery and pharmacy, the skill of colouring is not to be acquired by any such off-hand processes; and that perfect success therein will require what no literary work can

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hand, a good eye, and a cultivated judgment directed in the first instance to the works of good colourists, and perfected by an assiduous application to nature and science.

But though the records of literature and science cannot alone produce a colourist, nor form the practical painter in other respects, they may become most important auxiliaries, not merely by recreating his faculties, instructing his hand, and extending the sphere of his art, by endless analogies throughout the field of history and philosophy, and the vast regions of poetic fancy; but also by exciting a just enthusiasm, and stimulating his invention, while they enlarge his judgment and refine his taste; supporting at the same time that connexion with learning which gives dignity to fine art, and raises it above mere manipulation. Indeed, there never was a truly great artist who did not unite with his ability somewhat of literary talent, inclination, or acquirement; nor is there a surer mark of a low and grovelling genius than a

contempt of theory or science, and an over-devotion to the mechanical and practical in art; for the connexion of art with science, theory, and practice, and of these with literature, is most intimate and indissoluble; nor is it likely the artist should paint the worse for being acquainted with the philosophy of his art. The author derives hence an excuse for having, even in this lowly performance, attempted to draw philosophy on the one hand, and poetry and harmonics on the other, into intimate connexion with colours and colouring, by a variety of natural analogies and poetical instances, and thereby aiming at associating colour with sentiment and a moral purpose.

There remains only to be remarked, that the original plan of the work has been preserved in the present edition with no other alteration than the correction and augmentation of the practical parts and the omission of the optical and chromatic experiments appended to the quarto edition, in which respects it is hoped the work may be found improved in its practical utility.






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Colouring is the sunshine of the art, that clothes poverty in smiles, and renders the prospect of barrenness itself agreeable, while it heightens the interest and doubles the charms of beauty."-OPIE's Lect. iv. p. 138.

How early, and to what extent, colouring may have attained the rank of science among the antients, is a question not easily set at rest; but that some progress toward it had obtained, even among the early Egyptians, is a fact proved by the late researches of the Messrs. Salt, Beechey, and Belzoni, who have again opened to us the magnificent tombs of the Egyptian kings at Thebes. The former of these gentlemen has described the walls of the royal mausoleum as covered with paintings in fresco, so fresh and perfect as to require neither restoration nor improvement: so far


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