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P R E F A C E.

I the

the events.

T was not without regret that we found

the diffentions between this country and its colonies at length ripened into a civil war. The person to whose lot it falls to describe the transactions of domestic hostility, and the steps which lead to it, has a painful, and generally unthankful office.

People can scarcely judge with temper of such an history in a century after

It is a perilous situation when we are to be tried by present passions. Interefted as we are in this contest in common with all Englishmen, and affected as we must be in common with all men of humanity, we have never been tempted to depart from the steady course of impartiality, which we have always observed, and in which the public has hitherto supported

It indeed little becomes us to be dogmatical and decided in our opinions in this 3



matter, when the public, even on this fide of the water, is so much divided; and when the first names of the country have differed so greatly in their sentiments. It is no longer our task to describe devastation in Poland, or slaughter on the Danube. The evil is at home.

We are as truly sensible of the importance as of the delicacy of the subject. The sense of that importance, which is something more than was generally apprehended even when the transactions in parliament were passing, has obliged us to a much greater length than usual. We have given every thing as fully as we were enabled to do from any materials we could obtain. However we may have failed in the attempt, neither application nor labour were wanting on our fide, nor expence confidered on that of the publisher, in endeavouring to render the work worthy of the acceptance of the public.



For the YEAR 1775.




E U R O P E.

с нА Р. І.

Retrospealive view of affairs in the colonies in the year 1764. General effea

of the late laws. "Impeachment of Mr. Oliver. Assembly of Masachusett's Bay dissolved. General Gage arrives at Bofton. Great confternation on receiving the Boston port bill. New assembly meet at Boston, and are adjourned to Salem. Provincial and town meetings. Assembly of Virginia difolded. Philadelphia. New York. Address from gentlemen, Gr. of Bofton to the new governor. Address from the council reje&ted. Transa&tions of the house of representatives at Salem. The assembly dissolvid. Address from the town of Salem. General temper and disposition of the people throughout the continent. Solemn league and covenant. Proclamatisn against it. Measures relative to the holding of a general congress. Resolutions passed in different places. Address from ihe justices of Plymouth county. Uneafiness excited by the arrival of troops. False alarm. Proclamation for the encouragement of piety and virtue, &c. Hostile appearances. Nery judges incapable of ating: New counsellors compelled to renounce their ofices

. Fortification on Boston Neck. Provincial magazines seized. The people in a violent ferment. Company of cadets disband themselves, and return the standard. Sundry resolutions passed by the delegates of the county Vol. XVIIT. 1775.



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of Suffolk. Remonftrance. Answer. Writs for holding a general alembly countermanded by proclamation. The representatives meet notwith. standing at Salem ; vote themselves into a provincial congress, and adjouru to the town of Concord. Remonftrance from the provincial congress; governor's answer. State of affairs at Boston. Further proceedings of the provincial congress. Proclamation. T happens most unfortunately The penal laws, which we faw this year, that our own public passed, in the last session of the last

affairs not only take the lead parliament, relative to the colony of among those of Europe, but have Massachusett's Bay, and which were in a great degree absorbed all other intended to operate both as a charmatter of political speculation. A tisement for paft, and a preventacessation seems to take place in the tive of future misdemeanors in that animosities and designs of other province, were unfortunately prostates. The great disturbers of ductive of effects very different from nankind appear to forget their ra those which the sanguine promoters pacity and ambition, whilst they of those bills had hoped, and which contemplate the new and unthought. administration had held out to the of spectacle we exhibit to the world, nation. Other purposes were exand perhaps eagerly predict the ad- peated from them besides punishvantages which they may derivement and prevention. It was ex. from its fatal consequences. pected, that the shutting up of the

It need scarcely be mentioned, port of Boston would have been nathat the unhappy contest in which turally a gratification to the neighwe are involved with our colonies, bouing towns, from the great beis the event which has thus excited nefits which would accrue to them, the attention of mankind. Those by the splitting and removing of its colonies; which were so long our commerce; and that this would ttrength and our glory, whole ra prove a fruitful source of jealousy pid growth and astonishing increase and dilunion within the province. mocked the calculations of politi. It was also thought, that the parti. cians, and outstripped the specula- cular punishment of that province tions of philosophers; those colo- would not only operate as an examnies, which equally excited the ap- ple of terror to the other colonies, prehensions of our enemies, and bot that from the selfishness and the envy of our friends, ftill attract malignancy incident to mankind, as the eyes of the world, to them and well as from their common jealouto us, as to a common center; but fies, they would quietly resign it to present a very different appearance its fate, and enjoy with pleasure of things to observation. Happy any benefits they could derive from will it be, if this general attention its misfortunes. Thus it was hoped, is productive of no other sentiment, that besides their direct operation, than the admiration which arises these bills would eventually prove from novelty, or the generous fym- a means of diffolving that band of pathy which feels for the miserics union, whichseemed of late too much of mankind.

to prevail a mongst the colonies.


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