International Organization and Conference Series I-IV.

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Common terms and phrases

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Էջ 861 - Alternate airport. An airport specified in the flight plan to which a flight may proceed when a landing at the point of first intended landing becomes inadvisable.
Էջ 814 - Air navigation facility" means any facility used in, available for use in, or designed for use in, aid of air navigation, including landing areas, lights, any apparatus or equipment for disseminating weather information, for signaling, for...
Էջ 793 - overseas air commerce", and "foreign air commerce", respectively, mean the carriage by aircraft of persons or property for compensation or hire, or the carriage of mail- by aircraft, or the operation or navigation of aircraft in the conduct or furtherance of a business or vocation...
Էջ 1100 - Gyroscopic instruments. All gyroscopic instruments shall derive their energy from engine-driven pumps or from auxiliary power units. Each source of energy supply and its attendant complete installation shall comply with the instrument manufacturer's recommendations for satisfactory instrument operation. On multiengine aircraft each instrument shall have two separate sources of energy, either one of which shall be capable of carrying the required load. Engine-driven pumps, when used, shall be on separate...
Էջ 1294 - The Assembly may suspend the voting power in the Assembly and in the Council of any contracting State that fails to discharge within a reasonable period its financial obligations to the Organization.
Էջ 980 - Distant visual acuity of 20/50 or better in each eye separately, without correction; or if the vision in either or both eyes is poorer than 20/50 and is...
Էջ 946 - ... or better in each such eye by glasses, the applicant may be qualified upon condition that correcting glasses be worn while exercising the privileges of his airman certificate.
Էջ 1347 - Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Cuba Czechoslovakia Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Ethiopia France Greece Guatemala Haiti Honduras...
Էջ 1264 - Each contracting party reserves the right, however, to refuse to recognize, for the purpose of flight above its own territory, certificates of competency and licenses granted to its own nationals by another State.
Էջ 1100 - Generator. When a generator is specified it shall have sufficient capacity to carry the entire running load. Such generator shall be engine-driven unless an approved equivalent system is provided. Auxiliary power units will be .approved in lieu of batteries and enginedriven generators, provided that they are at least two in number and that the supply system is capable of carrying the entire running load with any one unit out of action.

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