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The Junta has filed to the Isle of Leon, vice in the Scheldt, in the month of July, near Cadiz. It is supposed that 'inost of the 1809; the casualties which occurred; the members will enbark for America.

number of officers and men who returned to Madrid, Feb. 1 -The king left Cordova England; and the number reported sick acon the 28th, and intended to sleep that night cording to the latest returns (with the excepo at Ecija.

tion or the 59th regiment, from which corps a The Junta has quitced Seville. That

proper return has not yet been received :) city has sent deputies, and his Majesty will Adjutoni General's Office, Feb. 1, 1810. doubtless enter it before the end of the month.

Serjts. TrutripetGrenada has opened its gates. The ene

officers. & Rank & Filc my's armies are dispersing. Pri

Embarked for service 1,733 57,481 non, and siores, are incessantly collecting. The king is every where received as a Killed....

........7 99 beloved father, arriving in the midst of his

Died on Service . 40 2,041 children, after a long and paiatul absence. Since sent home 29 1,859 67 4,105 This is the infallible effect of the comparison Deserted........0) 84 which all the inhabitants make between the Discharged......0 25 tyranny and violence of the Junta, and the Total Officers and men whore. beneficence of his Majesty, who brings peace turned, who are now borne on and security to every family..

the strength of their respec. The army enjoys abundance. It returns tive corps...

...1,071 33,373 the good reception it meets with from the

of which number are reinhabitants, by the most exact discipline and

ported sick.......... 277 11,269 respect to persons


(Signed) HENRY CALVERT. The troops of his Majesty the Emperor

Adjutant. Gen. and King have entered Cordova and Jaer. In According to a return laid before parliament, every part of the army's line of march, the the number of sick and wounded sent home inbabitants testify the greatest satisfaction at from the army in Walcheren, from the 21st being rescued from the tyranny of tbe Junta. of August to ibe 16th of December, amounts All the citizens remain in the bosom of their

to 12.863. families.

An account laid before the House of Com. The insurgents seem to have had the in. mons, of the total net produce of the permatention of detending Jaen ; where there were nent, annual, and war taxes, in the years found 46 pieces of canoon, and a great quan- ending the 5th of January, 1809, and the bth city of military stores and provisions.

of January 1810. The total of prisoners exceeds 7000, among

In che former: whom are a number of officers. There are

& s. d. between 3 and 4000 wandering in the moun- Permanent taxes 12,158,430 15 104 tains, and several of them are hourly brought Annual ditto

4,929,790 in, exclusive of a great number who have War dicto

20,291,797 10 93 thrown away their arms, and are returning to their homes, whence they had been carried

Total 57,380,038 8 5 by violence. Arrizaga, in his f.ght to the scountains of Grenada, was scarcely able to

In the latter : set 5000 ct the poor wretches to follow him. Permanent taxes 33,514,348 19 64 These happy sesults afford the consoling Annual ditto

4,920,760 18 6 hope of seeing the war in Spain terminate War ditto

20,798,143 10 71 speedily, and without bloodshed. The king coolines to enjoy the best state

Total 59,263,251 8 of health. The gratitude of the inhabitants, and the frank expressions of their joy, are, lo his Majesty's heart, the most hattering re

Making an excess of nearly two millions in ward of his clemency anu paiernal bounty.

favour of the latter year. A column of infantry and cavalry, which

National Debr.-An account of the rez Jeft Madrid'three days ago, under the orders

duction of the National Delt, from the 1.6 of the Chief of Squadron Soubeyran, has

A Nyusi, 1786, to the 1st February, 1810: fallen in with, and iwwied, a numerous coups of brigands, near Santa Cruz de la Sarza.

Redeemed by the Sinking Fund 156,042,936 On the 29th, inis officer came up with

Transterred by Lind Tox re

deemed them, from 100 to 159, near the village of

23,421,468 Praco. He instantly charged them, at the

Ditro by Live Annuities purchased 1,024,312 head of 25 chasseurs of the 26th regiment,

On Account of Great Britain 180,488,916 killed 20 of them on the spot, and took 18

6,593,966 horses. The rest Hed in the greatese uisurder. Ditto of Ireland

Ditto of limperial Loan

Ditio of Loan (o Portogal

21,662 GREAT BRITAIN. The following return shows the effective

Total 188,125,069 strength of the army which embarked for sota



The sum to be expended in the ensuing have left each a widow and family to lament quarter is 2,693,686. 195. 141.

their loss. The names of the frigates des

troged are, I understand, the Loire and Seite, FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, pierced for 40 guns each, but had nune

Pompee, under Murie Galante, mounted on their quarter-decks or forecastles; SIR,

Dec. 25, 1809. they were moored in a strong position in Being at anchor in Fort Royal Bay, Mar. Anee Le Barque, with their broadsides towards tinique, on the 16th instant, a man of war the entrance, which was defended by a heavy brig, far in the oding tu leeward, appeared battery, now demolished, and the magazine with a signal flying that she had been chased blown up. I am inforneu by the seven priby the enemy's frigate3 ; I immediately made soners brought off from the shore, that these the signal to the Perlin, then on her way to ships had not their full complement of seamer, Guadaloupe, to speak che brig, and to pro- but that they had 400 troops on board and ceed according to the intelligence she might 50 artillery-men, which all escaped, with the obtain: the Alcmene was ordered to weigh exception of the above seven, and 20 others, and follow, and the Sceptre, Allied, and taken in a re-captured vessel; but all the Freija, which had that moment joined me, warlike stores and provisions intended for the were not allowed to anchor, but to leave garrison of Guadaloupe, were blown up in the their flat boats, and procecd also. So soon frogates. The Blende's loss is rather severe, * I heard froni Captain Weatherall, of the and so is, I have reason to believe, the eneObservateur, the brig which made the signal, my's, who had time to save borbing but that the enemy's frigates, four in number, had cheir clothes. I had every reason to be highly captured and burnt his Majesty's ship Junon pleased in witnessing the emulation and brao (bulonging to the Halifax squadron), about very displayed by the several ships, in closing 156 miles to windward of Guadaloupe, and that with the enemy; and I request you to make the Observateur had escaped by superior sail- the same known to the Lords Commissioners ing, I proceeded to sea with this ship and the of the Admiralty. I have not yet been Abercrombie, and arrived off the Saintes early able to fall in with the other two frigates; in the morning of the 13th; and about nuon but I am in great hopes of preventing their I was informed by Captain Elliott, of his arrival at Guadaloupe. Majesty's sloop Pustusk, that (wo of the ene

I am, &c. my's frigates were at anchor about three

ALEXANDER COCHRAN.. leagues to the northward and westward of the

AMERICA. town of Basseterre; I then directed Captain A popular commotion, amounting in fact, Fanie, of the Abercrombie, to remain and to a total revolution, has taken place in one guard Paint-á Petre, and Captain Watson, of of the regencies of South America. The the Aliced, to guard Bassaterre, and made people, under the visionary apprehension that all sail in this ship, with an intention of at- their Archbishop and Governor-general were tecking the enemy; but on approaching disposed to transfer the sovereignty of the Dearer, i discovered the Sceptre, of the line; province of La Paz to a Princess of Brazid, the Blonde, 1 beris, Freija, aná Castor, fri- assen.bled in a body, ordered the Governer gates; and Cynet, Hazard, and Ringdove, and Archbishop to resigu their functions, sloops; and Elizabeth schooner, ready to erected a huge of Ferdinand VII. called upon commence the attack. I therefore did not the Cabildo, or Town Council, to assist in interfere with the judicious arrangement of forming a new government, and taking posCaptain Ballard, of the Sceptre, the senior session of the Casa Real, or royal treasury. caprain, and had only an opportunity of wit. These measures being executed, they assemDessing the engagement. Baffiling and light bled round the bust of Ferdinand VII. cook winds preventing the Pompee from getting an oath" to maintain the rights of their sowithin gun-shot until the action had ceased, vereign, their religion, and their country.** and the two frigates and batteries which de. After this solemn and voluntary act of gensfended the auchorage, completely destroyed. ine loyalty, they turned their attention to The Blonde, Thetis, Cynet, Hazard, and the formation of an arnıy. Two squadrons of Ringdove, bore the brunt of the action from cavalry of 500 men each were inscantly entheir being a-tead of the other ships, and rolled; the infantry were to be augmented to by the animated fire kept up from them, one 10,000 men, and the heights of the city were of the enemy's frigates was very soon dis- to be fortified with 100 pieces of cannon. maasted, when the men began to desert their Not ten days after this patriotic government ships, and soon after set fire to them. Upon was established, caciques and deputies from this, Captain Cameron, of the Hazard, with the Indian chiefs arrived, offering 200,000 the boats of the squadron, gallantly landed Warriors to assist in defending the country, and stormed the batteries, which were still These events were happily achieved without annoying the ships both with cannon and any effusion of blood, as only one man was musketry, and in the act of hauling down the accidentally killed, and another wounded; a enemy's colours, he fell by a swivel shot. In circumstance, when contrasted with the popubim the service has lost a brave and distin- lar commotions in Europe, which reflects geished officer, and who, with Lieutenant the highest honour on the character of the Jenkins, first of the Blonde, also killed, Spanish Americ.18.



REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the Care of the late Senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

20th of January, to the 20th of February, 1810. THE last month has not been less pro- artificial excitement of various and high

Fasts ought from in the production of disease. The time to time to be observed, if not from season has been found remarkably sickly piety, at least from prudence ; though by the inedical faculty in general, in Lun- not regarded as religious institutions, don at least, and in its more immediate they ought to be kept with a kind of revicinity,

ligious punctnality, as wholesome intervals Several cases of the Walcheren fever of abstinence, which give the stomach an have lately been attended by the Repor- occasional holiday, and afford a tempoter, each of which was a relapse of the rary respite from the daily drudgery of inalady, after a distinct and considerable digestion. We are not in general aware interval. This modification of morbid of the degree of intestinal labor, action seems to have shown a peculiar which is necessary to exonerate the propensity to recur, after it had once been body of the load which gluttony iniexpelled, and apparently eradicated, from poses. The inordinate devourer of food the system; and although it, for the cuts out more work for this internal mamost part, assume the interinittent type chinery, than it can either with ease or and character, it is far from being so impunity perforin. It must at length obedient, as the ordinary intermittents of fall a sacrifice to toils of supererogation, our domestic growth, to the influence of Convulsive affections, or fits, as they the appropriate remedies. Agues, which are called, of different kinds and titles, are the natives of this soil, are, perhaps, as although they all exbibit a certain commuch as any disorder' whatever, undermunity of symptoms, prevail more in the controul and management of medi- the present age than in earlier and less cine. The Peruvian Bark, and where effeminate periods of our history. There that fails, which is not often the case, can be no doubt that we are more liable arsenic, that most powerful and salutary tò tremors, twitches, and spasms, than drug, has an almost infallible power in our more robust ancestors. In consesubduing, and that in no dilatory manner, quence of the enervating influence of the operation of the intermittent fever tó excessive civilization and refinement, we which we are exposed, rnore particularly acquire an additional susceptibility to in the marshy regions of our Island. convulsive, more perhaps than to any But these medicines, though, in a longer other class of diseases. We become or shorter time, they produce some like Eolian harps, in being acted, upon iinpression, seem by no means so expe- by' the gentlest breeze that passes over ditious or certain in dispossessing the us, only that in passing over us it does frame of the effects arising from the Wal- not awaken such agreeable and harmocheren contagion.

nious vibrations. The Reporter has lately questioned The distinction is not radical or essenseveral dyspeptic patients, with regard to tial between the various species belong. the origin of their complaints, which, by ing to the genus of spasmodic affections. their ingenuous confession, appeared Hysteria, epilepsy, chorea, and apoplexy, to arise from an habitual excess in eating. are all members of the same family: Their dinners, were the source of their for the most part they arise from diseases. This species of indulgence, similar causes, and often, in the prois, ainongst the substantial classes of gressive stages of life, attack, at difsociety, by no means an infrequeot ferent periuds, the saine individual. occasion of indisposition. The inore One mixed case, partly of the hysterical, indigent orders of the community for , and partly of the epileptic description, is tunately, cannot afford to ruin their at present under the Reporter's care. constitution by the inordinate quantity The repeated invasion of the paroxysms and luxury of their ingesta. It is one has made an evident inroad upon the of the usenvinble privileges of the com- mind. The intellectual faculties of the paratively wealthy, to be able to gorinan: patient have unequivocally suffered from dise to their own destruction. The ap- his corporeal disorder. This, in every petite may be, and often is, iucreased nervous coucussion, may almost invariainuci beyond what is natural, by the bly be observed. Of the Archbishop of


Grenada's homily it was observed, that be permanent, must be perfect. As " it smelled of the apoplexy." And long as there lurks a relict of it in the after all instances of similar seizure, may frame, there is imminent danger of a re. similar indications of mental deteriora- lapse of this moral malady, from which tion or decay be discerned by a critical, there seldom is, as from physical disorif not by an ordinary, observer. ders, a gradual convalescence. The cure,

In'a considerable proportion of the if at all, must be effected at once: cute convulsive distriers, which at ditferent ting and pruning will do no good, nothing times have fallen under the Reporter's 10- will be of any avail short of absolute estice, their attacks were in the first instance cirpation. The man who has been the ascribable to a much more destructive sort slave of intemperance, must renounce lick ofexcess than that which we have just bad altogether, or she will insensibly re-assume occasion to notice-to the excessive use her despotic power. With such a misof stimulating and inebriating liquors, tress, if he seriously mean to discard her,

In these cases, the intervals between he should indulge himself in no dalliance the paroxysms, which were often of con

or delay. lle must not allow his lips a siderable length, were marked by a de- taste of her former fascination, jection approaching, in its degree, to an Webh, the noted walker, who was realienation of mind, unless when the markable for vigour both of body and thickness of gloom was at times broken, mind, lived wholly upon water for his or attenuated, by draughts from what drink. He was one day recommending might be regarded as the fatal fountain of his regimen to one of his friends who the disorcier. The temptation, under loved wine, and urged him, with great such circumstances, is almost irresistible, earnestness, to quit a course of luxury, to seek for oblivion of feeling in the by which his health and his intellects Lethe of intoxication, in that kind of sleep would equally be destroyed. The genof the sensibility out of which, however, tleman appeared convinced; and told the awakening cannot fail to be attended hin, “that he would conform to his with an accumulated horror. Wine, and counsel, and thought he could not change other physical exhilirants, during the his course of life at once, but would treacherous truce to wretchedness which leave off strong liquors by degrees." they afford, dilapidate the structure, and “By degrees, (says the other with inundermine the very foundation of hap- dignation,), if you should unhappily fall piness. No unan, perhaps, was ever com into the fire, would you caution your pleatly miserable, until after he had fed

servants to pull you out only by degrees?" to alcohol for consolation. The habit

Feb. 22, 1810.

J. REID, of vinous indulgence is not more per- Grenville-street, Brunswick-square. nicious than it is obstinate and perti. pacious in its hold, when it bas once month must, upon reflection, be aware that it is

N, B. His anonymous correspondent of last fastened itself upon the constitution. It is not to be conquered by half mea. Observations that are communicated to him in

impossible for the Reporter to take notice of sures.-No compromise with it is allow that way, however respectable may be the able. The victory over it, in order to author.

ALLFABETICAL List of BankN. UPTCIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between

the 2014 of January, and the 20th of February, extracted from the London Cuzelies.


Barns Sohn, Truro, draper. (Wild, Cinle Areel, Fale

con fquare (The Slicitor's Names are between Parentbesis.) Bingham Thomas, Bath, tailor. (Highmore, Bush'lane, AMBLER Joho, Jun. 1 lington, horse-dealer. (Jones Binns Jonas, Oxford &rcet, founder. (Hannam, Covent

Garden Appletos Williaras jun. and Edward A. Smedley, Lan.

Birket Robert, Glosester Arcet, Queen Square, tailot. tattete paper manufacturers. (Rewitt and Kirk. (Miks, Vine fireet Mancheiter and Litis, Chancery Lane

Bovill senjanin, and Capel Hantury. Catherine Courie Ally Jobs Gregory, Glucefter' Terrace, Commercial Tower hill, corn factors. Bruce, Bilirer square

Boad, merchant. Wild, jun. Calle Breet, Falcon Brown Jubi, Long Lane, Bermondley, jauner. (Gae Bar

and son Redturd itreet Arkivon William Rother bithe, broker. (Martio, Log Carroll James. Hoxton square, victualler. (Darhy, deu ftreet, Fitzroy Couare

Giay inti fqvate Audley William Brixtol, disen draper. Raynton, Chambers samuci, Maiddone, corn merchant. (Druce, Brito

Glicer fquare San Jos, Iesdenhall itreet, wholefale hosier. (Collins Chance Edward. Bury treet, Bloomsbury, grocere and der Spital square

(Pritchard, Etex Greet Bacan James Deptford, vitualler. Whitton, Great Chiddell James, scuthampton, porter inerchant. (D2 James tjeet, Buford RO'

inan and Warner, komley Barber Nathaniel. Cursitar lireet. Rationer. (Lenaet, Shinery Francis, yxford areet, linen draper. (Wa deron Dean's It, Doctor's Comp 6

Butlu w, and Grulveaux, Aidiu fjars.


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Clough George, Derby, grocer. (Baxlers and Martin, Nichol fon Heory, Charltou Crefcent, thington, merchant
Furnival's ion, and Harrison and Radford, Derby

(Haruing, Primrore greet. B shopsgate Areet
Clowes James. Birmiogham jeweller. (Nax'er's and
Martin, Furnival's ina, and Webb, Birmingham

Niven Alexander, Great Prefcor Atreet, Goodmau's Fielde,

snager-mariner. Collier Robert, Bond suurt, Wallbronk, wine merchant.

(Nipd, Thromonul freet (Allistol Freeman's court, Curnhill

Ockenden Richard, Bopeep, Hastings, Sušicx. (Baragro,

Common Robert, North Shields, eroger. (Barker, Paliner George, Plymouth, haberdasheri (street and
North Shields, and Settret, St. Mary Axe

Woolte, Philpot lane, London
Cooper William Henderfun, walworth Common, furveyor, Parineter John Borough, bear Ayitham, Norfolk

(Hughes, Christ Church Pallage, Newgate Arcet
Coward Thomas, Darh, linea Uraper.

Shaw. Aylfbain

(Clarke and Son, Faroell Robert, Newest, Gloucestershire, tander. (Tovey Britol, and Jenkiny, James zud Abbote! Now Ina

and. Saines, Newnbam Creofe Trumas, Pickett ititet, liseu diaper. (Sweet, Parfon Jchn, Bread Areet Hill. callenderer. (Reyse Temple

and Morpheld Alderma..bury Davies Thomas, Cheshire, corn-factor. (Garner, feo. Pars williaza Tboras, and Jacob Bailey, Bermondsey, Chester, and Huxley, Temple


(Lee, Three cruswn court. Southwark Davis John Kautzu alt, Edgware road, dealer. (Rogera Patrerfon John, Woolrich, CTUEET. (Margnal, War and sco. Mauchetter building, We@mındter

wick fyuare Dawlon Thomas Proctor, Brydges &rect Strand, ftationer Paulden Edward, Cateaton Areet, warchoufoman,

(Richardf. Ficher and take, Rury itreet, St. James's (Cardwell, Mancheder Dixon William and Henry.Rotherhithe, timber merchable. Perry Francis, Pinsbury fyrare. merchant. (Palmer, 1 Courteep. Walbrook

foralinfon, and Thompton, Copthall court Donsithorpe Haas, Truro victualler. (Edwards, Truro Phillips l'honias, Plough court Lombard Areet, merchant. Dore Frederie, High Qualy Southwark, upholder. (Sherwood, Cuibyn cvart, Old Broad freet (l'cari, Salisbury fquare

Prelion William, Leeds merchant, (Upton, Nichofon, Doyle James, Covent-garceu market, china and glassman. and Hemingway, Leeds, wud Lambert au sens, Thomas and Naylor, Newport ftreet

Hatton Garuca Duckworth John, Bafil, Albford. Keut, wine and brandy Richardfon jofoph, Birmingham, dealer. (Swain, merchant. (Field, Gray's inn


and Maples, Ola Jewry, and Whatley, Duncan William, Thatched house-court, St. James's, mningham

working Jeweller. (Gaines, Hart breet, Blouisbury Riley Jofeph, Hackney, baker, (Rong. See dinglane fquare

kors Georg , New bahnghail rece, merchant. (Wilde, Dunstord Jabez, Plymouth, cutier. (Partridge, Tiver Warwick Square

ton; Corydon, Plymouth; and Alexander, New Rutlidge Thomas, Reading, hattep. (williams and
Square, Lincoln's inn

Drake, Priuse's Grect, Bedford row, and Bozor, Pir-
Elliott Edward, Years Areet. Lambeth, viduaser. (Few, month Dock
Henrietta itreet, Covent Garden

Salts Thomas. Preftos, Lancaster, plumher and glasier.
Ylude Charles, Perchurch åreet, hardwareman. (Xing (Dixon Preitos
CsAle ftreet, holborn

Sanders Samuel, Dove row, Hackney fields, wine mer
Forge William Witham, York, thraming machine maker.

chans. (Allingham, St. John's Square
(Dickinfon, HDR

Scho held John, Slauen waite, York, cotton manufacturer.
Gibbs Robert, Bristol, dealer. (Osbornes and Ward, (HRepliendon, Holpirto
Brifol ; and Meredith and Robbius, Lincoln's inn

Scofield Joho, skipron, York, money fcrivener,

(Exley 6bfon John, Liverpool raslor and driper. (Shephard and Adlington, Bedford row, and Daltern and Top

and Stocker, Purnival s inn, and Alcock and Prejoig

Skipton ham, Liverpool

Sellers Robert, Sculcnales, York, grocer. (EEM Dds and Gifing Thonas, Borough road. St. George's Fields, shop Son. Lincoln's ing, and Haire, Huil keeper. (Ifaacs, devis Marks, St. Mary Axe

Shepherds William Chalon, Nottingham, Iron Dierchant. Goodwin William Gosport, baker. (Bleardale, Alex (Payne, Nottingham

ander, and Halme, New Inn, Cruickshank, Gosport Slade Thomas, fen, and jun. Bartholomew Close, uil ter. Sreen William), Brown's labe, Spitalõelds, dyer. (Freaine, chants. (1Ufon, Caatham Place, Mlackfriars Geat Queen freet

Snaich George, Newcale upon Tyne, woollen draper. Griffiths John Hill, Southampton flater and builder. 1 Alkinfox, Chancery lane, and Bainbridge, Newcale (Ridding, Southampton

Spotrelwood. John, Pukepboure yard, money ferirener. Hayoes Thomas, Bricol, chenilt. (Gabell, Lincoln's

(Warfon aud Plumbtree, Temple ins, and Jacobs, Bruto

Stelling Richard Norton, York, wool dealer. (Williams, Hey Thomas, Lombard freet, Fleet Areet, dealer in fpi

Red Lion 1quare, and Liter, Scarborough rituous liquors. (Robinson, Charte house fyuare Stephenson Thomas. Rochdale, Lançathire, comigos Na John, Leeds, Kent, miller (Webb St. 7 homas's

brewer. Hurd, Temple; and Law, Mascherer Grect. Southwark, and Cooke, Maiditune

Stokes Thomas, Chepłtow.Monrhouthibirs, money for vener
Hinde john, Whitechapel, tip-plate worker. (Hodgfon, James, Gray's inn fquare, and Couke, Britul
Surry freet. Strand

Stone Jacob, Kridge road, Lambeth, feedman, Clutros,
Wirt Henry, Liurard's Wood, Almondbury, York, St. Thomas's itreet, Southwark
clothier. (Battye. Huddersfield

Sunnocks Thoinas, Ra clim Highway,

carpenter. (Hughes Wood David, son freet, Lilhopfgate, colourman, (Har Chrift church Passage, Newgate kreet ding, Primrose freer, Bithupigate

Syme George. Vine Atreet, Minories, merchante (Wile, Houlden Robert, St. Margaret's Hill, Southwark, loen

jus. Caitle Areet. Falcoe square draper. (Foulkes and Beckitt, Holbora court, Taylor Jofeph, Ware, Herts. ozk dealer. (Bund, Seebing Gray's inn

lane Ivory joha, Mark Lane, broker. (Murray, Birchin Tayur John, Great Tower erect, woollen draper. (Tous lage

min, Aldermanbury
Jackson Samuel Raikes, Birmingham,, button-maker. Tucker John, Tivertou, Devon, Watchmaker. (Reedel
(Juhniton, I emple, and Dolphin, Birmingham

Tiverton, and Lys Took's court, Curitor Artet
Jacob Joha, Shide, file of Wight, miller. (Clarker and Verrall William. Vckfield, Sulfex, grocer. (Gwynas,
Sewell, Newport

Lewes and Turner, Bouverie Griet
Jones Juhn, Jare of Whitechapel road, cordwainer, but Wainwright James, she field, builder. (Blakelock 16

now a prisoner in the Fleet. (Metcalfe, Balinghau Mallinfon, Temple, and Tatterfall, Sheffield.

Walker Juhn, Blackman Artet, so thwark, linen draper,
King William Newport, Hants. miller. (Griffiths,

(Hartley, Bridge treet, Backtriars

Wallis John. Croydon, tailor.
Lewis John, Fathion treet, Spitalfields, victualler.

(Jones. Martin's lase,

Cannon ftreet
Godmond, Bride court, Fleet ftreet
Lock Pbilip, Naufwerth, Gloceiter, yaro-maker. (Wathen,

Watson Matthew Crawford, Charlotte areet, Bloomsbury.

Jaye mas), (Watkins, Stone buildings, Lincoln
Lawton Edward, Mark Lane, merchant. (Day and

Whitaker Joko, Francis ftreet, Toteutan court 1984
Hammerton. Lime arcet

book binder. (Hurd. Temple Iyon John, North place, Gray's inn lane, money fcrivener.

Wilcox William, Parfu's Greco, 'Fulhan visualler, (Ifaacs, Eevis Marks, St. Mary Axe

(Housneld, Bouverie freet,
Mariden William, Leeds, merchant, (Upton, Nichulfo Wilkes James, St. James's itreet, gun maker. (Perry.
and Hemingway, Leeds

Charlotte ftreet, Portland place
Meats Henry, Greenwich, tavern keeper. (Shepherd, willia John. Pudding lane, merchant. (Swain, Stercas,
Dean street, Southwark

and Maples, Old Jewry
Metcalf William. Banks Mill, Durham, miller. (May. Winch Robert, Shoe lave joiner, (Lee, Cattle arres,
hard. Durbam; and Pringle, Greville freet, Hattun


Wore James, Little Cheapfide, Finsburg fquare. butches
M Leod James Craufurd, late of Demerara, but now of

(Palmer, Tomlinson and Thompson. Copthall court Nunrly Horel, Leiceler Fieds, merchant. (Forbes

Wright Robert. Watling free, warehousemate (Curie, and Peacock Ely Place.

Bridge treet, Blackfriars
Moudy Henry altfectby All Saints, Lincoln alre, Jobber.

(sarber, Gray's inn iquare, and Phillips, Louth
Morria William, Bath, cheesemonger. (Watts and

Griffith, Bath, and Netherfble and Portal, Eflex streer
Mofs fufeph, Jun. Newbury. timber dealer. (Hall and Adams Thomas, High freel. Southwark, indholders
wondham, Newbury; and Gregory, Clement's inn

March 3
Mowbray Anthony, Durbam, wine merchant, (Reed, Agar Moles, City Charabera, Aip owner, March 13, (au!
Newcastle upon Tyne, and Feirless, Staplus inn

on oth Feb, )
Mungo John, Clipfone Preet, Mary-le-bone, tailor. Allia John. Rotherhithe. coal merchant, April 18

(Wilkinson and Young, Margaret Breet, Cavenalia Arman Joha, Darlington, Durham, mulley icrivease,

February 26
Njcbols Thomas, jun, Bradford, Wilts. Vider-draper. Aston Thomas, Blackburn. Lancater, deder. Marco
(carke and sou, Hribol, and Jeulin Jaret - Ab. Atplaud Willain, Kenfugton crecemonge, Mare
Rolt, New Lua

Atkinton W. Mubenter, Rue Jeaiss, March 6


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